Chapter 157

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Baptism of Wisdom
Today’s dancing partner is Obaasama.
I thought it wouldn’t be impossible for the physically phenomenal Obaasama, but in the end, people have things like their strengths and weaknesses.


“L, like this, I wonder? My, oh my? Was it like this?”

“Ba~baa, like this~”

“My, my…… Lily-chan you are incredible, aren’t you…… like this?”


“L, like thi…… s?”

“Like~ this~”


I can do only the basic steps, but I still can do more than Obaasama.
In short, Obaasama can’t do even the basic steps.
It’s the superhuman-ish martial artist Obaasama. I can’t comprehend.
But, in actuality, Obaasama is unable to follow the steps.
To begin with, she can’t match the tunes.
She just moves her feet in an incomprehensible manner.
It’s like watching a skipper who can’t skip trying to dance.


She’s doing it happily since she’s being taught by her cute grandchild, but she’s not improving as expected.


“Lilianne. Dancing is impossible for Ann, you see?”

“Ji~jii, you can’t shay dat!”

“Ugh…… s, sorry…… but, she didn’t learn anything over the years I tried to teach her.”

“Ish that so~?”


There seem to be countless rags scattered around Ojiisama’s office now, but the person who made the rags is completely unscathed.
Well, Roland Ojiisama is, more or less, the Great Master of the Christophe House, so it’s only natural though.
He, who has been recently working hard before reaching his limit, flung off the work and came to see me.
I have already gotten used to it so I won’t say anything, but Ojiisama apparently gets sermonized at first by his close aides every time he comes.
Well, something of that degree is nothing for Ojiisama who gets lectured by Obaasama physically all the time.
However, Ojiisama who hates being sermonized each time while relaxing with me carefully makes rags out of his close aides.
Nevertheless, they are Roland Ojiisama’s close aides. They relatively quickly recover and pursue after him again.
Well, the relaxing time usually ends at about that time with a brief comment, so he then reluctantly returns without struggling too much.


“I can’t dance even though I can manage a [tie_tooltip text=”Dance of Darkness” gravity=”n”]Butoh[/tie_tooltip]~…… I wonder why?”

“Ish that so~?”


I looked up at Obaasama who doubtfully tilted her head to the side and rubbed her smooth, glossy cheeks.
The age of the flesh of this Obaasama of mine is truly weird.
I bet her skin is still so youthful it repels water.
She doesn’t look like a granny by any means. It would be “Whose young lady she might be?”


“Well, yeah…… how about I dance without treating it as a dance?”


“Yes, let’s dance then.”


Obaasama seemed to treat Butoh differently from dancing, so her steps that weren’t dancing steps carried a beauty that didn’t show up until now.
I can’t comprehend why she can’t do dancing steps when she can do this, but you can’t do what you can’t do, so it can’t be helped.
I have no reason to fuss over dancing and I feel satisfied from seeing Obaasama’s beautiful dance.
She jumped as if floating without feeling any weight and moved like a flowing river.
The expression not only of her limbs but her entire body was so impressive it left me feeling touched.


Seriously, why can’t she do dance steps while being able to do this much…… I run out of questions.




“Lilianne is really good at dancing~ Truly skilled!”


On the contrary, I was unexpectedly able to dance amiably with Roland Ojiisama and his burly stature.
The gap between his appearances was tremendous, but his movements were the real deal.
Alek’s dancing was first-class, but Roland Ojiisama’s dancing is unexpectedly even above that.
Of course, his leading was also abnormally good.
Well, Obaasama can’t dance even with that lead though.
With Ojiisama’s leading, I was able to do advanced steps one after another smoothly.
Of course, not only steps but my entire body was led naturally without any uncomfortable feelings.
My movements were optimized and guided to a degree of nearly becoming a first-class myself.
Naturally, dancing this wonderfully felt really good.
With Ojiisama’s leading, I was spinning all around the Reki-kun room, occasionally got lifted which felt as if I was floating, and I displayed various moves.
Reki-kun also approached a while later and we were spinning together.
Naturally, you wouldn’t call Reki-kun’s movements dancing, but rather than a wild intuition, his powerful creative sense displayed cuteness that I couldn’t get tired of.
It was amazing for Reki-kun to do such movements with his large build, but to do them without a fear or pressure is what is incredible about him.
He was jumping soundlessly and landing without damaging the floor as if he was light as a feather.
Well, that was naturally because of Reki-kun’s abnormal physical ability and the assistance of the Aether Crystal Body, but the innocent Reki-kun perfected his control over it unconsciously. Truly incredible.


As ever, Obaasama’s and my steps not improved a bit, but thanks to a partner with high leading ability, I’m able to enjoy myself as well.
Knowing that I’m enjoying myself, people invited me to dance one after another.
The dancing boom in the Christophe House does not seem to be coming to an end yet.





The dancing boom in the Christophe House was boiling, but outside of the mansion, the qualifiers for the next year’s Magic Battle have been apparently opened.
All four nations of the Lizwald Continent are involved in the festival known as the Magic Battle, so there will be a tremendous number of participants.
For that reason, the qualifiers for the event that’s held every three years begin a year earlier.
There are three events: individual match, group match, and dance performance and all three have qualifiers.
Individual and group matches compete in the arts of war, strength so to speak.
Dance performance, unlike the other two, competes in the technique, the beauty of the performance, and the expressiveness.
The winner of the individual and group matches of the previous Magic Battle, our Okaasama――Claire, will be naturally appearing again.
But, she understandably got seeded in, so she won’t appear at the qualifiers.
Otousama who fought together with Okaasama in the group matches won’t be appearing in the individual matches, but the team in the group battle is mostly the same, so the qualifiers are also unrelated for him.
So, why are we talking about the qualifiers?


“Well then, it’s these four then?”

“Yes…… I think they are appropriate~”

“Although I don’t feel that their Magic Eyes will be necessary in the qualifiers…… well, Ovent is not the host country this time, so it can’t be helped.”

“That’s so, isn’t it~ It’s the debut competition of the Knights of the White Crystals, so let’s have them work hard.”


According to Ojiisama and Obaasama, it has been decided that the Knights of the White Crystals will be participating this time.
At that time, I heard for the first time that all members of the Knights of the White Crystals have awoken Magic Eyes.
There are only a few innate Magic Eyes possessors like me, but there are even fewer people whose Magic Eyes awoke posterior.
There shouldn’t be a single Knight with Magic Eyes when the Knights of the White Crystals got formed.
This has been confirmed because they were carefully investigated before the selection.
Kuti and Sani sensei also didn’t say anything.
That means, they went from zero Magic Eyes possessors to all members awakening to Magic Eyes.
My Knights Order seems to be a bunch of unusual fellows.
That being said, there are many varieties of Magic Eyes and not all of them can be used for fighting.
Naturally, although all members of the Knights of the White Crystals awakened to Magic Eyes, the amount of people who can participate is limited.
Therefore, the Commander Ojiisama and the strongest in the world Obaasama chose the participants.
This time, it’s the debut competition of the Knights of the White Crystals, so they won’t appear in the individual matches.
The dance performance was also dismissed because it competes in expressive power, acting and beauty.
As the true value of the Knights Order is in teamwork, four people were chosen to appear in the group matches.
Their role is to show the power of their Knights Order inside and out.
Just being a decoration of the Christophe House is not good.


Well, as I frequently visit their practice, I can say that our Knights Order is strong.
Therefore, it wouldn’t be bad to have high expectations, right?
As the Magic Battle will be held in a foreign country, I, who has not left the premises of our house yet won’t be naturally able to go for a field trip.
The distance will be a little too much for the Silver Eye we used the last time.
That wouldn’t change the fact that I wouldn’t be able to see the projection on the Silver Eye like before though.
That being the case, I will be only told the results, but the Knights of the White Crystals are the Christophe House’s…… my private Knights Order, so they naturally have to qualify.
I expect that they won’t get defeated in the qualifiers, but it’s my Knights Order.
I decided to cheer them on properly.




The selected four Knights are kneeling before me.
Their entire bodies are wrapped in custom-made full armors, showing only their faces on their lowered heads.


The Vice-Commander of the Knights of the White Crystals, Anatoly Ansel Hasselfosh.
Stephanie Brown who can boast as the strongest female in the Knights Order.
Ashton who boasts of strength not any inferior to Anatoly.
The sole high-grade sorcerer of the Knights of the White Crystals, Sidria Litt Anshluz.


They are indeed the chosen members for the debut competition, they all look strong.
As a result of checking their Magic Eyes on deep levels, I found that the flow of magical power in their eyes is different from ordinary people.
It would be difficult to notice on the surface level, but it’s not strange I noticed their differences.
I wonder if I haven’t noticed before because I wasn’t focused on their eyes during their practice?


Ojiisama gave words of encouragement to the kneeling four and it became my turn.
I have been taught what to say by Ojiisama and Obaasama beforehand, so my preparations are perfect.
But, I slightly changed my mind after seeing their Magic Eyes from up close.


“Well then, Lilianne. Give them words of encouragement.”

“Yessh, Ojiishama.”


Saying that, I stood up from the magic fragment decorated chair that was made just for me and walked towards the kneeling Anatoly.
I was expected only to give the words of encouragement so Ojiisama was surprised, but he didn’t try to stop me.


“Anatoly~ do youu best please, okay~”


I gently held up Anatoly’s lowered head in my hands and overwrote the formula.
The formula of this Magic Eye of his was constructed somewhat ridiculously.
As a result of the analysis, I understood that there were many wasteful parts in it.
And, what was surprising the most, is that I was able to alter the formula of the Magic Eye myself.
No, to be precise, only I am able to alter it.
The proof of that is the security of that formula.
Security on Magic Eye is a ridiculous thing.
Magic Eyes aren’t something that can be interfered with to begin with.
But, as a matter of fact, there was a security on the formula and I was able to remove it.
Let’s ask about this Sani sensei later. I’m sure she knows something about it.


Removing the blank spaces and optimizing the formula took only a moment. I finished the moment my hands took a hold of his head.
Since they should have been told that I would be only giving them words of encouragement, Anatoly must have received quite a shock when I approached him to rewrite his Magic Eye.
As proof of that, he seemed to be quite nervous.
Although I knew from the analysis, only his right eye has awakened to Magic Eye.
But, with the disappearance of the excess blank space and optimization, both of his eyes should awake depending on the circumstances.
Until now, the Magic Eye must have been quite a burden when used, but the burden should be reduced now and he should have a much easier time using it.
I’m sure he will notice a little later though.


Leaving Anatoly who froze in nervousness, I did the same to others and optimized their Magic Eyes.
Interestingly, all of them had the same security as Anatoly, making me the only one who could alter their Magic Eyes.
The astronomical probability that all members of the Knights Order awakened to Magic Eyes might not be just a coincidence after all.
But, so what? Will be the question.
The Magic Eyes are of great interest, but that’s all.


After finishing optimizing everyone’s Magic Eyes and returning to my chair to give the words of encouragement to the frozen four, everyone’s stiff expression was now accompanied by a fierce vigor.
It made me slightly surprised.


But, if they are fired up, then my encouragement was successful.
Good, good.

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