Chapter 191

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Intricately complied formulas form elaborate geometric patterns.
Layering compression upon compression, its comprehensive power is vastly superior to hundreds of sorceries.
This overwhelming formula with tens of thousands, no, hundreds of thousands of utilizations is far from being completed.
Even so, this prototype is incomparably safer and more stable than the original sorceries.
Yes, even the fairies whose bodies are made out of pure spirit power, a race with no impurities in their magical power, have to pass a carefully revised aptitude test.

“Well then, I am off.”
“Have a safe trip, Lily-chan. Please be careful out there, okay?”
“Yes, Obaasama.”

Inter-dimensional movement sorcery.

It’s super-high class sorcery that opens the door connecting this world with another.
It’s original sorcery created by my teacher, friend, beloved companion and the strongest sorceress among fairies, Kulestilt——Kuti.
It was thoroughly improved by me, Lilianne La Christophe, the director of the Forest next to the world’s Research Institute, Sanin——Sani Sensei, and Kuti herself. It’s still far from being perfect, though.

However, even if we are still not convinced by it, it’s greatly different from the inter-dimensional movement sorcery from before.
And according to Sani Sensei, its performance is so ridiculous she can’t even make a proper report on it.

“I will protect Lily well~! It’s totally safe no matter what happens, alright! You can rest assured!”
“Yes, I trust you, Kulestilt-dono.”
“Gee~! You are always so stiff around me, Annela~”
“The strong should be respected, after all.”
“Well, it’s the truth that I am strong~! Ahemm!”
“Geez… Kuti…”

The report entered the ears of Queen Natasha, who is the ruler of the Forest next to the world, and she sent me an invitation.
It was an invitation to the Forest next to the world, which is in a different place from the world we live in.
It’s the birthplace of the fairies.
I wanted to see it, but it would be difficult even if we didn’t take the movement between dimensions into consideration, especially in my case.
In that respect, the invitation was a catalyst that pushed my back.

“Scarlet. Please take care of Lily… I can leave her in your care… that’s why, that’s why…”
“Elianna Ojousama, please leave her to me. This Scarlet will protect her with my all.”
“You have to, okay!? She must return without even a scratch, okay!? No! No injuries, no illness! You better return immediately if she gets even a little sick, alright!? Also, also…”
“Ena… haven’t we discussed that many times already? Let’s believe in Scarlet and Sanin-sama here.”
“Claire… but…”
“Besides… look, isn’t Mira going too…?”
“Yeyeyeyes! I shall exchange my life for hers if necessary!”
“Yeah… I am worried, after all!”

Even the improved inter-dimensional movement sorcery requires one to pass the aptitude test.
If someone who didn’t pass the test tries to use it, the magical power in their bodies would run amock. Their bodies would be rejected by multiple safety barriers before that, though.
People whose magical power wouldn’t run amock were selected after a thorough examination. Passing through the door to another dimension for those without the aptitude would be as good as committing suicide. They would be beyond recovery.
This is why we have not been able to complete this sorcery.
But, it becomes safely usable once you possess the magical power of a certain degree.
We hoped this hurdle of magical power can be reduced further, but the reality wasn’t as easy.
As a result, only Mira was able to pass the examination.
Scarlet also passed the examination, but it’s a bit different because she’s actually using a trick of hers.
The two fairies, me and Reki-kun have been excluded from the examination since we have cleared the specified amount of magical power.

“Lily… even though I have decided to be Lily’s knight…”
“Me too… I also decided to protect Lily…”
“Oniisama, Oneesama. It will be fine, Kuti and everyone will protect me. Besides, Scarlet and Mira are going with me too.”
“Still! Even so…”
“Right! I wanted to protect you with my own hands, Lily!”
“Theo Oniisama… Ellie Oneesama…”

Because only Scarlet and Mira passed the aptitude test from the Christophe family’s side, there were various things going wrong in many ways.
Scarlet aside, Mira is too nervous of a person to take on this task, so everyone wouldn’t give up and wanted a re-examination over and over again.


“Uooooh… why don’t I have the aptitudeeeee… Lilianne yo… do you absolutely have to go…? It’s fine to not go, you know? Rather, please don’t go? Alright?”
“Hii…! B, but, An! Although it’s an invitation from the royalty, it’s a different world’s royalty! T, that’s right! I will select a proper substitute to not be discourteous! See? How about that?”
“Natasha doesn’t really care about that, the royal family you have here is vastly different from ours, or rather, we don’t have one.”
“Can’t you do something about that theeeeen.”
“Uhyaaaa! Lily! This grandpa is scary!”
“Ojiisama… have we not discussed this many times…”
“Ho, however…”
“Now, now, Dear, go over there. The discussion is not progressing whatsoever.”

Persuading my parents, grandparents and siblings was a tough work… it was really difficult, but I somehow managed to get to the stage of departure.
Well, one of my parents is at work even now. It’s the usual, so I am used to it, though.

And well, the one who played the biggest role in persuasion was him I think——

“Alrighty then, let’s begin~ Eliott, it’s in your hands now~!”
“Roger that. Well then, My Angel. I will be starting.”
“Yes, please do so, Eliott.”
“Yes! This Eliott will use his life for My Angel if necessa——”
“… No, I don’t think you need to shout that loud.”
“Kuti, you mustn’t throw cold water on him. Eliott is that kind of person, after all.”
“Beginning the calculation operation, starting from 28 to 188!”

I think it was the correct decision to bring Eliott to my side.
I am grateful for Scarlet’s insight.
Nearly everything about magic tools was less problematic if it went through him.
Well, that doesn’t mean there were no problems, though.

“Supplying magical power to the furnace, activate!”
“Lily-chan… take care.”

With this, we will be transferred to another world—the Forest next to the world.

“Filling rate of magical power reached 100% percent!”
“There it is! All right! All systems green! Let’s goo~!”
“Sani Sensei, please.”
“Umu, let’s depart. Open——”

Each and every formula was supplied with vast amounts of magical power and the sorcery activated.
A sorcery that is completely different from the general sorceries of this world that did not use a catalyst as an activator.
Immeasurable sorcery that can be altered freely, clearly distinct from the existing sorcery that has almost no elements to alter.
A special trait that only Kuti and I share, connecting a world to another——

Consider this chapter a recollection of kind, as we will be going back in time for a few chapters first.

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