Chapter 152

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The Light of Wisdom
(Kuti, that Status Open, is it perhaps……)

“As expected of Lily! Your eyes focus on different things! Both your cute, big and beautiful eyes and the feeling of your expressionless scornful eyes are all part of Lily’s cuteness! Ah, but don’t look at me with scornful eyes! Ahh, what if I awake to something!?”


She jumped up, still in the Ina Bauer pose with her legs spread and glided through the air until her posture returned back to normal and she now started wriggling.
Her technique was so precise that Kuti’s eyes changed properly with each line.
My expressionless eyes are apparently raping eyes. I was looking at people with such eyes, huh……
It appears that something dangerous might wake up in Kuti if I continue looking at her with scornful eyes, so let’s seal them away.
Well, I have never used them on Kuti though.

After she finished wriggling, Kuti’s whose expression turned smart continued talking.


“As a matter of fact! It seems that I broke through one of the locked rooms in the World Archive!”

(Locked rooms, you mean those places that you need to clear some requirements to access them?)

“Yes, Ma’am! There are numerous rooms in the World Archive that can’t be accessed, but you can access them after breaking through the requirements that were established who knows how. They mostly contain formulas, but they could also contain only a few lines of existing sorcery, some unusual ones, or just parts of a formula! But, it’s not only formulas! I have accessed before some incomprehensible information that the old-fashioned Sani was delighted about! Moreover, the access requirements are unknown as I could access that which I couldn’t access yesterday! I wonder what’s that about!”

(I see~)


There are our own personal archives in the Unconsciousness Domain that Kuti and I can manipulate, but an archive of this world――Auriol, also exists.
Fundamentally, you access this archive when using existing sorcery.
When Kuti, Sani sensei and I use the Kuti-made chantless sorcery or we use sorcery that we have mastered, there’s no need for us to access the World Archive.
However, in every other case, you will have to access the World Archive no matter what.
What is necessary to access this archive when using sorcery is the activation tool.
The talent to handle the activation tool is talent in sorcery and if you have acquired enough knowledge, this talent then separates to innate talent and a posteriori talent, but let’s leave that for later.

The purpose of the activation tools is to access the existing sorceries stored within the World Archive, but Kuti and others have already found other means to access the World Archive and thus are examining it in various directions.

The course of their discovery were these locked rooms.
By fulfilling special requirements, these locked rooms which are safekeeping wonderfully important formulas open.
This time, the room to the Status Open formula has been opened.
Who, when, or for what purpose were these formulas sealed in those locked doors is still currently unknown.
But, there’s no doubt that the sorceries and knowledge discovered in those locked rooms open considerably effective paths.

There are cases when even the strongest sorceress of the Forest next to the world, Kuti, has to open her eyes wide in astonishment by the formulas sealed inside.
This time’s Status Open is the same.
It was originally a group of various formulas mashed up together, but Kuti disassembled them, used only the necessary parts and completely customized them in order to create this sorcery.

As for its original function, it was something that digitalized the ability value that opens in stats screens in games as I thought.
But, those numbers were constantly fluctuating and the remnants of the use of magical power were apparently thoroughly eliminated.
To simply customize a newly discovered formula is something only Kuti could do.

As a result, she overwrote all remaining indications in the window and created this sorcery.


By the way, the locked rooms have to be unlocked individually, but you only have to teach the newly acquired formula to others, so you don’t necessarily need to meet requirements.
However, I believe that might prove to be quite difficult unless you can see magical power directly as I do.

This window function will be very useful when I try to create my own sorcery.
That’s because this revolutionary formula that allows you to touch the magical power directly is too wonderful.
I’m going to analyze it and devote myself to find out how it works.


By the way, the only way I’m able to access the World Archive without the activation tools is through the chantless sorcery Kuti has made.
Another Kuti-made sorcery can be used for accessing, but I learned about World Archive quite a long time ago now, so I completely forgot about it.
However, after being shown a wonderful formula like this, I would like to access it by all means.

There’s still plenty of locked rooms left and each room has its own unknown requirements, so I don’t know what I am supposed to do, but I might be able to understand something if I access it.


(That being the case…… tell me, Kuti! No, please teach me, Kuti sensei!)

“Se, sensei…… what a sweet sound! A lesson with my beloved student…… Erohim, Essaim!”


-zamasu type glasses and suit-wearing, female teacher Kuti was holding an attendance book with an expression of ecstasy, chanting some kind of an aria with both of her arms and legs spread out.


If you open your legs that much, the contents within your tight skirt will come to the light, you know?
By the way, her breast area is largely open, but because she’s slender…… what to say, you know, that.


“Now then, why don’t we begin with the love lesson! Why don’t we!”


She crisply wears the -zamasu type glasses and mimics Sani sensei’s way of speaking, but her proud demeanor was truly Kuti-like.


(Please take care of me, Sensei!)


Giving the usual response, Kuti’s lesson began.




By the way, Sani sensei’s lessons are fundamentally oral lessons.
She more or less demonstrates the sorcery, but she usually only talks.
They are easy to understand thanks to Kuti’s illustrations, but they are not lessons in which I can write in a notebook in.

I have my personal archive and the Unconsciousness Domain, so it’s quite easy to review.
Well, I mostly understand after hearing it once, so there’s not much need for it though.


Still, writing equipment such as a notebook would be useful after all.
Paper is valuable even in the Ovent which is called the Academic City and there are no pencils or similar refined tools like in my past life.
What we have is something like black charcoal or chalk with which you write on a special board and erase it and write again.
There are things similar to parchment and papyrus, but they seem to be relatively expensive.

Therefore, using a part of the Status Open formula, Kuti created a certain sorcery.

The window has a touch function.
The resolution is so high that the screen can display super high-definition pictures. Moreover, the window can be grasped, it has a feel.

That being the case, Kuti made a notebook with sorcery.
When I write in the notebook with a special pen, it properly records what I write and sends it directly to my personal archive. It’ super-efficient.

On top of that, the notebook can display Kuti’s illustrations that are added as attachments. Of course, they are marked with a lovely, deformed tehepero Kuti face.
She apparently made this notebook while working on that magic stone controlling, miraculous sorcery.
Seriously, Kuti is all surprises.


“How do you feel about the notebook! How does it feel!”

(Un, it’s perfect. As expected, it’s extremely nice that it has a feel. That it directly stores in the archive is also wonderful…… notebook can be this convenient, huh.)

“Yeah, yeah! Lily was learning from Sani’s oral lessons until now after all~ Well, when it comes to my Lily, something like this is easy-peasy! Besides, having tools that have a matter would be better to have!”

(Un, thank you, Kuti! I will use it carefully!)



When I kissed the cheek of the smug-faced Tiny-sama on top of my palm, her appearances immediately crumbled and she turned deredere.



(Come to think of it, I wonder whether Reki-kun has an archive too?)

“Nihe…… ahh~ I wonder? Wouldn’t he be unable to use it even if he has one? Let’s give it a try, hoi, Reki. Press here, press it.”



Spreading a Reki-kun sized notebook in front of him, Kuti pointed at the deformed picture of Reki-kun’s face.
Incidentally, the deformed Reki-kun which Kuti hastily drew was extremely adorable.
Although drawn in haste, its quality was also pretty high. This deformed Reki-kun was truly splendid as it firmly seized my heart and didn’t want to let go.


(Reki-kun, excuse me for a bit~ You do this like this.)

“Wau~? Wafu.”


I copied the picture Kuti drew with one of the sorcery functions of the notebook and tried whether it could recreate Kuti’s drawing in another notebook, which it did normally from what I saw. This is convenient.


“Oh~ so it had such use too…… as expected of Lily!”

(I thought it might be possible some way or another, so I gave it a try and it worked! That being the case, this is possible too!)


I wrote calculations on my notebook and sent it to Reki-kun’s notebook.



(Yes, solve it, alright~)


Even though it was a simple problem, Reki-kun let out a voice in dissatisfaction because it wasn’t a study time for him.



(Yes, that is correct~ I will give you a flower mark as a reward~)

“Wafu! Wafuwafu! Waooon!”


When I drew a flower and sent it to Reki-kun’s notebook, he showed great joy.
By the way, Reki-kun solved the problem by dexterously holding the pen in his forepaws.
A part of Reki-kun’s strength seems to be his ability to dexterously control even his digital paws. Rather, he doesn’t seem like a wolf anymore.
It really is a cartoon-ish situation.


“Then, Reki. Try storing it with the save button.”



Reki-kun who was greatly excited by the flower mark wanted to preserve it, so he vigorously smashed the save button.
Because the notebook is made with sorcery, it won’t break no matter how strong Reki-kun hits it, so there’s no problem.
Well, the floor underneath is not safe though.


“So? Did it store in the archive?”


(As we thought, you can’t tell, huh. Well, of course, it’s like that. We also wouldn’t be able to use the archive if we couldn’t enter the Unconsciousness Domain after all.)

“That is also true~”

(But, Reki-kun can simply use this notebook too, doesn’t he? Of course, I will make use of it too!)

“When you say it like that, then it was worth working hard on it! Should I try making more things from now on~…… ishishi.”


Kuti chuckled somehow dubiously with a fist lightly placed in front of her mouth, so I’m really looking forward to what she’s going to make next.
At the moment, the notebook sorcery is composed of magical power, so people who can’t see magical power won’t see it at all, but eventually, Kuti will surely make sure that anyone can see it.
If she does, then in the future, couldn’t Theo and Ellie make use of it to study as well?


It’s still a long way off, but I thought about such a thing a little.

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