Chapter 188.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Lilianne of the Revolution
It can be said that the sorceries made with the newly created Compression Formula are existences that greatly repaint the history of sorcery.
For example, the Illumination Sorcery.
This sorcery is very simple sorcery located at the beginning of the existing sorcery, but it’s not formed of one formula.

A sorcery made out of a single formula simply doesn’t exist.
However, the formulas condensed with Compression Formula disprove that knowledge.
All the formulas of the Illumination Sorcery get compressed into a single formula.
The result was quite dramatic.

First, the consumption of magical power.
The consumption of this existing sorcery that was low to begin with got reduced even more, and we were able to reduce even more consumption from its already lightweight state.
As a result, even though the Illumination Sorcery is elementary-level sorcery with low consumption, we were able to bring it down to 1/400th of the existing sorcery’s consumption.

Ther Compression Formula had such an effect even on the very simple sorcery like the Illumination Sorcery.
However, the true value of Compression Formula can be exhibited only in sorceries with a large number of formulas.

The intermediate and advanced-level sorceries with various chants——settings, are not possible to reduce to a single formula, but it’s possible to greatly reduce their numbers.
With the number of formulas drastically reduced, the consumption of magical power also declines, and as a result, the consumption of intermediate-level sorcery becomes comparable to that of elementary-level sorcery.
Even some advanced-level sorceries achieved results comparable to higher-ranking spells of elementary-level sorcery.
In addition, Kuti-made sorcery that uses an incomparable amount of magical power to existing sorcery has been reduced so much that it can no longer be regarded as the same thing.
Until now, the spirit power required to boot up the Kutipads was not achievable without me.
That got easily toppled.

With the Compression Formula, Kuti is able to use the Kutipad on her own several times a day——one hour at a time, though.
Moreover, the Compression Formula also greatly improved the processing power, so it’s ridiculous to think that the consumption got reduced by that much.


Next, the control of sorcery.
Sorcery becomes harder to control as more formulas are added.
Controlling sorcery is basically done up until the activation.
Since the subsequent control is determined by chanting, it isn’t a problem after that.
The more formulas the harder the control gets.
In other words, it becomes easier to control if the number of formulas decreases.

The existing advanced-level sorcery that has been recreated with Compression Formula can now be handled with elementary-level control.
With simpler control, fewer problems are likely to occur… that might not always be the case, but if a major reduction in the consumption of magical power is added to that, it’s hard to imagine that control would be the cause of the trouble.

There are many advanced-level sorceries that had been classified as such just because of their consumption of magical power.
If that limitation is removed… sorcery would undergo a revolution and the world be thrown into chaos.
Every single sorcerer would become a weapon of mass destruction.




Only the fairies and I are in the known, so it’s unlikely that the Compression Formula would get leaked outside.
Therefore, something like that happening is unlikely, but the potential danger of the Compression Formula is skyrocketing.
It’s necessary to take proper countermeasures.
For this reason, we are incorporating usages restrictions of the Compression Formula.
The unlimited use of Compression Formula has been already thrown out of the window.
We have already made sure that a complete analyzation of the Compression Formula is not possible.


The usage restrictions are, of course, that only I and the two fairies can use it.
We do not intend to leave the Compression Formula for future generations.

This sounds wrong after creating it, but it’s too dangerous to leave it in the world.

But, I have no doubts that it’s way too useful to just discard. Or rather, the results are already out.
That’s why not making use of it is simply impossible.




(Test No. 4577. Operation… start!)


The newly developed sorcery that made out of Compression Formulas that could rewrite the history was sent out to gather information.
The storage area where the gathered information is pooled has been prepared exclusively with a surgical-precision use of the Compression Formula because the previously prepared area couldn’t withstand even for a few seconds.

The information accumulated at a tremendous speed in the storage area that boasted with overwhelming capacity and the information got immediately examined by the filters.
The speed of that process was so outrageous it couldn’t be even compared with the process before.


It took only several seconds in total for the sorcery to activate.
In just a moment, the construction of the world finally opened before me.

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