Chapter 158

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Doubts of Wisdom
Just when I thought the send-off party for the Knights of the White Crystals finished and I was about to return to the Reki-kun room as usual, but I was dressed up in a costume for the send-off party.
I couldn’t naturally go to the Reki-kun room like that.
No, it’s not like I can’t really go like that, but it would be difficult to play with Reki-kun while dressed up.
The practice of my siblings has already finished, so a change of clothes was prepared in a hall near where the send-off party took place.
When I was about to welcome the change of clothes time with Ena and my personal maid――Jenny as usual, there was a knock on the door and Obaasama was called over.
Of course, I was in the middle of changing, so Obaasama didn’t let them inside and was talking at the door.
It seemed that Obaasama’s presence was requested so had to leave.

I lightly waved my hand to send off Obaasama while being dressed, and the changing of clothes was done.
Because I got changed into an easy-to-move-in modest dress, it is far easier to move in than a dress in which weight was reduced by a magic tool.
Even though I might be from the great nobility of Christophe House, there’s no way a three-year-old child could wear such a dress all the time.

I wear this kind of stuff only during some events at most.
I also occasionally wear what Ena dresses me in, what Ellie brings to dress me in, the several clothes Claire brings with her every time, and the many clothes Obaasama prepares…… I wear a lot of clothes.


When I left the room I changed my clothes in, Obaasama and Ojiisama were talking about something with serious faces.
When I thought I might be a nuisance and tried to leave for the Reki-kun room, I was called by the two.


“Lilianne, might I have a bit of your time?”

“Lily-chan, may we talk for a bit?”



Said Ojiisama with a slightly stiff expression and Obaasama with her usual expression.
But, I didn’t overlook that the flow of his magical power was just slightly stiff too. Just what do they want to talk about, I wonder?


“What ish it~?”

“U, mu……”

“This is not a good place, shall we talk over there? Jenny, prepare tea.”

“Certainly, Great Madam.”


Following up on the inarticulate Ojiisama, Obaasama didn’t want to talk while standing so she proposed using a nearby room.
It appears that it isn’t a talk that will end soon.

By the way, the Christophe House’s mansion has many rooms, but there are also many lounges and parlors where people can have discussions.
Of course, they are cleaned perfectly every day so they can be used at any time.

Entering the lounge, I took a seat on my usual place, Obaasama’s lap, across Ojiisama. Ena naturally sat next to Obaasama, rather next to me.
As we sat down, Jenny served tea before everyone.
Her movements that didn’t let out a single noise deserve a word of admiration.
By the way, she used a cup whose magical power can be seen and served me fruit water――I smell a fragrance of peach-like fruit.

The peach water was chilly, but not too cold. Having said that, it’s a perfect temperature for me as long as it’s not lukewarm.
This cup uses a magic tool that retains warmth, so the temperature won’t change even after leaving it as it is for a while.


Lightly drinking the tea, Ojiisama who calmed down spoke up.
Up until then, Obaasama didn’t show any gloominess.


“I will ask frankly. Lilianne, what have you done to the members of the Knights Order?”



“Ugh…… so, sorry, Lilianne. It’s not like that. I’m not blaming you or anything! It’s the truth, okay!? But, with that encouragement of yours, the Magic Eyes of everyone have suddenly grown… immediately after receiving your words.”


Crap. I have done it again.
I certainly didn’t think that the blank spaces would optimize this quickly.
Even though it should have taken the effect after some time so it didn’t look like I did something.


Come to think of it, they were really tense during the optimization……
I thought they might be nervous simply because I approached them, but did they perhaps already feel the changes happening to their Magic Eyes at that time?
If that was the case, then I have overdone it quite a lot.
Sani sensei and Kuti didn’t say anything so I thought it would be fine, but the result was more than I expected.

But, acknowledging here that I have done something would not be good.
Why don’t I cutely feign ignorance like a three-year-old would?





I, who have tilted my head to the side knows nothing. Still, this fruit water is really delicious. I replied as if expressing that.

The magical power of Ojiisama who saw that got even more nervous, but it immediately returned back to normal.
As I thought, he can’t win against the cute gestures of his grandchild.
His face is already deredere.


“I see, I see. It can’t be helped if you don’t know~”

“Lily-chan. As Ji~jii said, it’s not like we are angry, okay? Ba~baa will be Lily-chan’s ally no matter what happens, so it’s fine to talk with me at all times, okay?”


Obaasama who turned me towards herself on her lap said while smiling.
But, even here, my reply was the same.
I trust Obaasama, but this is this and that is that. They are different problems.

I, who tilted my head again doesn’t know anything. Rather than that, I would like to comb Reki-kun’s tail. Obaasama who guessed my response ended the discussion right there.
Ojiisama wanted to ask more, but his face was already deredere so it would be impossible for him.


I have decided to play dumb, so they won’t get anything from me.
I will dodge everything by acting cute!

Is what I thought, but my grandparents didn’t pursue the matter any further, so it seems they weren’t that convinced.
Since the growth of the four’s Magic Eyes wasn’t natural, they might have asked just in case since it happened during my encouragement.


Right, the growth of Magic Eyes isn’t natural.
The reason Magic Eye itself is a precious ability is most likely because there are too few samples.
In the case of both inborn and a posteriori Magic Eyes, it takes time until the body gets used to it and its powers can be exhibited flawlessly.
But, while you may be able to use Magic Eyes flawlessly, it’s not like they can grow.
You are merely getting used to them.

The growth of Magic Eyes refers to the case where the burden is greatly reduced like this time or when you obtain a new derived ability.
Of course, it takes time until you get accustomed to the derived ability.
However, taking hold of the Magic Eyes fundamentally takes time.
Normally, you wouldn’t be able to notice the reduction of the burden this quickly, but they did notice it immediately.


They might not have noticed a little change, but I have ended up making a plenty of changes, so they must have noticed.
It might not have been a matter of curiosity.
Well, I might have been too careless this time because I thought there was no danger involved. I will pay attention the next time.


(Kuti, I would like you to let me know next time, when I am about to get exposed to the surroundings like today~)

“Ah~ yeah…… well~ I was certain that Lily’s perfect plan would proceed smoothly or something~”

“We were wrong after all? Well, I had vaguely thought that this might be the case. Rather, even though I know you did something to the Magic Eyes, I have never heard of something like that. Just how did you do it?”



It appears that Sensei has noticed, but she didn’t understand what I was doing.
Kuti was trusting in me too much and it backfired on her instead. This is quite a serious problem.

On the way to the Reki-kun room, we split off with Ojiisama who went to his office, and I explained Sani sensei about the Magic Eyes while in Obaasama’s arms.

However, as I thought, there was nothing like today’s happenings in Sani sensei’s abyss deep knowledge.
But, she had a guess.
Wasn’t I enabled to do this because of my Magic Eyes that can see the formulas directly, the disposition of the special Variation Type Two, and the knowledge about sorcery I possess? Sani sensei conjectured.

Indeed, those conditions seem to be the necessary factor.


But, Sani sensei’s conjecture didn’t end there.
Although it might be a very low probability, she presented the idea that my Magic Eyes might be Magic Eyes that can manipulate other Magic Eyes.

It’s just it would be difficult to confirm that theory with so few samples.
I already know that I can’t do that to my own Magic Eyes.
If I could do that, I would not be able only to alter the sight of magical power but the physical sense of sight too.


There are only the Knights of the White Crystals that could act as samples.
No, as the possessors of Magic Eyes are rare, it’s a good fortune that they are close to me.

I know that it is not dangerous, so I was discussing meeting them for an experiment before long with Sani sensei.

With a mad scientist smile similar to Sani sensei’s floating in my mind, we approached the Reki-kun room.

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