Chapter 153

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Pulse of Wisdom
The window-type notebook――Kutipad, is ultra-progressive and its functions increased by a few.


A notebook mode for writing function.
A scribble mode for paint software-like function.
A function to access my own archive and perform output and storage.


These three functions make it highly practical.
Incidentally, its current size is about half of my body. It’s quite big.
But, it weighs nearly nothing, so I’m able to hold it just in one hand. However, its toughness is, I dare say, is on the “undamageable by physical attacks” level. Rather, because it’s composed of magical power, it can break only under the effects of another sorcery.
Moreover, it’s protected by Kuti-made sorcery, so it won’t break easily even under the influence of another sorcery. To put it simply, it could be even used as a shield.


Accessing the archive is one of the most important functions, but when using the output, I’m only able to take out a static image at the moment.
I believe that it’s quite amazing that I am able to access my own archive, but it’s a bit regrettable that I can’t output a video.
However, the images can be cut out of the video.


That’s why, I tried using Kuti’s best photographs as the wallpaper.
The wallpaper doesn’t have the “randomize” option yet, so I will try asking Kuti to add it the next time.




“Ah~…… it should run out of magical power soon, I think~?”

(Yeah. Let’s save it for now. Reki-kun, you save it too~)



The Kutipad is the first sorcery of its kind both in this world――Auriol and the Forest next to the world.
Naturally, it was constructed from a formula Kuti made that goes beyond a miraculous craft.
And since Kutipad’s sorcery isn’t optimized, it’s fuel consumption is intensively bad.
For just one Hals (hour) of use, we have to expend 60% of the spirit power needed for the early version of the Dimensional Communication Sorcery.
But since it’s me, Kuti, and Reki-kun each using one, it’s that times three. We have to use 180% of spirit power needed for the Dimensional Communication Sorcery for an Hals-long spell.
Although I say that, the Dimensional Communication sorcery lasts for a considerably long time once the signal transmits.
Besides, there is now a light-weight version, so the actual consumption is smaller.


Taking the brutal consumption into consideration, there is most likely no one else except me who can make use of it.
Moreover, when it comes to me, I will recover more magical power than I have spent spirit power in that one Hals.
The total amount of my magical power vast to the extent that I could use 100 units all day.


“Lily, please~”

(Roger~…… there~)


To be frank, Kutipad’s sorcery is complicated and mysterious.
It’s intertwined with complex features, so it’s on the level that only the person who made it can understand how it works.
Moreover, more features are added and improved with Reki-kun’s and my feedback.
After playing with it yesterday in great excitement, Reki-kun and I have been requesting Kuti to change this, add that all day.


It seems to be quite difficult to output the footage from the archive and attaching a camera function, so they have not been implemented yet.
Incidentally, it has no speakers or mic yet, so it’s not possible to record music too.


As for the videos in the archive, the clips themselves seem to be tremendously heavy and can’t be processed by the Kutipad’s processing capability.
The camera, speakers, and mic functions are in a similar state because of insufficient processing capability.
Still, even if the camera function was implemented, I probably wouldn’t be able to see it after taking it out of the archive.
In the first place, I am able to see the videos and pictures in my archive only because they were made from my very magical power.



“Yes, yes, I know~ don’t be in such a hurry~”

(Fufu…… Reki-kun has been completely entranced by the Kutipad, haven’t you?)



Reki-kun’s Kutipad is suitably large for his big stature.
Since the screen is so large, I tried suggesting various things to Kuti, thinking that it could be used for something.


First of all, I had her attach a priority to each Kutipad.
The priority of Kuti and I was set to the highest, while Reki-kun’s was below us.
We made it possible for the Kutipads with higher priority can freely access the other Kutipads.


Kuti made it freely accessible, but there wasn’t any function for sharing the screen or peeping.
What she made was a software that connected all Kutipads to a shared space where everyone could draw, and a perfect remote control function.
For example, it’s possible to write problems for Reki-kun and grade him in real-time.
However, since the remote control function can be only used by the Kutipads with the highest priority, Reki-kun can’t do the same to Kuti’s or mine Kutipad.
That’s why the shared space function for meetings was made.
This is simply a function that allows everyone to draw in the shared space. If someone writes in there, it will appear on everyone’s Kutipad.


In addition, small functions like the closing and minimizing of the windows and other basic OS-like functions were added one after another.




Kutipad became gradually more and more convenient.
It was almost at the level of tablets and smartphones of my previous world.


This all could have been done thanks to the formula within the newly opened locked room, but Kuti might have made it even if it wasn’t.
Well, it’s true that she had not tried to create something of such an all-purpose scope like this before.


“Reki, you really are dexterous, aren’t you?”


(Muu~ so difficult……)


“Do your best, Lily! You can do it! You are without a doubt prettier than yesterday!”

(Thank you, Kuti. I will do my best!)



There’s a reason Reki-kun getting carried away like this.
If you use the Kutipad’s scribble mode, you can use various pens to draw.
What I mean is that you can also write. And thus, I, who has written only with words of magical power so far, is trying to write.
In other words, this is a writing practice.


However, this is quite difficult.
No matter what, it’s still difficult for a three years old child to skillfully hold a pen.
Reki-kun’s big paws can use it skillfully…… he’s using it very skillfully to write pretty characters.
Well, Reki-kun doesn’t know the letters used on the Lizwald Continent, so they are mostly numbers.


Nevertheless, they are quite pretty. Beautiful even.
When you compare the wriggling earthworms look I write to it, they look terrible.
I wasn’t a person who wrote beautifully in my past life, but this is quite awful. It’s barely readable, but it makes you want to avert your eyes when you look at it.


(Even though the beauty of my words of magical power wouldn’t lose to Reki-kun……)


“Lily, this fellow is getting cocky, you see!? He’s getting carried away!?”

(But, Reki-kun’s handwriting is actually pretty……)




Reki-kun’s voice escaped from his mouth and his nose was only growing higher.
It was a bit frustrating, so I swore in my heart to practice writing every day from now on.




Daily improvements and new features evolved the Kutipad.
Although new functions are also good, it’s important to evolve and develop the current functions.
The notebook and scribble modes were merged, making it possible to scribble in the notebook. Furthermore, it became possible to copy and paste a picture from archive straight into it, and the same became possible to do in the shared space.


Moreover, over the past few days, the processing capability of the Kutipad increased by about four times.
Well, it still can’t play the archive’s videos though.
It has become considerably comfortable now, as the Kutipad went flat when trying to carry out several functions at the same time before.


It was quite tight before with the notebook, scribble and shared space, but now, it can also display Reki-kun’s screen, a calendar, a dedicated function for the construction of formulas and others.


The Formula Construction function is like a program that displays the existing or Kuti-made sorcery in case I saw them in the Unconscious Domain.
My eyes can see it in more details like that, so it’s more convenient than using a rough chart.
I have not created new sorcery myself yet, but I can make a prototype using this function.
By the way, the best advantage of this function is that it allows the simulation of the sorcery.
It can be configured quite minutely, so it’s super convenient.


Kuti has this in her own archive, but I do not.
I wonder if the reason that Kuti doesn’t have the recording function that I have is the same?


The simulation function in Kuti’s archive is far superior to the current version implemented in the Kutipad.
Kuti dedicated her time in reproducing this Formula Constructing function, but she’s not satisfied with it yet.
I myself would like it if the formulas were displayed more detailed.
There are many points for improvement, so the Kutipad will surely evolve every day.
Kuti’s motivation also didn’t falter so far, so she’s vigorously speeding up ahead.


By the way, the data of Kuti’s Kutipad stores in her own archive while Reki-kun’s stores in mine together with the data of my Kutipad as Reki-kun possible might not have an archive of his own.
What is amazing that the data increased by a considerable amount and yet it can be stored in the archive without any problems.


However, if it’s problems then there are several.
Namely, it’s not possible to name and save.
It’s currently possible only to save the whole thing entirely.


But, we understand that Sani sensei might be able to find the solution for this.
We plan to propose using the Kutipad to improve on Sani sensei’s external storage.
We have already contacted Sani sensei who is working on the magic stone in the Forest next to the world with Dimensional Communication sorcery, and she will apparently bring various things related to her external storage with her.


The dreams are still spreading, Kutipad.
I have no doubt that it will keep on improving and become even more convenient from now on.


My letters that were wriggling like earthworms seem to have died as I have apparently somehow managed to fertilize the soil, so I will keep on doing my best not to lose.


By the way, Reki-kun has also started practicing the letters of the Lizwald Continent.



Let me say it briefly.



It’s super vexing.

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