Chapter 193.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Maiden’s Secret and Coming Out
From the next day, we worked on filling out the matters for the coming out.
Instead of Scarlet’s recommendation of telling everything, we matched our circumstances out of convenience so we wouldn’t contradict each other.
Secrets are essential parts of maidens.

By the way, Scarlet has been now tasked as my tutor.
She’s originally an exclusive maid of Ena’s, and the Christophe family’s guest. But, she’s also a graduate from the servant cultivation school operated by my grandparents.
As she’s educated not only in general education but also in battle, making her the perfect person to tutor the second daughter of Count Christophe.
Well, studying in this world is pretty poor compared to that of my past life, so it’s too easy for Scarlet and me who reincarnated.

Due to my eyes, I did not go to the elementary school I was supposed to attend from the age of five. Instead, I am being tutored by Scarlet.
School is not for studying only but also plays a huge role in networking. Although Ovent, the capital city of the Ovent Kingdom, is gloriously called the academic city, it seems that the schools the nobles go to have trouble with faction fights.
The Christophe family is a house of Count, with considerable high domestical and foreign status and reputation because of magic tool produce and skills.
Under such circumstances, it was apparent that going to school with a handicap such as my blindness would be quite difficult.
Well, I am glad to be home-schooled, though.


“Well then, we can say that I have discovered Lily’s talent and imparted her with my knowledge”
“Yes, that would be less problematic. Fairies are beings found only in legends, and it’s a fact that you have educated Lily Ojousama yourself, Sani-sama.”
“Then, me being the sorcery teacher and guard should be fine, right~?”
“Of course it is. Kuti-sama is a rare talent among sorcerers who judged that it would be better to hide Ojousama’s talent for a while to not cause less confusion. That would less likely cause problems in the future when you decide to ‘teach’ sorcery.”
“Well, it’s natural of me to protect Lily and it would be better like this to keep hindrance from disturbing her~ It would be especially troublesome when it will be Lily’s turn to use sorcery.”


With Scarlet’s suggestion, I decided to hide the fact that I reincarnated and that I can use sorcery.
I feel sorry that almost everything is imposed on the fairies, but they are beings that are spoken about only in folklore.
They are a mysterious race with little to no information. Moreover, we are going with the story of the two people at the top of their specialization who discovered my talent and trained me.



“Next is Ojousama’s conspicuous Magic Eyes. Through her efforts, Sani-sama brought out their power, granting an adequate field of vision. And as evidence, we will have Eliott-sama create a magic tool.”
“In fact, it will be easy to understand how much Lily can see. It will be difficult to reproduce the vision of Contact Lenses, but we will somehow manage for a short time by utilizing the Kutipad’s power.”
“We can’t proceed before fixing the problem of Lily’s eyes, after all~ Well, that’s not the biggest problem, though.”


We will make it sound that everything I have done so far was thanks to Sani Sensei, who has gradually improved my sight.
In fact, I couldn’t see physical objects until I got the Contact Lenses, but we are doing this to show how the power of my Magic Eyes was gradually brought out.
My eyes are Magic Eyes that allow me to see magical power, after all.
The awakening of the Magic Eyes in the Knights of the White Crystals will be also the result of Sani Sensei’s experimenting. I feel very guilty towards Sani Sensei as I have to push so many things onto her.

But, she’s the only one who can take on that role.
She’s a genius director of the Sorcery Research Institute in the Forest next to the world, who is also very good at adapting to the situation. She’s the most reliable teacher.

My knowledge and eyesight are Sani Sensei’s grace.
Kuti plays the role of a guard.
We will proceed with these two points.

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