Chapter 162

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Work of Wisdom
“Burn, Macrocosmos! Blow up, Heat Wave! Haaaaaaaa! Threeeee pleaseeeee appeeeeeear!”


Kuti who threw a Kutipad with all of her might in the air precisely pushed the『Roll the die』button displayed on the screen after lightly rotating around.
A simple graphic that rolled a six-sided die on the screen appeared after Kuti’s great Rozan dash.

The six-sided die stopped at number four.

Unfortunately, when four which was different from what she wanted appeared on the display, she crumbled to her knees as Reki-kun’s grid won.


(It’s Reki-kun’s grid, it seems. Kuti, quickly roll it.)

“Uuuu…… just one off……! Just one……”

“Wafuwafu (Kuti, quickly~).”

“Shit-! Orya-!”


Kuti was grunting while crumbled down, but urged by me and Reki-kun, she showed movement.
When she sluggishly touched the grid, one of the contents of the grid magnified.


(“3 Lightning Balls”? Reki-kun, what does that mean?)

“Wafuuwafun! (It means to catch three balls Lily created!).”

“Surely, you don’t mean the 2nd-grade lightning sorcery――three balls clad in God of Thunder’s Rigid Body.”

“Wafun! (Exactly that!).”


Kuti hung down head cramped as Reki-kun replied as if natural.

God of Thunder’s Rigid Body is an auxiliary sorcery that grants lightning properties to the targeted object.
It is a lost sorcery among the 2nd-grade sorcery, the speed of that which was granted the God of Thunder’s Rigid Body will abnormally increase.
I once tried throwing Reki-kun a God of Thunder’s Rigid Body ball while playing a catch and he has been fetching that since then to his full satisfaction.
Unlike the normal balls thrown by the strength of the three-year-old me, Reki-kun showed signs of going nuts for the balls accelerated with God of Thunder’s Rigid Body.
Of course, only thanks to the strengthening of the Aether Crystal Body within him and the control of my power that he doesn’t get paralyzed when he catches the ball directly in his mouth.
If he dropped in strength even a little bit, his internal organs would instantly burn and he would die and if I used my maximum power, then he would be simply erased to cinders.

Kuti is to fetch such God of Thunder’s Rigid Body ball three times.
It can’t be helped that Kuti’s face is cramping.
Even though Kuti might be the world’s strongest sorcerers, her body isn’t as abnormally strong as Reki-kun’s.


Well, she should be all right by developing some kind of sorcery.


“Wafu (Can’t do it?).”

“This stupid puppers-! Why don’t I show you how it’s done-!”


When Reki-kun titled his head and the words window appeared, a volcano exploded behind Kuti.
This explosion of the volcano gave birth to a new, gigantic island.
And lastly, it gave birth to the overflowing jungle-like greenery, but the lasting impression is the shining bronze statue of Kuti at the summit of a protruding mountain in the center of the island.


(Then, here I go~?)

“Lily, keep the power at the minimum just in case, okay?”

(Of course.)

“Wafu (You fine with a power like that?).”

“Give me the strongest one please.”

(Is what she said, but……)

“Haa…… I don’t care what happens, alright?”


Kuti asked for the strongest one because of Reki-kun’s continuous provocation, but even that surely won’t be a problem for Kuti.
But, I didn’t forget to get Sani sensei’s permission just in case.
I didn’t forget to prepare a special-grade defensive sorcery for deployment in the worst-case scenario.


(Then, I am throwing~)

“Come at me-!”

“Wafuwafu! (Putting on airs while trembling in fear~!).”


Kuti’s great influence on Reki-kun’s vocabulary in recent times is truly amusing.
While giving a wry smile at Reki-kun’s displayed words, I granted three balls the strongest of my God of Thunder’s Rigid Bodies.

The three balls crackling with terrifying lightning seemed to be difficult to touch, so I sent them towards Kuti with wind sorcery just in case. It’s the same fetch style I play with Reki-kun all the time.

Among the wind sorcery, it’s merely a light sorcery of the 4th-grade.
However, the speed of the balls was reinforced by the God of Thunder’s Rigid Body. While emitting the lightning-like an electric discharge, the three balls directly hit Kuti in no time.




“Wamuuuu (You did it-).”


The power of the God of Thunder’s Rigid Bodies was stronger than usual, enough to reduce one’s body to cinders, but Kuti who developed a defensive wall completely shut down the momentum of the balls as she held them in her hands without a single scratch.
By the way, the balls are made out of ordinary materials――although still materials of the highest quality worthy of being used as toys of the Christophe House――so they would immediately vanish when God of Thunder’s Rigid Body was used on them.
Therefore, the balls are given an isolation barrier treatment before playing fetch.

However, Kuti has forcibly smashed both the God of Thunder’s Rigid Body and the isolation barrier to catch the balls. As expected of Kuti.
The isolation barrier is a special-grade sorcery, it isolates the space and time within the barrier, so it’s no easy feat to break it.
Kuti who did that as if playing certainly is the strongest sorceress in the world.
As Kuti caught all three balls without any problems, I realized the distance between me and my goal.
Reki-kun’s vexed expression was a bit amusing though.




“Now then, it’s my turn next…… three, huh. It’s Lily’s grid.”

(That seems to be the case. Eh, what did I write again?)


You might already know, but this Sugoroku [Traditional Japanese board game played with a die] is a game made in Tito Language.
Each player will write on their grids which will then be randomly placed around the board.
The personality of the players clearly appear on the board――it’s a game that becomes really serious if you take a one wrong step――but, it’s tenser than normal Sugoroku, so you can have a really good time.

The grids written by Reki-kun are slightly dangerous though.


“Hmm? ‘Purupuru with Kuti’? Lily, just what is this……”

(Ah, it’s to purupuru with Kuti.)

“No…… what does that purupuru mean……?”

(Purupuru is purupuru. Right, Kuti?)



Even before I got the chance to confirm, Kuti who approached me with a greater speed than the balls with God of Thunder’s Rigid Body and started rubbing against my cheek.
The most amazing thing about Kuti is that she didn’t forget to stop right before crashing into me so I wouldn’t get hurt.
I and Kuti match the rubbing of our skin to skin to create purupuru. This is purupuru, nothing else.


“Y, you want me to…… do that…… imp, impossible……”

“Wafu (Sani, it’s a rule).”

“I, I know that…… I know that, but…… h, however……”


“Wafu (Sani~).”



“Wafu (Give up).”


Reki-kun looked at Sani sensei with gentle eyes that looked far, far away, Sani sensei hung her head in dejection and gave up.


“Look here~ to be frank, I also don’t really want to purupuru anyone else except Lily, okay~?”

(I’m sorry, Kuti. But, it’s a rule……)

“Mmm, it’s not Lily’s fault! The one at fault is Sani who stepped on that grid! Apologize, Sani!”


“Umu! Well then! Purupurupuruuuuuu.”



Sani sensei who apologized to Kuti who was unusually tyrannical was quite cute, but I had to avert my gaze from the scene that followed after that.
Kuti is always doing it to me, so it was my first time seeing it from the side, but it seemed to be quite a lot to take in.


Let’s do it when we are alone next time……
I swore in my heart such.


By the way, Reki-kun who stopped at a grid of taking a lesson with Sani sensei tried to escape, but he was quickly caught and carried back to take the lesson as usual.

It goes without saying that it was my work to prevent further damage to Sani sensei who received Kuti’s purupuru.

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