Chapter 190

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Epilogue and Prologue
I, Lilianne La Christophe has recently turned six years old.


Two years have passed since the day before my fourth birthday and the day of the creation of the Contact Lenses.
Various things happened during that time.
Truly, a lot has happened.

Firstly, the Contact Lenses have been improved.
It was only a few days after my fourth birthday that I thought the Contact Lenses were perfected.
However, we spent every day on improving them and solving problems that emerged, and we were finally able to reach a stable version about a year ago.

Of course, we weren’t just improving the Contact Lenses, but worked on the development of extended sorceries based on the Contact Lenses, and I also created many sorceries that were not directly in relation to it.
One of them, for example, is an improved version of inter-dimensional movement sorcery, but it still is not usable by everyone.



You can say that I didn’t have many hardships in the practical side of my life thanks to the Contact Lenses, but I haven’t told my family yet.
Needless to say, to talk about the Contact Lenses means to talk about how I can use sorcery, why I can use sorcery and other complicated things that may be needed to be said.
In the end, I am going to probably end up talking about how I am a reincarnated person, so I had not found the right opportunity to talk just yet.


However, I met a person who doesn’t care about complicated things like this.
Rather, I had known her for a long time now, but I truly didn’t think that there would be someone in the same situation as me so close to me.

That person was Ena’s personal maid, Scarlet.

She found out a year ago that I could see.
Or rather, she saw the words “Let’s do bokeh next” I wrote in my native language on a piece of paper.
I can still clearly remember how I involuntarily spewed out the fruit water—lime-flavored—I was drinking at that time.
I can’t forget the pain my nose was in because of the fruit water.




Scarlet was born in the same country, in the same world as me, but she was apparently reincarnated from a little further into the future.
However, since she reincarnated in this era before me, it seems that time difference didn’t really matter.
She received cheats from a God just like in light novels… actually, she did not.
However, her physical abilities are tremendous, exceeding the Christophe family’s maids.
It’s so amazing it could be easily recognized as a cheat ability.

However, I came to know the unbelievable truth.

Indeed, she was X——the author of the two-legged stories!

I remember that my facial muscles which didn’t move much in the five years of being alive moved very well at that time.
Needless to say, it was a startling fact.


However, she says that my sorcery is a much bigger cheat.
It may be true if you look only at the results, but they are the results of my hard work since the day I was born.
I don’t really feel like calling it a cheat.

It must have been the same for her.
Since then, we made sure not to call our abilities cheats.



Having succeeded in obtaining a new collaborator in Scarlet, I have been steadily developing new magic tools as well as sorcery techniques.

Speaking of magic tools, Eliott gave me a book for my fourth birthday.
The book was a book made out of the new product—the flexible magic sheet.
It was a wonderful creation that functioned as a magic tool even though it was a book.


The story was about a love-struck craftsman who kept working hard for the sake of his angel.

Well, there was a lot I wanted to say, but I still cherish it as the first book I read without my Contact Lenses.



The magic tools I created are kept by Scarlet and Sani Sensei.
Although even a single one of them would be too dangerous to take out to the world, there is no problem as long as they are managed by the two of them.

By the way, Scarlet could see Kuti and Sani Sensei, and I handed her a magic tool that allowed her to hear their voices.
Because the design was made according to her request in the glasses type, she likes to wear it even in places where there are no fairies present.
When Scarlet saw the fairies for the first time, she only had one comment: “That makes sense.”
She won’t tell me exactly what made sense, but it seemed that she was convinced of something.




My environment has changed a bit over the last two years.
There were many things that happened, but there was just a little bit of change that happened around me.
That is, of course, because I have grown up a lot in the last two years.


My height and weight which were below average increased steadily… no, well. It’s still below average, but I am not done yet!


Apart from my physical growth, I’m starting to think of telling my family that I have a vision now.
After consulting with Scarlet, we came to the conclusion that I should leave the confusing story aside and let them see the appearances of the fairies instead.



And so, God has sent us a gift just at the right time.

Scarlet said: The start of an event, huh.
Kuti said: As I thought~
Sani Sensei said: Well, of course.
Reki-kun said: Waun?



An invitation from the Queen of the Forest next to the world——Natasha, has arrived.



End of book part 1.

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