Chapter 160

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Reproduction of Wisdom
In contrast with the dance boom of the Christophe House, the boom for the fairies and Reki-kun was Riversi.
On this day, Reki-kun’s frustrated whining and Sani sensei’s laughter resounded as well, while Kuti gave up on the two.
Reki-kun can’t win against Sani sensei, Sani sensei can’t win against Kuti, and Kuti occasionally loses to Reki-kun.
The three froze at such a strange situation.

By the way, as for me, it’s an overwhelming victory most of the time.
I wonder if it’s because of my past life’s experience?
However, I dislike losing on purpose, so I am winning properly. Please don’t misunderstand.

Now then, about this Reversi. It naturally is a game, so it’s not like we do it all the time.
Reki-kun shows just how much he hates to lose so he challenges us many times over, but when it’s time to move his body, he immediately goes.
It seems he still likes physical-type amusement more than brain-type amusement.

Such Reki-kun has learned body reinforcement perfectly by using the magical power from the Aether Crystal Body, so he now can easily withstand attacks from 2nd-grade sorceries.
But, body reinforcement is Reki-kun’s special trait, so it’s not sorcery.

We are also teaching Reki-kun elementary grade sorcery and all kinds of necessary things about sorcery itself.
But, he’s unable to use sorcery just yet.

If I had to say, then Reki-kun is not the type to accumulate knowledge, but rather the type that goes by the instincts.
He learned the body reinforcement in such way too after all.


“That being the case, I made this. Tadaa~h. ‘Sorcery Auxiliary Function, Perfect Reproduction Edition~’.”


“Wafuwafu~ (Pachipachi~).”


Matching my applause, Reki-kun also nimbly used his forepaws to clap.
Sani sensei is working on the configuration of the mansion, as the Reki-kun room itself is considerably large.


“Now then, let me explain the new function~”

(I was waiting for this~)

“Wafu~ (Waiting~).”


A part of the 10th-grade sorceries was already listed in the all-purpose shared space of the “Sorcery Assistance Function, Perfect Reproduction Edition”.
As the name suggests,『Sorcery Auxiliary Function, Perfect Reproduction Edition』is a function to assist with sorcery. Kuti made an assistance function before but had no point as it virtually couldn’t help exercising the sorcery.
Naturally, it was for Reki-kun to use, but because he doesn’t meet the prerequisites to exercise sorcery, he couldn’t make use of it.

This edition has been improved on and uses the Aether Crystal Body as a new source of magical power.
By the way, the Aether Crystal Body can be used only through the “Sorcery Auxiliary Function, Perfect Reproduction Edition”, it can’t be used to supply magical power for sorcery.


“Now then, choose from this list~”

“Wafu! (Illumination sorcery!).”

“Then, select the Illumination sorcery from the list~”


A formula of the Illumination sorcery was displayed in the all-purpose shared space “Sorcery Auxiliary Function, Perfect Reproduction Edition” and I could see text for execution and reselection under it.
The sorcery will be activated by pressing the execution button, while the reselection button will return you to the sorcery list.
The most amazing thing about this “Sorcery Auxiliary Function, Perfect Reproduction Edition” is that anyone can easily use sorcery with it.
The source of the supply of magical power is the Aether Crystal Body, so the user doesn’t need to have magical power at all.

In this world――Auriol, sorcery is a rare skill and even if everyone can use magic tools, not anyone can use sorcery.


“Yes, activate!”

“Wafuu~ (Amazing~).”



A sphere of light popped out from the Kutipad as the Illumination sorcery was executed.
I will say it again, but sorcery isn’t something anyone can use.
It’s not an exaggeration to say that the reproduction of sorcery through the Kutipad is an innovative technology.
The only problem would be the amount of magical power the Kutipad is able to handle.


“Mufufu~ how is it! How about that! Amazing, right!”

(Amazing! Kuti is a genius after all! The strongest! With this, Reki-kun will be able to use sorcery!)

“Wafu! (I’m also a sorcerer starting today!).”

(Ah, but Reki-kun. This has been made so you could get the hang of using sorcery, therefore you have to learn the ropes and properly practice so you can use sorcery yourself, okay?)

“Wafuu~? (I don’t have to practice if I had this though?).”


“Tsk, tsk, tsk. You are naive~ Reki. That’s why you are Reki!”

“Wau! (I am me!).”

(Hey, you two. Be good to each other!)


When I wrote that with slightly larger words of magical power, the two immediately joined hands as good friends.
It must be just my imagination that their magical power looked slightly pale.




“Sorcery Auxiliary Function, Perfect Reproduction Edition” and Kutipad are in the end, only the intermediary to use sorcery, so because it can’t handle complex configurations, only sorceries of the 10th grade can be reproduced.

When it comes to 10th-grade sorcery, then using a magic tool is faster and easier.
However, with the Aether Crystal Body as the source of supply and the consumption of the 10th-grade sorcery, it could be used infinitely. Moreover, unlike magic tools, there are numerous sorceries that can be used in comparison to the single sorcery of the magic tool.
But, we are talking about Kuti, so she will surely configure and increase the number of sorceries that could be used through the Kutipad.
The final objective is for the Kuti-made sorcery to be usable, but the configurations of Kuti-made sorceries are eccentric, so it’s quite a grand goal.


(Well, let’s give it a try, Reki-kun. Let’s get a knack for it a little by little. Reki-kun is someone who finds implementation more practical than theory after all.)

“Wafun! (That’s right!).”

“The ‘Sorcery Auxiliary Function, Perfect Reproduction Edition’ will certainly assist with the necessary configurations, so it’s easy to get the hang of it, but because it’s processing without accessing the World Archive, the degree of difficulty on the knowledge side is conversely high. Well, it might be the opposite for someone so instinctual as Reki though~”

(It feels unsuitable for me.)

“Wafui? (Is that so?).”

“Lily has perfected the theory after all. She’s the type who properly acquires the knowledge and cultivates it for a better understanding. Reki is definitely not like that after all~”

“…… Wafuu (I also want to be with Lily).”

(It’s fine, Reki-kun. Different people have different strong and weak points, so there’s no need for everyone to be the same. Let’s do our best in Reki-kun’s way.)

“Wafu (Got it).”


Feeling warm and fluffy because of Reki-kun who said something so adorable as wanting to be the same as me, I took his big face in my hands clad in magical power and mofumofued him, Reki-kun obediently and properly understood.
Kuti who was sprawled on top of Reki-kun’s head while I was mofumofuing him was also gently watching over us with a smug face.


(Then, Reki-kun. Please start-up the『Sorcery Auxiliary Function, Perfect Reproduction Edition』. The Illumination sorcery as our goal should be fine.)

“Wafu! (Roger!).”

“There will be no failures with this, but be careful as the configurations are restricted~”


“Wafun (Let’s do it~).”


Starting the “Sorcery Auxiliary Function, Perfect Reproduction Edition”, Reki-kun selected the Illumination sorcery and vigorously bashed the execution button as usual, making the sphere of light appear.
It’s extremely simple, but that’s it.
By the way, the floor got cracked, so I will have to restore it later.

But, this “Sorcery Auxiliary Function, Perfect Reproduction Edition” is adjusted towards Reki-kun, so it would be over if anyone other than Reki-kun used it, but it’s different in Reki-kun’s case.
The information regarding the sorcery Reki-kun used is accumulating in his body that possesses the Aether Crystal Body.
This accumulation has an effect similar to a gathering of knowledge and changes into certain confidence within Reki-kun.
Ordinary people would be getting a knack for it, but it’s amplified and preserved without deteriorating in Reki-kun’s case.
Although limited to Reki-kun, “Sorcery Auxiliary Function, Perfect Reproduction Edition” demonstrates more than just the assistance.

Of course, this new technology was made possible only thanks to Kuti and Sani sensei’s theory.
The prerequisite is having Aether Crystal Body inside of your body, but the technology to generate Aether Crystal Bodies within your body is not something anyone can do.


After that, the elated Reki-kun filled the illusionistic space in the Reki-kun room with spheres of light, making it abnormally bright, forcing us to use even more concealment.


And, Kuti’s next assignment has become clear.
That is the addition of a function to cancel the sorcery.

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