Chapter 192.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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6 Years Old and the Future

To put it simply, that’s what happened to me.
My last memory is the light novel I enjoyed reading all night and then going to work by car.
I have no idea what happened.
But, I must have died. Was it an accident, or a disaster? Anyhow, something happened and I died.

Then, I was reborn as Lilianne La Christophe.
While suffering from a disease called Cloudy Eyes.

Unlike my previous world, a force called magical power exists here, and it’s a world overflowing with fantasy such as sorcery and magic tools.
Fortunately, I was blessed. Because even though I was blind, I had the ability to see magical power.
By using and tempering this ability, I was able to grow up without much consciousness about the handicap of not being able to see.
Being surrounded by a loving family was also one of the blessings.

And then, I met Kuti.
Meeting her could be called fate.
I learned a lot from her and she was also a great support to my heart.
Of course, meeting Sani Sensei was also a blessing.
But after all, we were able to meet thanks to Kuti.
I learned a lot from Sani Sensei. No, I am still learning.
I wouldn’t have understood so much about sorcery without Sani Sensei.

Thus, I was able to grow up healthy, even though my vision was completely lost due to my Cloudy Eyes.
Of course, it might also be thanks to the memories I inherited from my past life. Be it good or bad, though.
If a healthy individual suddenly becomes a blind baby, I think it wouldn’t be strange for them to go completely crazy.
But, I had a loving family. An excellent teacher in Sani Sensei.
And above all, my beloved partner Kuti.

I was able to grow up with lots of blessings.

And now, six years have passed since my reincarnation.

An invitation was sent to me.

——An invitation from the Queen of the Forest next to the world, Natasha.




“You have made a report on the inter-dimensional movement sorcery then?”
“Well, yes. It’s also related to Kuti’s original purpose.”
“What was it again~?”
“Just joking, just joking~! Err~… i, it was that, right, that!”
“You were searching for a special sorcerer, Kuti.”
“Yeah, that!”
“Geez… you are such a…”



We were playing in the Reki-kun room as usual.
Reki-kun, the survivor of the rare species of Salvarua, was chosen as my guide dog by the Christophe family, which is very unusual in this world.
He became very obedient thanks to the various discipline he underwent with me, but he grew up with a fairly free character.
By the way, he’s currently acting as a sofa for me.
… He became quite, no, considerably huge.
But, that can’t be helped. Unlike me, who is growing up at a slower rate than the average children, Reki-kun has grown up beyond his species of Salvarua due to the special kinds of training he underwent.
Well, this is totally my fault, that’s why it can’t be helped.


“In other words, Kuti-sama’s original purpose was to search for a special sorcerer?”
“Yep, yep. I’ve been searching for quite a long time and visited various places~ But well, I couldn’t find them in the end, but met Lily instead! Nhihi. Looking at it now, it must have been fate, right!”
“It sure was, Lily.”
“Leave the passion away for now. Is special sorcerer a rank above the first-class sorcerer?”
“No, it’s different from the standard ranks you use here for sorcerers. The minimal requirements are being Variation Type Two. In other words, someone who can create sorcery. Ideally, someone who could improve the inter-dimensional sorcery. Well, in short, it’s Lily.”
“I see. Receiving that kind of invitation wouldn’t be strange then.”


Kuti, Sani Sensei, Scarlet and me were in the Reki-kun room. There was also Annela Obaasama, Ena and today’s personal maid, Jenny.
However, there are multiple concealment sorceries around us, so it only looks like we were playing to Obaasama, Ena, and Jenny.
Kuti and Sani Sensei are fairies, who are my masters and teachers that know that I am unusual from the very beginning.

But, Scarlet is different.
She’s Ena’s personal maid, the author of two-legged stories and a reincarnator like myself.
One day, she saw the “Let’s do bokeh next” I wrote in my mother language and saw right through me. Since then, she has been my precious companion in secret-keeping.
… I can’t forget the pain the fruit water that went through my nose caused me that day.

Regarding Scarlet, she did not have the same ability to see magical power as I do, so she wasn’t able to see nor hear the fairies.
That’s why she’s using a magic tool.

A tool that can recreate sorcery by sealing it within a special medium. That is a magic tool.
Although there is a wide range of magic tools, from tools essential to everyday life to combat tools, the magic tools made by the Christophe family’s craftsmen are of the finest quality.
Among the craftsmen, the sorcerer who reigns at the top is Eliott.

He calls me an angel, and he seems to be getting inspiration from me that only he can understand.
In fact, the magic tools he produces are articles that people of this world can’t copy, as he himself is renowned as a top-notch sorcerer.
Well, Eliott himself has no interest in that fame, as he seems to be pleased by making magic tools only for me.

Because Eliott is like that, he listens to any of my requests.
The family is similar, but they don’t allow me to do anything dangerous, so that’s the only difference between them and Eliott.
Is this the difference between blind devotion and affection?
He will do anything I say. It might be dangerous, but that word doesn’t exist in his vocabulary. If it’s something I say, he will grant it.
… I guess I must be a real angel in that head of his.

But, that doesn’t change the fact that he is a genius amongst magic tool craftsmen. Rather, far from only this Ovent Kingdom, he’s at the pinnacle of magic tool making in the entire Lizwald Continent.
That’s why no one finds it strange when he makes something outrageous.
Actually, he has been making pretty ridiculous things so far, but no one had any doubts.
That’s why I pulled him over to my side.

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