Chapter 156

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The Speculation of Wisdom
It seems that Sani sensei’s environmental configuration of the mansion is proceeding smoothly.
I’ve been told that I should look forward to the completion, so I have not been shown what she has completed so far.
In the end, I have no idea what Kuti meant by “that”, whether it’s Sani sensei’s weakness or something, but I think there are things not better known to the society.


Only a little of existing special-grade sorceries remain for me to learn.
Coupled with the simulation of the Kutipad, progress couldn’t be smoother.
We have regained the time Sani sensei used to go to the Forest next to the world, no we progressed at even faster speeds.
I learn properly and practical use is, of course, no problem too.
However, I have a feeling that Sani sensei is slightly impatient.
Whether it was because she was making the environmental configuration of the mansion while having her weakness grasped by Kuti, I was quite not sure.


Anyhow, I learned the little existing sorcery left at speeds not comparable to the past.




“Lily, won’t you dance together with Papa?”


“I see, I see! Let’s go then.”


I was moved from Obaasama’s lap to Alek’s burly arms.
Our Otousama Alek who has been busy as always has been recently returning to the mansion where he took a bath, changed his clothes and immediately came to visit me with the invitation to dance.
As I dance with Ellie nearly every day after waking up, I have already mastered some basic steps several weeks ago.
They are really simple steps, but I found it mysterious that it goes quite well when dancing with a person who’s good at leading.
Although I danced with Alek on his birthday thanks to the practice showing results, Alek was delighted that the three years old me was able to do proper steps.
At the Alek’s birthday party, our dance was showered with a thunderous applause of the servants when we finished.
By the way, my costume for today consists of the latest product of Eliott, the cat ears.


“Right, right, you are doing well, Lily. Right, left, right, turn. That’s right~ round and round~”

“Lound and lound~”


Alek can dance at the highest level no doubt, so when he leading me, I can dance fairly well myself.
He’s carefully leading me so that I would be able to freely enjoy myself.
Ellie is good at leading as well, but Alek’s leading exceeds even hers.
Even though you do various steps depending on the music, I, who can do only the most basic of the basic steps can handle any song with Alek’s lead.


“Otousama! It’s my turn next!”

“Hahaha, what a hopeless big sister. Come over here, Ellie.”

“That’s not it! I will be dancing with Lily next.”


Alek who mistook Ellie for being jealous of her little sister monopolizing her beloved Otousama received a bitter counterattack from Ellie and received a shock.
While catching sight of Otousama with his head hung down, Ellie took my little hands and started leading me.
The music is played through a magic tool, so there’s no need for a grand orchestra.
Well, on Alek’s birthday, we have danced to an orchestra formed from butlers and maids that would put even professionals to shame.


“Fufu…… you are doing good, Lily. I wonder if you will be leading me instead before long.”

“Will twy~”

“Aan, geez! You are so cute! I love you, Lily!”



Her leading is no match for Alek’s, but the talent of this nine years old girl is obvious from her leading.
But, although Ellie is skillful, I can barely follow her basic steps, to be honest.
Unlike my brain, this body of mine is surely inferior to the bodies of normal three-year-olds.
I don’t know what normal is for a three-year-old, but I think my past life’s niece was a little more lively when we played together. It already feels like ancient times though.
I can brag about my magical power and sorcery being the top-class of this world――Auriol among the three-year-olds, but my pure physical performance does not exceed the average.
Well, my stamina is far below average though.


“Ellie, how about one tune with your Papa next?”

“Of course, with pleasure. Otousama.”



Ellie who was turning around with me in her arms suddenly stopped after hearing Alek’s voice, she gently lowered me down and replied to Alek with a pretty curtsy.
I watched Ellie and Alek dance from a little apart together with Obaasama.
Ellie’s height is still quite not enough, but she compensates for that with splendid steps. Her fluent movements thoroughly buries the height difference.
When those two dance, it’s a genuine dance, completely different when dancing with me.
It was so captivating and powerful, I could only watch in awe.




I dance with Ellie every day and then with the busy Alek who occasionally returns home.
The Christophe House is currently undergoing a dancing boom.
Theo who is busy every day after entering the junior high section competes with Ellie at inviting me to dance, so we dance quite a lot.
But, compared to Ellie, Theo is not very good at leading.
I think that he’s quite skillful in dancing itself, but I don’t think the same about his leading.
When dancing with Ellie, I feel like I’m doing well myself, but with Theo, although it’s definitely fun, I don’t feel like I’m doing that well myself.
Well, it’s each to his own around here.
Theo too, is trying to lead me to the best of his abilities so I could have fun after all.


But, I find it strange because in my mind, I imagined Theo being better at leading than Ellie.
Although Ellie’s desire for improvement is strong, I thought she was the type who would go into things headfirst and alone, but that’s apparently not it.
I got to know that she cleverly takes her surroundings into consideration and that she greatly respects cooperation.
Whether it’s thanks to that, the way she’s leading me is truly good. Well, that might be just towards me though.


“Theo! Switch! It’s my turn next, alright!”

“A bit longer! Just a bit longer!”

“No way! Your leading is a huge burden on Lily! I would like you to step back and get a bit more skillful!”

“Ugu. B, but, Lily is having fun, right?”


“Lily…… what a good child you are!? The number one in Ovent…… no, the most kindhearted in the entire Lizwald Continent! It’s all right to say the truth, you know? It’s okay to say that you are tired because of Theo’s poor leading, you know!”

“Is funnn, you know~?”

“Then, let’s have more fun and dance with me next, okay~”




Well, I’m certainly a bit exhausted from Theo’s leading.
Ellie carefully pays attention to my movements, unlike Theo who’s leading is relatively rough.
It tends to be a little bit difficult for me who can only do the most basic of basic steps.
But, it sure is enjoyable, so that’s not much of a problem.


“Yes, this way next~ and now here~ you are so good at this, Lily.”


I can understand the difference from Theo’s leading well.
Ellie’s flowing-like leading is really good.
I enjoy being jolted like calm waves without any burden on my little body.
Theo watched this scene enviously, but his eyes were full of fighting spirit, concentrating on Ellie’s every single move so that he could lead as skillfully as her.
Seeing him like that, Theo will be surely able to lead skillfully before long too.


It’s obvious that he will get skillful at leading much faster than me getting good at dancing.
Theo and Ellie have the physical abilities of both of our parents, and are trained by our grandparents.
Although they are talented, they put in a great effort and rigorously train every day without complaining.
At first, the Knights of the White Crystals might have been something like a game, or perhaps something the children just admire, but they are now seriously serious about it.
No, they might have been serious about it since the beginning, but at that time, it was still a problem of their strength.
Their talents bloomed by steadily training every day.


They are still children and it’s unknown what will happen from now on.
But, it’s certain that there’s nothing better in this world than having power.
That’s no different for the great nobles like the Christophe House. No, because this is the Christophe House, that individual strength might be important.
Alek is an influential person who serves as the Vice-Commander of the 2nd Knights Order. Claire is a 2nd-grade sorceress and a Royal Court sorceress.
And, Roland Ojiisama and Annela Obaasama are the great heroes of Ovent.


There are big expectations for Ellie, and naturally, the eldest son Theo.


As for me, I’m suffering from an illness called Cloudy Eyes, and many other problems.
But, it’s a fact that Obaasama and others have abnormal expectations for me.
Well, even without me, Theo and Ellie are excellent themselves so there won’t be a problem…… probably.

I, myself, don’t really want to stand out, I’m fine with leisurely living with Kuti.
Well, I’m overflowing with thirst for knowledge, so living leisurely might be difficult though.

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