Chapter 151

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Briefly hearing the familiar words, a window opened on top of Reki-kun’s head――right in front of Kuti.
It’s not drawn with Kuti’s sorcery.
The words Kuti said――Status Open, is as I imagined, a window sorcery that Kuti most likely made.


“Good, good. It came out properly.”

(Kuti, this is……)

“Mufufu~ this is you see~ tada~h!”


Grasping the window in her hand, Smugface-sama moved to my side.
Magical power can’t be fundamentally grasped. But, Kuti certainly did grasp the window and moved with it.
I could properly see letters written in the window with my eyes that were opened wide in shock.
All the letters on that window must also be made with magical power.
Normally, a window like this that could be seen by others is not possible as the image of the sorcery is fundamentally seen only by the caster.


(Position of the magic stone creation point? Magic stone expulsion? State of the magic stone accumulation?)

“Eggxactly~ that’s correct!”


With a snap, Tiny-sama turned around and bent backward with both of her hands extended just like Ina Bauer.

The three items on the window were all related to the lump of magical power.
As I thought, Kuti must have made this sorcery to control the lump of magical power.
If I assume that, then these three items are to choose the target of the control?


(Is it okay to choose?)

“As expected of Lily! You understand even without me saying anything! The “Position of the magic stone creation point” allows choosing an optimal place for the magic stone! “Magic stone expulsion” does just that! It will eject the magic stone from the nearest Position of the magic stone creation point! Naturally, the expulsion method is reliable and won’t damage the body in any way! And the last item “State of the magic stone accumulation” is also as its name states! It tells you the current quantity of the accumulated magical power!”


After hearing Kuti’s explanation, I timidly extended my finger towards the Position of the magic stone creation point.
Feeling a strangely soft sensation, the window completely changed and projected Reki-kun in the submission pose he was currently in.
Reki-kun who was hiding his eyes with both of his front paws was strangely cute.
Reki-kun was reflected in the middle of the screen and at the edge of the window, there were buttons with little Reki-kuns in various poses.
When pressed, the Reki-kun in the middle would change into those poses.

Honestly, I have never seen a sorcery like this.
It does look like a touch panel screen, but the projected window is boasting of considerable details, almost as if Kuti drew it herself.
But, I can understand that the window’s screen is drawn with sorcery even without Kuti doing anything.

Besides the changing of a pose, it is also possible to zoom in and out to the possible locations by touching parts of Reki-kun’s body.
When I pressed Reki-kun’s forehead once, a little confirmation window has popped-up.


(Kuti, this is amazing! It’s so amazing that I can’t put it in words!)

“Nihehe~ right, right! But, that is not all! You have only selected the place of the magic stone after all! Try expulsing the magic stone next!”

(Eh…… expulsing it already? I have not even mofumofued him yet.)

“Can’t hear ye~! Let’s sh☆☆t!”


Once again turning around and bending backward, Tiny-sama took the same pose as before.
Being bent backward like that must be really difficult on breathing, but it seems like it’s nothing to Kuti.


(A, alright. Click!)


When I pressed the “Magic stone expulsion” button after returning to the beginning screen, Reki-kun momentarily jolted his body and something fell out from the same place on his forehead as before.






The object which fell to the ground accompanied by a small sound, was a tiny, tiny magic fragment.
However, it was so tiny that it could fit between my little fingers.
I have observed Reki-kun’s condition just in case, but he was the very image of health itself. There were no abnormalities when carefully observing the deep levels either.


“Well, it’s only a magic fragment with hardly any magical power and a little to no use because it was just a forced expulsion~”


It was indeed as Kuti said, the magic stone…… magic fragment expulsed from Reki-kun’s forehead had hardly any magical power in it.
It seems that there is nothing like the absorption of magical power around it that happened with the first magic stone Reki-kun expulsed.


(Kuti, what do we do so that magical power amasses in the magic stone?)

“You just have to mofu Reki in the same manner as before! My sorcery will make sure that no magical power that has been supplied to Reki will accumulate anywhere besides the selected place and will eliminate all bad influences it might have on Reki’s body!”


As I thought, Kuti is incredible.
She made sure that the magic stones can be removed and she’s able to successfully remove any adverse effects in the process.
The magic stones created in Reki-kun’s body have far more magical power than common magic fragments, so they would be extremely useful in magic tool production.
But, I absolutely wouldn’t like to put Reki-kun’s life on the line just for that.
However, the mass production of magic stones might be possible with this.


“And then lastly the state of the magic stone accumulation is like this. As expected, the last expulsion was still at 0%.”


Kuti said while peshi, peshi hitting the window that was displaying the state of the magic stone accumulation.
Which reminds me, this touchable window is an amazing sorcery.
The window’s screen is projecting fine operation of magical power, so I would like to analyze it by all means.
It would probably have many uses. The expanding possibilities are growing endless.


“――ly, Lily!”

“Fua…… why, whyat?”

“No~…… I could tell you were thinking about something great since your eyes were sparkling. Anyhow, I was just wondering if we could proceed with the experiment~”

(Y, yeah, I’m sorry? Kuti’s sorcery is so amazingly amazing that its application floated to my mind one after another…… ehehe.)

“Uooooh…… supercute! What is this adorable creature! You are so cyute~!”

(So, what experiment were you talking about?)

“Alright~ I will explain right away~!”




Humoring Kuti, we proceeded with the experiment that mainly consisted of mofuing Reki-kun and we investigated the various influences the magic stone had on Reki-kun’s body through the magic stone placement and the state of magic stone accumulation.
Everything was as Kuti said as there weren’t any bad influences, on the contrary, we understood that it raised Reki-kun’s calculation ability especially when the accumulation was happening near Reki-kun’s forehead.
What was amazing was that the more magical power accumulated, the more Reki-kun’s calculation ability accelerated.

But, it’s fundamentally difficult for Reki-kun to do calculations when feeling good from being mofued.
Once the pleasant feelings turned into exhaustion, we stopped experimenting as it was no longer possible to continue.


“Woah~ that was a valuable experiment, wasn’t it!”

(It was really surprising when Reki-kun solve 5 digit multiplications in an instant, wasn’t it~……)

“But, for only the calculation ability to increase, that’s staggeringly limited…… right~”

(Indeed…… it might be good to set the accumulation into several places throughout the body at once~)

“Hohou. That certainly sounds good~”


I stroked Reki-kun’s belly while pointing out several points of improvement.
Of course, I didn’t want to finish him off, so I’m combing him with a gentle amount of magical power on my fingers.

But, it wasn’t all without a problem in the end.
Of course, there weren’t any bad influences on Reki-kun’s body, but when the magic stone accumulated a considerable amount of magical power and got expulsed, it started absorbing the magical power from the surroundings just like the first magic stone.
We have tightly sealed it for now, but we should contact Sani sensei as soon as possible and inquire whether she found a way to deal with it.

And, I might have completely forgotten but Kuti’s words, “Status Open”, were certainly words from my past life.
Just like the word magical power.


(Say, Kuti.)

“Yeah? What is it, My Honey! Do you want to kisskiss with me!”

(Let’s leave that for later, okay? There’s something I want to ask you now.)

“What is it! You might ask me anything! From my three sizes to the length of my toes, I will answer anything! Of course, I know Lily’s three sizes to the very details! I will lick your toes too, if you’d like!”


Tiny-sama who puffed out her nonexistent chest is truly reliable.
Kuti will surely answer my doubts.
I begun writing words of magical power that were about to spontaneously spill from my mouth.

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