Chapter 154

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Crystal of Wisdom
The first thing I do in the Reki-kun room recently is developing a sorcery space with illusion in the main role after diving at Reki-kun.
The purpose of this illusion sorcery is naturally to project something different from what is happening inside.
Of course, the reason this existing sorcery was used several times on top of each other is mainly that the effect would be too weak for the superhuman-like people of our Christophe House.
It would be possible to deceive them for a short time. But, we naturally won’t finish in a short time, so that’s the reason for developing a space with three of these sorceries.


“I left today’s details in the changelog, so take a look, okay! The biggest is that the Magic Stone Suppression sorcery in Reki can now be monitored via the State of the magic stone accumulation.”

(Oh~ you finally made it! Kutipad is becoming more and more convenient, isn’t it~)

“This was also because of Lily’s sharp idea! You are so sharp your entire body is stuck with ideas!”


Kuti’s entire body let out magical power and she drew pins with the word “idea” written on each, she then wrote petitions, what I spoke, and also letters of a challenge for some reason. It’s a bit disappointing that there were no love letters.




After charging the Kutipads for 1 Hals of use and handed them over to Reki-kun and Kuti, Reki-kun immediately dexterously grasped his exclusive use pen that was stuck to the top of the Kutipad, loaded his profile, opened the multipurpose notebook function and begun practicing letters.
He starts exercising letters on his own without needing to tell him, unlike arithmetic.
It must be because it’s his beautiful victory each time. I won’t mention who he’s triumphant over though.


I loaded my profile while feeling vexed and started practicing with a small window of Reki-kun’s screen in the top-right corner.
The archive can’t name the stored information, but I myself, am able to store Reki-kun’s as Reki-kun’s and mine as mine.
The reason why Reki-kun’s information doesn’t get confused with mine or overwritten is still unknown, but I have no problem with that because they can be stored separately.
But, in the end, Reki-kun’s information can be stored only in one folder, identical to mine information.
Saving information while naming them in detail won’t be possible until Sani sensei returns, so I will have to endure with this.


There’s a wide difference compared to the letters in the top-right corner of my screen with the single, pitiful letter I wrote with some resistance even though I’m using an extremely soft pen.
While overwhelmed with sorrow because of the comparison, I wasn’t, unfortunately, able to see any signs of improvement in the sorcery used for the body compared to the techniques used for brains. But still, I won’t be able to do it skillfully unless I practice, so I fired myself up and again and concentrated on the work.




“Fumu. Reki became able to write letters quite beautifully.”


“Umu, I’m back.”

“Ah, welcome back, Sani..”


Thinking that I heard a familiar voice, I raised my face and saw Sensei there in her usual white coat and miniskirt with her eyes half-closed.


(Welcome back, Sani sensei.)

“Umu, I’m back, both of you. I’m asking right away, but won’t you give me that thing too?”


The thing Sani sensei pointed at was naturally the Kutipad.
We were, in touch with her via the Dimensional Communication sorcery almost daily, so Sensei is also aware of the Kutipad.
But, this naturally consumes an enormous amount of magical power that probably no one besides me can supply, so she wasn’t able to use it.
Her feelings of wanting to play with the Kutipad conveyed during our talks, so I thought this would happen once she came back. Well, it was expected.



(Yes, I understand~)


The daily upgraded formula is becoming more and more complex and it’s definitely a sorcery only Kuti herself can use, but when it comes to construction, she can finish it in a moment.
All that’s needed is my spirit power.
A fourth Kutipad of a size that would be easy for Sani sensei to use appeared and she immediately started playing around with it.


“Fumu…… hou…… I see…… like this, huh…… fumu.”

(Ku, Kuti…… it’s Sensei’s first time using the Kutipad, right? How can she handle it to such an extent? She’s handling her pen without stumbling and hesitation.)

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. You are naive, Lily. Too naive, Lily…… can I prpr you?”

(Later, okay? So?)

“Alright, later it is! Look, haven’t we described it to Sani? She can do this much with that. If not, she wouldn’t be able to become a Director.”

(I, is that so…… she’s amazing after all, Sensei……)


Sani sensei’s Kutipad was still at the default settings just like Reki-kun’s, so I was peeking with the remote control function.
I was watching as the number of functions increased at a rapid pace.
The multipurpose notebook function that was at the front of development has been filled with numerous improvements.


I have also come up with splendid improvements and new functions, but she filled it with a number of functions exceeding that in no time.


“Rather than this~ what became of the magic stone~?”

“Ah, that thing. That guy Ainz was in possession of some ancient documents. We were able to find out quite a lot. Take a look, we have stopped the absorption effect and it’s now possible to treat it as a magic fragment.”


“Hohou…… Ainz had ancient documents like that, huh~”


Sani sensei answered without averting her gaze from the Kutipad, but she spoke while flicking over the magic stone that fell from Reki-kun’s forehead to Kuti.


Just where did she take it out from…
She suddenly took out a book that I was able to see before as well and I found that white coat of her suspicious, but I’m quite unable to check it.


(Kuti, Ainz is?)

“That fellow is the Director of the Forest next to the world’s Magic Fragment Research Institute~ He’s a fellow who likes to dress in old-fashioned clothes, he’s a really weird one~”

(So there was a magic fragment research institute too.)

“Magic tools are daily necessities in the Forest next to the world after all. I believe that they are actually used more there than over here?”


Magic tools are indeed used as daily necessities on the Lizwald Continent no matter how poor a family might be.
It’s not like every fairy in the Forest next to the world is a sorcerer like Kuti, besides, there are also times where Kuti finds using a magic tool more convenient.


In the Christophe House’s mansion, the air-con like magic tool is the easiest example.
That magic tool is made from other various magic tools, so replicating that with sorcery would be quite a chore.
Doing that every time would be extremely bothersome.
Whether an excellent sorcerer or not, it doesn’t change the fact that magic tools are useful, so the option of not using them doesn’t exist.


Especially when the sorcery in the Forest next to the world is that much advanced compared to the Lizwald Continent.
It’s natural for Kuti who is an existence at the highest peak, but there are plenty of existences who can use high-grade or 1st-grade sorcery.
Sani sensei also studied all high-grade sorceries and she can also use several of Kuti-made sorceries.
You could say that celebrating someone who can use one or two 1st-grade sorceries on the Lizwarld Continent is an exaggeration.


“According to Ainz’s ancient documents, the official name of this magic stone is apparently ‘Aether Crystal Body’.”


Sensei continued moving her pen on the Kutipad even while explaining.
But, the first part of the official name is also something familiar to me. There might be possibly many ancient things that could be connected to my old world.
There’s not sufficient verification for such guess to be correct, so I can’t say anything just yet. It also could be just a coincidence.


“Aether Crystal Body is a magic fragment that exceeded the limits of magical power it can store, or a magic fragment that became superior by accumulating the spirit power. Aether Crystal Bodies accumulate more power than magic fragments by absorbing the magical power or spirit power from its surroundings, and it stops once it reaches a fixed accumulation quantity.”


Taking a look at the screen of Sensei’s Kutipad, the improvements increased by far more during her explanation. Just how much does she plan on remodeling it,


“Aether Crystal Body is superior to magic fragments once the absorption stops, but it’s handled basically the same way as the magic fragment’s. In other words, its state can be altered depending on the materials just like a magic fragment. The biggest difference is the magnitude of accumulated magical power. In other words, because of its accumulated amount of magical power that far exceeds the limit, its potential as a magic tool is superb.”

(I see…… then, it is all right to think of it as a magic fragment that accumulated an enormous amount of magical power.)


“How does this happen, were you not able to find out about that?”

“Only its characteristics were written in the ancient documents. Well, it’s likely the result of a long-period accumulation in special Dungeons. What is interesting about this is that it was achieved unnaturally by the Dungeon-like existence that is Reki and Lily’s unprecedented magical power.”


Sani sensei finished with the nihilistic, mad scientist smile she occasionally shows.
Whether that smile is frightening or reliable, I found it a bit questionable.
I trust her because we spent a long yet short time together, but I find Sani sensei’s researcher smile a little scary after all.


“My sorcery was also necessary!”

“Fu…… that’s right.”


Sensei’s pen stopped as she let out a sigh and her nihilistic smile changed into a gentle one.


“Here, this is it for now.”

“Whoah…… you did well putting in so much……”

“Happy, right?”

“It’s worth being happy…… I think?”

(Really…… what an incredible progress……)

“I could give it more if I were to get serious, you know? I will remodel it some more later so it’s easier to study, so look forward to it.”


Overwhelmed by Sensei’s smile that made my muscles feel cold, I thought that Sensei should be like that after all.

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