Chapter 195.2

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Examination and Preparation
Of the 200 inspected subjects, only one had passing marks.
That was a surprise because it was one of my personal maids, namely Mira.

… But when I think about it, she received mofumofu from me as a reward many times over.
Since she received nearly as much mofumofu as Reki-kun, while an Aether Crystal Body didn’t form inside of her, her magical power exceeded the common amount.
Additionally, she’s my favorite among the personal maids.

… It’s likely that Mira doesn’t have the aptitude and passed only because of her magical power that was higher than the default value.

We examined her for any Aether Crystal Bodies just in case, but we did not discover any abnormalities.
It turned out that her magical power didn’t exceed the default value.
In other words, she really had the aptitude for Inter-dimensional movement sorcery.

She possesses the supreme fluff that I prefer on top of having the aptitude for Inter-dimensional movement sorcery.
Mira, what a fearful child!

By the way, the rest of the personal maids were devastated.
My personal maids naturally won’t get any rewards during my trip to the Forest next to the world.
Well, that might not be true for Mira who just got confirmed as my traveling companion.
Those three people were overwhelmed by despair and engulfed themselves in an atmosphere that was kind of strange compared to other servants.
I mean, they were sadder than my family. Their feelings of despair were a sight to behold.

Although I was careful so my mofumofu sessions wouldn’t form Aether Crystal Bodies in the bodies of my personal maids, I did reward them splendidly quite frequently.
Well, the girls were happy and I enjoyed the process, so it was a win-win. On the contrary, Nija, who is usually calm and composed started showing withdrawal symptoms if not rewarded for too long.
I thought of doing something about it, but this process is already indispensable for both of us, so it can’t be helped.
Right, it can’t be helped.
It was really good that Mira has aptitude.
I might have not been able to endure otherwise, after all!




The aptitude test finished, but that doesn’t mean departure is next.
Sani Sensei explained the Christophes about the necessary preparations for the travel to the Forest next to the world.
The itinerary is scheduled for five days. It’s only for five days. Even so, it’s still five days.
It’s a five-day trip involving me, the second daughter of the Christophe family, the largest noble family in the Ovent Kingdom, going across the worlds for five days to meet the Queen of the Forest next to the world.
Well, the preparations are quite serious.


However, as a result of the aptitude test, the number of people who can accompany me is very small.
From the Christophe family side, it’s only the servants Scarlet and Mira.
Because it’s only these two people, the baggage is quite something even with minimum preparations.
But, as I am considered a guest of honor, the baggage was quite difficult to choose.
There’s a good amount of casual wear and there’s a ridiculous amount of formal wear that might be necessary on the other side.
In addition, there’s the problem of meals when it comes to the Forest next to the world.
After all, the fairies don’t eat.

Sani Sensei confirmed in her lecture that the concept of cooking has disappeared in the Forest next to the world.
Although there will be food in the Forest next to the world, it’s a completele unknown from the Christophe family’s point of view.
Sani Sensei also said that it will be safer to prepare the meals on our own.
This can’t be helped because of the differences in our races.
The other side will naturally do preparations on their own since they are inviting me as a guest, but there are things like cultural differences, after all.
Ovent’s common sense is not the same as Forest next to the world’s common sense, after all.

Well, I was told that both sides should make some preparations.
They will apparently make sure that I don’t go hungry no matter what happens.
The entire family was quick to agree particularly on that.

Because of that, the preparations on the Christophe family’s side seemed to be considerable.
There’s no bag with expanding space like the item bags which store the luggage in a different dimension like in Isekai novels on the Lizwald Continent.
Of course, they don’t have them in the Forest next to the world either, even after researching for many years.

It sure is convenient, so they tried creating it several times, but they have not succeeded as of yet.
Because the Inter-dimensional movement sorcery can be used, storing things in a different dimension seems plausible, but the reality is not that easy.

By the way, the fairies don’t even need oxygen.
The voice of fairies doesn’t use the vibration of the air, and it’s a mystery how they gained floating powers without utilizing sorcery in the first place.

The stronghold of such fairies is the Forest next to the world, where the question begins with whether other races can even function there properly.
Sani Sensei apparently didn’t even consider it as she froze in place for a moment when Scarlet asked about it.
I also didn’t care about the environment up until now. But, now that it was mention, it certainly is a problem.
Even in my past life, there were only a few planets that humans could potentially inhabit.

The worlds are different. I was naive for thinking that the environment of the Forest next to the world is the same as here.
We immediately started working by building up an observation system with sorcery.

Well, there’s still time as the Christophe family’s preparations are likely to take a while.
If you want to send a person, then you need to be careful about magical power running wild, but you don’t have to worry too much when sending in a magic tool.
After all, if using Aether Crystal Body as fuel, the default value needed for the Inter-dimensional movement sorcery can be slightly exceeded.

Now then, let’s start with the observation.

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