Chapter 188.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Lilianne of the Revolution
Applying pressure to reduce the volume and so forth.

Compressing magical power is my own skill that even Kuti can’t do.
Naturally, Sani Sensei and Reki-kun can’t do it either. It’s most likely impossible for Obaasama and others too.

Magical power has numerous usages.
The most important one is fuel.
Of course, in this world——Auriol, there is a perception that living beings are always born with magical power that is necessary for life activities.
You need special talents to do it, but you can even strengthen your body with it.

However, magical power is mainly used as it is.
Everything that brings about change is the result of using magical power as fuel.


This special skill called compression, which only I can use, is capable of turning magical power fuel into the higher-ranking spirit power.
Additionally, it can also be used to further enhance parts of the body to sense more magical power.
This is how I am able to strengthen my own Magic Eyes.


Then, what else can the special skill of compression be used for?
The sorcery I created this time is the answer.




“… An entirely new formula, a Compression Formula… huh. What a terrific sorcery.”

“With the new formula Lily created, the computing power can be increased by… two, four, six… eighteen times, you know!? The hell is this about!? The clogged-up processing power that I have twisted my brains to increase has been improved so easily!? That’s amazing, Lily! As expected of you! I have always believed in you!”


Sani Sensei was looking at the group of formulas in the shared space of the Kutipad while Kuti screamed and spun around in the air, and finally assaulted me with a tight embrace.
While feeling Kuti’s gentle affection on my face, I was feeling proud of the sorcery that can be called a masterpiece.



“Unlike the existing sorcery and Kuti-made sorcery, it’s your own sorcery, built entirely from scratch. That’s really incredible.”

“As expected of Lily, right! I couldn’t think of this… no, even if I did, I probably wouldn’t be able to make it.”

“Possibly. Compression is Lily’s own skill, so if even you couldn’t develop it, I am certain that no one else except Lily could.”


Kuti who was stuck on my face talked with Sani Sensei about the “Compression Formula” with marveling expression.
It’s true that this sorcery can’t be reproduced without the use of my special skill.
I was able to create it because I continued using compression and come to understand its nature and characteristics completely.
It would be difficult to just learn the skill of compression. That’s because to use it, you have to actually feel it with your body, feel it with your heart, and feel it with your magical power.


And, I was able to create such sorcery only because I noticed my narrow-mindedness.
It was as Sani Sensei said, until now, I was basing my sorceries on the two types of sorcery. That is the existing sorcery and Kuti-made sorcery… in other words, sorceries that have been already perfected.
Despite having the uniqueness of Variation Type Two, I have only based my sorceries on pre-existing sorceries.
In that situation, I could see the limits of “Magicprint Search” I chose as the foundation.
It wasn’t possible to escape the limits of Magicprint Search and because of that, I kept suffering day by day.


However, that’s different now.


“We will create a formula for a sorcery to acquire physical information based on the new Compression Formula. Until now, the sorceries we created based on the Magicprint Search formula were all limited by physical obstacles. However, with an entirely new formula, that limit is as good as gone… this is terrific.”

“Technically, we could develop a sorcery with no weaknesses by making use of this Compression Formula… It wouldn’t be strange for the Kutipad’s processing power ended up being supplied by a single core, right? Lily, I am going to lose my confidence, you know? But, I am so happy that you did something so incredible! I am happy! However! Aruehh~!?”


Kuti’s brain seemed to be starting to spark from all the feelings of jealousy and joy mixing, causing a discharge.
Kuti is a sorceress that far exceeds all the great genius sorcerers.
Such a super-great genius sorceress like her will, of course, have confidence in her own skills.
That’s why I was able to continue chasing with her watching over myself.
However, she recognizes that this Compression Formula is not an area she can step in.
As a result, the jealousy and happiness of me catching up to her left her feeling confused.
She can’t help but feel confused by these feelings she had never felt before.

That’s why I am grateful to Kuti.
I think this Compression Formula, which can be said to be a masterpiece, is still falling far short of Kuti’s real ability.
This is because the Compression Formula is only a technique to creating new sorcery, the problem now is making use of that technique.
Only by stepping into the realm of Kuti, you realize the overwhelming excellence of the Goddess that is Kuti.
There are still many things I have to keep up to that small but reliable, lovable back.

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