Chapter 189.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Lilianne of the Cloudy Eyes
“The range of 98% reproducibility is around 50 centimeters. 83 % reproducibility is 3 meters. 47% reproducibility is 10 meters. From that point on, the reproducibility rate has been steadily reduced until the range of 50 meters and there seem to be no problems. Physical obstacles such as wind and rain are no longer a problem, and the filter changes and adds patterns in case of congestion that would exceed the processing power at 98% reproducibility. However, I would still like to increase the number of patterns to increase the resolution when focusing.”

“Yep, yep, I agree on that. I made sure that the reproducibility raises slowly as you focus, but this mostly slows the processing and requires emergency measures.”

(Since it’s like this, the Telepathic Waves Identification must have a limit. Shall we create it anew?)

“Umu, that would be better. Existing sorcery is no more than a reference now. It’s just fine to remake everything anew. That way would be faster for you as you are currently.”

“It really is incredible, isn’t it… that it would take more time to improve on a sorcery for Lily as she is currently.”


It’s easy to create a new sorcery using the Compression Formula.
By compressing a group of formulas into one, I can greatly improve the performance and create basically any sorcery I think of.
Originally, you had to utilize more formulas, and at times take surgical detours.


“However, the biggest problem, after all, is the color. There are only a few things that are still indistinguishable in the current state because of the shading, but I would still like colors.”

“True that… especially this room’s stained glass is something I would like to show Lily in its full beauty.”

(Well, it can’t be helped… no matter how good the Compression Formula is, it’s impossible to use it to reproduce the colors in my eyes.)

“Nonono, it’s not impossible! I will definitely show you colors one day, Lily! It may take some time, but I will be definitely able to do it!”

(Thank you, Kuti. I won’t say it’s impossible anymore and do my best as well. No, let’s do our best together, okay?)

“Of course! Naturally! The two of us together are invincible, we have no opponents! Something like colors is a piece of cake, it will be done in no time!”


I noticed from Kuti’s words.
That’s right, I can’t think of it as impossible.
I should do my best together with my beloved, reliable darling, we surely can do it.


“Well, improving the current conditions comes first. Leave the color for later.”

“Roger, sir~!”

(Yes! Now, let’s do it!)


The processing power of the Kutipad, which incorporates the surgically-precise formula created by the Compression Formula has far surpassed the traditional Kutipad.
Additionally, the consumption of magical power has been greatly reduced, so each person is able to supply the Kutipads with their own magical power.

On top of that, the technology of supplying magical power to sorceries after they have been activated, which breaks the common sense and was thought to be impossible has been realized.
The first thing Sani Sensei thought of using the Compression Formula for was precisely this.
Kuti and I developed it together, so it was done in no time, and we are currently using it to develop the “Contact Lenses” I use to deal with physical obstacles.

Because the Kutipad continues to receive updates and keeps on evolving, it can be activated only by Kuti herself.
Both Sani Sensei and I were able to activate the old version of Kutipad too, but we don’t use it anymore because there are negative effects such as the need for using Aether Crystal Body as external storage.

The old version couldn’t even boot up without the modification of the Compression Formula as it wouldn’t even start because of the huge consumption of magical power.
The Compression Formula really is convenient.





“Fufu… you have been really cheerful recently, Lily-chan. Has something good happened?”


“Fufu… if you are in a good mood then I am also happy. It’s your birthday tomorrow, you will already be four. You have grown big in the blink of an eye~”




I spent a peaceful time in Claire’s lap.
The world recreated by the Contact Lenses brought me various information.
The bizarre impressiveness of the giant plush toy in my room, the vivacious flower decorations in the corridors.
I was able to clearly feel the freshness that Sani Sensei’s simulation of the mansion wasn’t able to display.

I already cannot do without the Contact Lenses


Even in the world recreated by the Contact Lenses, the functionality of my Magic Eyes works perfectly.
I can freely switch them on and off, so I can see only the world of Contact Lenses, but the only difference between the world seen through the Magic Eyes and the world seen through the Contact Lenses now is that I can’t see things without magical power.

Of course, there are minor differences, such as the flow of magical power seen by the Magic Eyes.
Even so, the faces and bodies of my grandparents, parents, siblings, Ena and the personal maids were practically the same as those I saw through the Magic Eyes.


There is no difference between the world I was looking at before and the world reproduced by the Contact Lenses.


Still, everything felt fresh, and I felt that I have been accepted into this world.

I might not have felt this way without the memories of my past life.
Since I knew what living a life as a healthy person looks like, I may have been thinking that I was being rejected by this world which bestowed me with the total blindness of the Cloudy Eyes.

Perhaps I had understood that these thoughts have been eating away my heart slowly.
That’s why I have been so abnormally focused on this matter.


As a result, I got my hands on the Contact Lenses and I am now able to befriend my current world.
I was accepted by the world and I was able to accept it back.


I will turn four years old tomorrow.

It will be four years since I reincarnated here.


With the determination to live in this world with the truest sense——



“I” (female) will keep on living.

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