Chapter 189.1

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Lilianne of the Cloudy Eyes
A different kind of world spread before my eyes.

The scenery spreading before me wasn’t only of the world of magical power as it has been up until now, but everything, even things that didn’t have magical power were portrayed in my sight.
The projected objects were reproduced completely in fine detail, and then I noticed that when I squinted my eyes, the filter would change and alter the resolution.

The floor was covered in a carpet with hairs of exquisite length so that I wouldn’t injure myself when I fall, but wouldn’t hinder me in walking or running.
Every strand of the carpet was produced one by one, showing a beautiful pattern.

When I raised my face, I could faintly see the edge of the Reki-kun room.
The reason for this is that the visible distance has been shortened which in turn reproduces the image in detail, everything beyond that would increase the burden on the processing power.
However, the short drawing distance is enough to look around my surroundings, it’s visibility on the level of a short-sighted person.
And, it’s possible to increase the resolution by focusing.
If I focus on the wall, I can see the beauty of the delicate design on it.

When I shifted my attention on the ceiling, a thin stained glass came to my view.
Although the stained glass is apparently of many colors, I couldn’t see them even by increasing the resolution.

Yep, there’s only one fault. The colors.
All physical obstacles around me were recreated by sorcery in great detail, except the colors.

That’s because the sorcery projects the image on a very particular screen, my very own eyes.
Transferring the video image directly into my brain could be too burdensome and we don’t know what risks that could bring.
There’s a possibility of frying my brain with an excessive amount of information.
Transferring the image directly to the brain carries such dangers.

Therefore, I have no doubts that acquiring a colorful image wouldn’t be a problem if I was a healthy person, but I have an incurable disease, the Cloudy Eyes.
As a result, there was no other way but to acquire the image using my Magic Eyes that can see only magical power.



But, even so…

It’s incomparable to the world I have been able to see up until now.
There was a world so beautiful spreading in front of my very eyes that they were overflown with tears.



“It’s perfect. It could be reproduced to this extent… there’s almost zero time lag from real-time, this is truly wonderful. You did it, Lily.”


Even with my eyes filled with tears, the image projected in my Magic Eyes wouldn’t blur.
But, with so much beauty and heart-throbbing emotion, my heart was shaking so much that I couldn’t write letters of magical power in reply.

Instead of replying, I nodded my head over and over again, thanking the two with a heartfelt smile.

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