Chapter 161

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Development of Wisdom
The added functions of the Kutipad evolved steadily as usual.
I found some points to improve on, Sani sensei found mountains of points to improve on, and Reki-kun asked for new ones.

“Sorcery Auxiliary Function, Perfect Reproduction Edition” naturally evolved as well, the partly usable 10th-grade sorcery went up to the 5th-grade.
That is huge progress. An irrefutable evolution, alright.

At any rate, there is at least ten times the difference between the configuration of 10th-grade and 5th-grade sorcery.
Sorcerers of the 10th-grade are considerably rare on the Lizwald Continent too, but there are even less 5th-grade sorcerers around.
Everyone――although using a Kutipad is the condition――is able to cast sorcery regardless of their talent, so it really is a miraculous function.

Moreover, Kuti has devised a method thanks to which you don’t have to be worried about the number of settings.
Rather, there are natural consequences.




“Wafu~n! (Wall of Moonlight!).”


Ivy-like things repeatedly sprouted up from the Kutipad Reki-kun vigorously bashed with exquisite power and piled up to form a wall.
Parts of the plant wall seemed to reflect the moonlight and cast shadows over the rest of the wall.
This Wall of Moonlight is a double-structured defensive wall.
It’s not only classified as defensive sorcery, but it’s also strong as kind of a restriction sorcery as well.
The shadowy part functions as a powerful protective wall, while the illuminated part restricts those who approach.
It’s a movement-restricting sorcery that can turn into a protective wall thanks to its hardening shadows.
Of course, the parts hardened by the shadow have enough strength to make it function as a shield.

By the way, this Wall of Moonlight is the sorcery with the largest amount of settings among the 5th-grade sorceries as it’s a sorcery with two functions.
Naturally, the more settings, the more difficult the sorcery is.
The consumption of magical power aside, just adding one more setting takes a great effort, so it’s easy to understand just how difficult and frustrating it is to accomplish for people.
Those with talent in sorcery generally use an activation tool, so the sorcery itself――the settings and consumption of magical power, in this case――is impossible to develop.
An enormous knowledge is necessary for the settings and the talent in sorcery is another thing.

The reason I learned sorcery at such overwhelming speed is because of the quantity and quality of knowledge I possess.
I use Kuti-made sorcery in the place of the activation tool, so it’s meaningless to me.


(Having presets of settings really is convenient, isn’t it? You just have to combine them. Far from being convenient, isn’t this cheating?)

“It’s the result of increasing genericity and decreasing the degree of freedom, after all~ Having a few simple options instead of being able to do things as freely as us is enough for Reki!”

(Well, Reki-kun should be able to use sorcery without Kutipad at some point too…… so it’s fine……)

“Well, I understand what you want to say~ Reki doesn’t know what having difficulties is. He might lose the chance to use sorcery skillfully if he doesn’t find problems to solve anymore. Should we make him practice around that?”

(We should……)

“Wafu~nfu~nfun! (Wall of Moonlight Wall of Moonlight Wall of Moonlight~!).”


Saving the settings of sorceries and activating them already in a pre-configured state is one of the newly added innovative functions of the “Sorcery Auxiliary Function, Perfect Reproduction Edition”.
This is what allows Reki-kun to cast sorcery in a barrage like he has been doing since a while ago.
While it may be only a 5th-grade sorcery, a high-speed barrage of sorcery like this is not normally possible.
Even though it’s nothing difficult for me and Kuti, it’s Reki-kun who knows no sorcery doing it.
Well, anyone with Kutipad in their hands will be able to do that though.


(Reki-kun doesn’t get tired of it, huh~)

“Wafufu~n! (Because sorcery is amusingmon!”

“Well, the more Reki uses it the more it accumulates within him, so isn’t that fine? It’s a good thing for the fickle Reki.”

“Wafu~ (I’m not fickle!).”

(Then, let’s do our best to study arithmetics without getting tired of it too, okay?)

“Wahiyuu~ (Noo~)」


I could only look at Reki-kun who quickly covered his eyes with his paws in a submission pose with a wry smile.
It’s cute, but to properly write the words on the Kutipad while taking the pose is a little bit…… right?




Reki-kun’s forehead is currently not set as the accumulation point of the Aether Crystal Body.
That’s because Reki-kun’s calculation ability would be enhanced by the crystal if it were.
The assistance of it Aether Crystal Body is considerable, so it would end up increasing Reki-kun’s calculation by a lot.
Calculation ability is necessary for the use of sorcery, so it’s a good thing, but it’s not linked to Reki-kun’s own level.
Aether Body Crystal is already Reki-kun’s special feature, but that’s a different problem.


Reki-kun shows a great interest towards sorcery, but as expected, he’s poor at arithmetics so he’s unable to progress.
On top of that, with his current use of “Sorcery Auxiliary Function, Perfect Reproduction Edition” where the settings are preset, he doesn’t need much of calculation ability.
However, that’s not the case when exercising sorcery with the accumulated knowledge without using the “Sorcery Auxiliary Function, Perfect Reproduction Edition”.
Therefore, Reki-kun is unable to use sorcery without relying on the『Sorcery Auxiliary Function, Perfect Reproduction Edition』.

Reki-kun wouldn’t have problems with the consumption of magical power thanks to the Aether Crystal Body and the Aether Crystal Body would also allow him to use the Kuti-made in the place of the activation tool, so it would be irrelevant whether he has the talent for sorcery or not.

Reki-kun’s conditions for the use of sorcery are unbelievably better compared to other sorcerers, but in the end, the convenience of the『Sorcery Auxiliary Function, Perfect Reproduction Edition』is unforgettable for Reki-kun.



(It’s so convenient it’s puzzling……)

“Things like these depend on the way of thinking of those who use it. Even the handiest tools will lose their charm.”

(That’s true, but…… hey, hey, Reki-kun! Stop right there!)

“Wa, wafu? (Why~?).”

(Too many Walls of Moonlight! Remove them at once!)

“Wafu (Ayee~).”


I remonstrated Reki-kun who was excited like a child who got a new fun toy.
A part of the illusionistic sorcery space has already turned into a weird jungle full of ivies by Reki-kun.
As expected, this is too much.
But, thanks to another new function Kuti made, it’s possible to remove it in an instant.
Normally, sorceries don’t disappear until the magical power that maintains them runs out. As expected of Kuti.
As Reki-kun activated the erase function on the Kutipad, the Walls of Moonlight slowly disappeared.

There is naturally no sorcery negating sorcery among the existing sorcery.
Of course, there is quite a lot of restrictions of this tremendously efficient sorcery.

It works only on the sorceries developed through Kutipad.
It works only in the fixed space in the Reki-kun room.

If these two conditions are met, it would negate any sorcery, even if that sorcery was Kuti-made.

Well, the “Sorcery Auxiliary Function, Perfect Reproduction Edition” can’t handle Kuti-made sorcery in the first place, so it’s not that amazing though.


Kuti doesn’t intend to add any sorcery beyond the 5th-grade as that’s when the offensive sorceries appear.
She’s upgrading the “Sorcery Auxiliary Function, Perfect Reproduction Edition” every day, but she’s very prudent when it comes to the parts Reki-kun uses.
Kuti, Sani sensei and I know how to restrain ourselves, but Reki-kun is still a puppers.
To be frank, we don’t know what he might do if we take our eyes off of him.


Just now, he created an ivy hell, for example.


It’s not like I don’t trust Reki-kun with all my heart, but no matter what, this child is under a great influenced by Kuti’s mischief.
It’s delightful to be this close, but if we let him do as he pleases, he would release the ball of bad things endlessly.
Reki-kun is still a child.
We ought to guide him properly.


(Now then, Reki-kun! It’s time to study!)

“Wa, wafu…… (A, a little more……).”

(Can’t do. Yes, let’s end it here!)


Taking remote control of Reki-kun’s Kutipad, I closed the『Sorcery Auxiliary Function, Perfect Reproduction Edition』and opened a note with arithmetic problems.

Reki-kun’s displeased expression is easy to figure out.


(Making that face is also no good. I won’t let you play today until you do everything properly!)

“Wahiyuuu~ (Demon~ devil~ Lily).”


I don’t know why he called my name in that order, but his complaints disappeared when the problems he had to solve increased by half.
Instead, there was a huge shadow cast from behind Reki-kun, but that’s the usual so there wasn’t a problem.


“Now then, shall we continue our lesson then?”

(Yes, Sensei!)

“Reki, even though you just didn’t have to say something so unnecessary……”

“Wahiyuuuun (Uuuuuuu-).”


With Reki-kun’s feebly cry echoing around the Reki-kun room, I had an enjoyable and calm study time today as well.

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