Chapter 155

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Configuration of Wisdom
Our daily life returned to normal with Sani sensei’s return, but there was a slight change.
That being the 3 people + 1 animal holding Kutipads and the one animal using the Kutipad to communicate.
Right, Reki-kun is communicating in writing.
Up until now, I have been analyzing Reki-kun’s wafun, wafun by instinct, his barking, actions and the ambiance of his expressions, so I couldn’t be precise no matter what.
However, that has completely changed with him communicating in writing. Although dependant on Reki-kun’s vocabulary, it’s possible to hold a conversation.


The needlessly beautiful letters are a bit irritating though.


(――and that’s why Kuti made a relay window for you, Reki-kun.)



Words that Reki-kun writes on his Kutipad are going to appear in the window floating on top of his head, so that we don’t have to peek at the Kutipad each and every time.
By the way, what appeared on the window now was『Wafuwafu』.


“Why barking?”

(Is that not Reki-kun joking?)

“Wafun (Precisely).”

(But, with this, the communication with Reki-kun has accelerated, hasn’t it!)

“We have been able to hold quite a high precision conversations until now, but by the use of Kutipad as an intermediary has created some delay. Based on that, I don’t think it has accelerated.”


It’s as Sani sensei said.
The writing actions will set the conversation one beat late no matter what. But, that’s a question of physical speed.
What I wanted to say is that our conversations have a little better atmosphere now.


(A, anyhow, aren’t you glad, Reki-kun!)

“Wafun (Umu).”

“Whoah~ this fellow is so stuck up! He’s getting carried away!”

“Wafufun (I’m great, you know!).”

“Get off your high horse- oraa-!”


The grinning puppy danced through the air while skillfully writing on his Kutipad.
I was very much interested in what he was writing, so I immediately looked at the relay window.


“Wafu~n (Too slow!).”

(This child is getting carried more than usual!)


Currently, Aether Crystal Body is accumulating within Reki-kun, so he’s able to draw out its magical power to increase his physical ability just like before.
Reki-kun who has been using it unconsciously has recently become self-aware of it at last and learned how to use it properly.
Reki-kun who has learned to use the magical power of the Aether Crystal Body as his won’t even get scratched when he falls from the considerably high ceiling of the Reki-kun room now.
Far from that, if he does his best, his defensive power can withstand a direct hit from Kuti’s high power sorcery for a moment.
No matter how stuck up the puppy is, he won’t be able to keep his life if Kuti gets serious.


As a matter of fact, Reki-kun was enjoying himself in the mid-air battle, but Kuti’s anger voltage has been rising gradually.
My heart was beating fast, worried that she will end him just right there.


“Alright, that’s enough. You are making Lily worried, Kuti. Reki too, if you don’t stop, you will get blown away by Lily… in various ways.”


“Wa, wafuu…… (I’m sorry, forgive me, I will do anything).”


With Sani sensei’s voice, the two’s movements stopped.
Freely stopping his movements mid-air and splendidly landing on the ground, Reki-kun immediately took the submission pose while covering his eyes.


“I’m sorry, Lily. It’s fine, you know! This much is nothing to Reki!”

“Wafuwafu! (It’s nothing to me!).”

(But, going this far is not good, alright? Do you understand? You two.)



“Wafu~ (Yes, Ma’am).”


Kuti’s and Reki-kun’s slightly heart-racing play has ended, and today’s Sani sensei lesson of improvement in writing has begun.




The long-awaited feature has been recently added to the Kutipad.
That is the so-called naming function.
The Kutipad’s data which had been saved in its entirety up until now, can now be saved individually in the external storage area.
The external storage area Sani sensei brought is, at first glance, a normal magic tool.
But, Kuti-made sorcery is sealed in this, allowing it to preserve information.
It’s a degraded version of the Archive, but after Kuti improved it for the use of Kutipad, it now can store detailed data that the Archive is unable to.
Because the information is written and stored by the magical power of a magic fragment, the higher the magical power of the magic fragment is, the more data can be stored.
In other words, it’s compatibility with Aether Crystal body is superb.
Since the storage amount Aether Crystal Body is on such level that it can’t even be compared to a magic fragment, the external storage area has been successfully divided into four parts.
Although the external storage area Sani sensei used on a daily basis is quite large, it has become possible to save as much as ten years of data after changing to the Aether Crystal Body.
The amount of storage space Reki-kun and I are using doesn’t even reach one-hundredth of that, so we have quite a lot of room.


“When the scope expands to a large-scale like this, the combustion density tends to easily get uneven. Well then Lily, how do you deal with that?”

(How about putting in a detailed configuration of the combustion scope or the combustion density itself?)

“Umu. Not a bad idea. Besides that?”

(How about trying to cover for the uneven places by manipulating the wind? Like this.)


Using the Kutipad, I added things to the formula.
The sorcery simulation showed an image that succeeded in stabilizing the uneven combustion scope to a certain extent projected in the shared area of the Kutipad.


“Umu. That’s quite a good move. The efficiency of magical power is better this way and it also takes the environment into consideration.”


With this sorcery simulation function that was one of the improvements Sani sensei piled upon Kuti, we are able to inspect and verify large-scale sorceries that couldn’t normally be used within the mansion.
Until now, we have been thoroughly reducing the scope, so the actual results are widely different from what we have.
Still, we proceeded with it because there was no problem when used just for learning, but it was quite hazy, as expected.
It’s big now that we can confirm the results with the simulation.
The environment of Kuti’s sorcery simulation function has become more complex than ever and still is improving, so we are getting nearly the same results as if actually using the sorcery. It also grew so much that it received Sani sensei’s seal of approval.


1st-grade and special-grade existing sorceries of the offensive type tend to be developed on a large scope as the result of many evolutions.
It’s valuable to be able to see the effects of many large-scope sorceries by simulating them, so the haziness I felt was blocking my progress is now retreating.
Both the results of the simulation and the complex configuration get saved in the external storage area, so the lesson was progressing thanks to that.
The usefulness of Kutipad is great and still growing.




I thought I might be able to reproduce the results of the sorcery simulation in real-time, but according to Sensei, I would fail because of the terrifyingly complex configuration of the simulation sorcery’s environment.


“It would be impossible in real-time.”


I was told such.
Then, how about a fixed environment that is not real-time?
I still have no idea what’s going on inside the mansion, so I’m quite interested to take a look.


(How about it……)

“Fumu. It’s not impossible, but this mansion is huge after all……”

“Isn’t it fine, let’s make it! It’s Lily’s request, you know!? You are supposed to accept the request while kneeling, you know!?”

“Wafu (I also want to see).”

(Come to think of it, Reki-kun also didn’t see much of the mansion.)


I can tell that Sani sensei is gradually getting affected by the puppy eyes pleading of Reki-kun and I.
And, as expected, Kuti put an end to it.


“If you won’t do it…… I will expose ‘that’ you know?”

“Why don’t I happily make it!”

I wonder what “that” is……

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