Chapter 192.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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6 Years Old and the Future
“Oh, Scarlet. Isn’t it about time for your glasses to be charged up?”
“That is not good. I need to have them replaced then.”
“As I thought, isn’t it better to display the remaining charge on a display? There’s still room for improvement.”
“But in reality, the things you want to display will need to consume more magical power, you know~? Even now, the consumption rate is not that great, so increasing that would be even heavier on the consumption side~”
“True. There’s no need for that for us, but it’s one of the physical projection’s bottleneck.”
“I will leave it to you. That’s something I do not understand.”
“Well, just having a monitoring service would be of help.”


It was pretty easy to pull in Eliott.
Because even if I didn’t pull him to my side, he would make magic tools I want using my formula without asking any questions.
He’s currently using the glasses-type perception system that was originally made for Scarlet, but he had no concern when he heard or saw the fairies.
Rather than the fairies, he was more interested in my talent in magic tools and the formula.


“As I thought, the effective range of the compressed magical power should be a bit wider——”
“Yes then, let’s leave Sani who entered her own world on her own~ What are you going to do about the invitation?”
“Even if you ask me that…”
“Indeed. First of all, it might be fine if it was just a few hours, but leaving the Christophe house for more than a half-day would be very difficult for Madam and Great Madam to accept.”
“I thought so~ We definitely wouldn’t be able to return in a day.”
“I would like to go take a look. But I don’t think I can persuade everyone.”


The problem at hand was the invitation from Natasha, the Queen of the Forest next to the world.
It’s not an invitation with a specified date, and according to Sani Sensei, there wouldn’t be a problem if I pushed it back by ten years. This is only natural for fairies with their unique long lifespan.
But I am very interested.
This unhindered different world, a world of fantasy that existed only in imagination during my past life.
From what I heard from Kuti who traveled the world and Sani Sensei who is learned in every subject, it’s very likely that the Forest next to the world is the origin of this world.
I really want to see it.
Above all, it’s the birthplace of my beloved Kuti. I absolutely want to go! Rather, I want to go immediately!
However, there are countless obstacles to clear before that.

Because of my lovely environment, I have to convince my family that drowns me in love.
The current inter-dimensional movement sorcery puts a limit on the people that can be taken along.

My freedom has expanded in many ways thanks to my friendship with Scarlet, but it didn’t change my treatment as a six-year-old.
No, it’s even worse because I am blind.


I have no need for guards because the two of the best sorcerers among the fairies will be with me, but my family wouldn’t think that.
I believe that they would want the Knights Order that was made for my sake——The Knights of the White Crystals, to go with me, and have me bring all of the personal maids along.
Before that, Obaasama, Ojiisama, Oniisama, and Oneesama would want to accompany me as well.
Which is absolutely impossible because of the inter-dimensional movement sorcery’s specs.


“Oh yeah~ I don’t feel like I could persuade those people either. I mean, everyone loves you, Lily. But, well I love you the most, though!”
“Yes, yes, how passionate you are~ Wouldn’t it be for the best to let everyone know that you can see even with the Cloudy Eyes now?”
“… You think so?”
“It is one of the bottlenecks you need to convince everyone, and I think this is a good opportunity.”
“We have reached a stable version too…”
“It was difficult…”


Even in the world of darkness brought by the Cloudy Eyes, I, who was able to see magical power was able to create a certain sorcery despite the countless frustrations.
That is the Contact Lenses.
It scans the surroundings for a vast amount of information in real-time and recreates it in my eyes.
I thought I perfected it at last, when I was four years old, but it was actually a parade of bugs.
Then, over the course of a year, we repeatedly improved it and finally produced a stable version.
Because of my limited ability to see magical power, I could only recognize magical power as white, so the world I see is in black and white.
That is the world I see.
But, until I got the Contact Lenses, I was able to see only magical power.

It was so different I could experience the moment my world has changed.
From that moment, I felt that I was reborn as the real Lilianne La Christophe who got accepted in this world.

And so, I haven’t spoken about these Contact Lenses with my family as of yet.
It’s because I have too many secrets, but above all, I don’t want to be hated by my family. I don’t want them to find me creepy.
The fact that I was always trying to protect myself first since the day I was born here didn’t change.
But as Scarlet says, I believe that good opportunities are important to take.

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