Chapter 159

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Strategy of Wisdom
Upon entering the Reki-kun room, I immediately called Reki-kun over.
Reki-kun is not restricted by chains anymore. By the way, he still wears a collar, but it’s not a slavery collar anymore.






Reki-kun who approached me with his tongue out like a puppy immediately laid down and I got placed on his back.
Reki-kun’s back is very large. His back is big enough for several adults get on, but I monopolize it all for myself.
If I bury my face into his soft fur, it’s so comfortable I could fall asleep right away.

While having my fill of rubbing my cheeks against Reki-kun’s fur, we has reached the usual place.
I always activate the sorcery space as soon as we reach the usual area in the center of the room.

Obaasama and Ena are always enjoying tea time while keeping a slight distance from us.


(The illusionistic space has been set up. Kuti, please go ahead.)

“Leave it to me! Hohoinoho~i!”


Kuti developed the formula of Kutipad and poured spirit power into the four Kutipads.
One got flung at Reki-kun as if it was waiting for him and one was slowly transported into the hands of me who was still on Reki-kun’s back.

After receiving our Kutipads, Kuti explained today’s big updates.
Most of the new things were requested by Sani sensei, but my requests are properly in there as well.

I think of playing with this today between the lessons.
But first, the lesson.


“Alright, let’s open the file No,569 then.”

(Yes, Sensei.)



Sani sensei operated the Kutipad with extreme speed and prepared most of the necessary materials for the lesson.
It’s a reference data, rather than a textbook.
It’s better than nothing since Sani sensei’s held mainly oral lessons to begin with.

Using the share type storage, the three of us opened the same file.




(There, it’s my win.)

“Wauuuuu (Nugugu).”

“Yes, yes! My turn next! Me!”

(Then, there you go, Kuti.)

“Woohooo~! I’m going to beat you up, puppers!”

“Wau! (That’s my line!).”


Reki-kun and Kuti started fighting within the improved version of the shared space――the Universal shared space.
According to the six-sided die, Kuti began her move and the two clashed in no time.

Reki-kun not knowing the words animal instincts(?) and Kuti not knowing the words fairy intuition, the two steadily advanced and clashed with each other.


“Wafu~n! (Cutter~!).”

“Nugaa-! I lost-! Shit! Shiiit! I should have taken the upper-right that time!”


Reki-kun triumphantly watched Kuti who was bitterly floating in the air.
Victor and loser. It was too clear.


“However, this game you came up with is truly deep even though it seems quite simple, it’s interesting. It’s my turn next」

(I will entertain you.)

“Umu. Don’t go too hard on me.”

(Even though this is a game, I will go all out?)

“Now you said it. Do you think I was just watching up until now?”

(Fufu…… I am looking forward to it.)



Replying to Sani sensei’s fearless smile, I rolled the dice.
First move is mine.
Slowly and quietly advancing through the board, the number of my colors increased.



(That corner is mine.)


After quietly inducing movement and taking measures, I finally managed to take a corner.
However, it’s almost as good as a checkmate this late in the game.
Sani sensei who noticed that leaked out a vexed voice.

With the color in my hands advancing, Sani sensei wasn’t able to recover from me taking over all four corners and my victory was decided.
You could say it was a complete victory by the end.


“Muuuu…… a, aren’t you good at this…… however, I won’t fall for that strategy again! I’m speaking the truth!」

(Then, I will use a different strategy next time.)

“W, what did you say!? You have more!?”

(My Reversi surefire way to win has 128 methods!)

“”C, come again-!?””

“Wababababa (W, what-!?).”


The reaction of the two fairies and one animal was amusing.
I think you already know, but the game we are playing is Reversi.
A simple yet deep game between white and black stones.

Reki-kun easily memorized the rules and he’s having fun playing.
It’s also good for developing strategic thinking.

Above all else, the programming language――Tito language, used to create the simulation sorcery was just right for this.
Up until now, Kuti was packing new functions in the Kutipad, but Kutipads can be emulated in a virtual space using this Tito language.

Furthermore, the completed programs can be ported into the Kutipads in their entirety.


“Wafuwafu! (It’s me versus Sani next!).”

“Excellent! Why I don’t keep you company!”

“Wafu! (You think you can win against me just because you won against Kuti!?).”

“Don’t take me too lightly, Reki!”


Recently, various options have been added to Reki-kun’s word displaying system.
It’s a function that will immediately reflect things with a push of a button, but he’s using it mainly for words.
For example, if Reki-kun wanted to say the line from a while ago with a snort, the word displaying window would let out a similar snort with a push of a button.
Of course, Reki-kun would snort at the same time as well.

It was adorable at first, but he’s becoming quite irritating when overdoing it.
The proof of that is that he always…… no, mostly…… no, to a certain degree, forces the calm Sani sensei into a serious mode.

Whether intending to steal all of their strategies, Kuti was staring down at the shared space of the Kutipad.


I am obediently happy since I didn’t think that the Reversi I made as a test would be this popular. But, I am also thinking of making different games next time.

Board games like Reversi are good too, but something like table tennis might also be possible.
Let’s occasionally fiddle with that once Kuti comprehends the complicated programming language.


“Wabubububu (That can’t be-!).”

“Haa ha ha ha!”

“Whoa…… so childish……”


It appears that the match has been already settled.
When I looked at the board, all the stones were of a single color. That is indeed childish.
Rather, Reki-kun is trusting his animal instincts too much. It has become a great disaster like this because of that.
It would be better of Reki-kun thought about the strategic aspects a little more.


And as for Sani sensei……


(Truly childish……)

“Haa ha ha ha!”


I wonder if she was that vexed to lose to me?
Sensei’s loud laughter continued until Kuti applied for a rematch against her.


By the way, this match was a close victory for Kuti.
It goes without saying that Sani sensei distracted herself by challenging Reki-kun again.

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