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The Knights of the White Crystals Observation Diary
The Knights of the White Crystals Observation Diary 1.

I, Scarlet, am thinking of keeping an observation diary about Lilianne-sama’s Knights of the White Crystals starting today.
Why do you ask?
It’s very simple.
I’m thinking of writing a chivalric book next.

That’s why I want to be close to them so they can fully become a writing material for me. But, it’s a secret.
Stowing away my true purpose in my heart secretly, I use the special privilege of my position as a guest for inspection.

Although I say that, I’m still just a guest after all.
There’s a limit to the inspection I, who is not different from a maid, can do, so I instigated…… advised Elliana Ojousama to go on an inspection together.
I easily instigated Elliana Ojousama by saying that it would be too late if something happened to Lilianne-sama, so it’s better to check beforehand. Yes, she won’t notice even after a few times, so I do it quite often. It’s for Lilianne-sama’s sake after all.
So, it was an easy victory when I suggested such. Very easy.

Like this, I have extremely easily…… meekly went to observe the practice of the Knights of the White Crystals many times.


To tell the truth, I have seen through Lilianne-sama’s Magic Eyes since a long time ago as it seems that I have a talent to see through Magic Eyes.
But, I’m unable to ascertain the effects and it’s not even certain, so it can’t probably be called a cheat.


The first time I became aware was when I got an uncomfortable feeling from the right eye of Hasselfosh-dono who serves as the vice commander.
It was rather soft and feeble in comparison to the intensity I felt from Lilianne-sama, but I understood that it was something similar.
Isn’t that a Magic Eye? The moment I thought so, I observed his actions as much as possible.
His movements got better and I felt that he got a little stronger. Does it have strengthening effects, I wonder?
I’m sure it increases the quantity of water in the glass.

However, I was immediately convinced that it was something different.
It was his body that wasn’t strengthened. I came to the conclusion that all of his wasteful movements disappeared.
This was similar to seeing all.
No, he probably actually sees all.
That Magic Eye of his is probably related to either intuition power or kinetic vision.
That’s quite a fine Magic Eye he has. I also want it. It would be extremely useful for burning Elliana Ojousama’s upskirt into my memory.

If I’m not mistaken, there should be documents related to Magic Eyes in the Cristophe House’s book warehouse.
Let’s read them the next time.




The Knights of the White Crystals Observation Diary 4.

The female knight I had my eyes on the last time――Stephanie Brown apparently has agility enhancing Magic Eye.
Even though it’s called Magic Eye, it doesn’t really center around the eyes, as there are various kinds of Magic Eyes that can enhance the physical strength and specific stages of sorcery.
I feel like Magic Eyes shouldn’t be bundled together like this, but this world doesn’t worry about the varieties of Magic Eyes.

I watched her actions a little bit the first and second time, but I don’t see her use the agility enhancing Magic Eye that often.
As per the entry of the Magic Eyes Complete Works book, the phrase about Magic Eyes being a secret skill was most likely through.

In any case, the power of Magic Eyes is plenty to be called a secret skill.
The speed that Stephanie would move at while using the power of her Magic Eye might be actually so high to catch up to me.
It can be said that the difference between us is normally as a day and night.

In fact, this extent of difference in her movements makes me want to retort, but this world is different from my past life’s.
People like Annela-sama with a superhuman body that easily excels the human limits exist, so there are no problems in particular.
I’m also a considerably able person after all.

That being the case, the notable point is her Magic Eye in the end.
If I could obtain a Magic Eye like that…… wouldn’t I be able to turn over Elliana Ojousama’s skirt and see what’s inside as I please?
Moreover, without being noticed!


Can’t that eye be transplanted somehow, I wonder…… ah, secretly, of course.




The Knights of the White Crystals Observation Diary 12.

Stephanie’s progress is incredible.
She, who was at the bottom of the Knights of the White Crystals’ individual ranking has quickly risen to the top.
Ah, the ranking was officially recognized by Roland-sama. It’s not a secret one, you know?

However, my recent hot stock would be as expected him――Ashton.
By the way, he doesn’t have a surname. He’s, so to speak, of commoner origins. I believe that to become Christophe House’s, moreover Lilianne-sama’s knight at that, he must be considerably successful in life.
He possessed the strength to be at the top of the individual ranking since he enrolled, but he’s now exhibiting his true value in the group battles.

Naturally, because it’s me observing him, I noticed that he also possesses a Magic Eye.
For three people in a Knights Order to possess Magic Eyes, just what is going on with this Knights Order, I wonder?
Even though you would normally have a hard time searching for one Magic Eyes possessor.

Well, leaving that aside.
I believe Ashton’s Magic Eye raised his ability to recognize allies in a few meters around him.
Ally identification, this awareness effect extends to all members of the Knights Order, so I’m most likely not wrong.
His power also adapts during the mock battle between the members of the Knights Order.

The improvement under its effects is quite a bullshit.
It doesn’t improve a specific ability like Stephanie’s, but it strengthens all actions. Moreover, it doesn’t affect only him, but the entire group.
However, there’s no specific enhancement like Stephanie’s agility Magic Eye.
It seems that there’s a little bit of whole body strengthening.
However, this small effect becomes considerably huge once it affects the whole group.


Because of that, Ashton affects the surroundings not with sorcery or magic tool, but with his Magic Eye naturally become the center of my attention.
Although Ashton most likely wants to conceal his secret skill as well, it would be better to disclose the effects of his Magic Eye when you think about it.


However, I do not need Ashton’s Magic Eye.
If I were to use it, Elliana Ojousama would surely get stronger. Ojousama is my ally after all.
That being the case, wouldn’t she be able to defend against me turning over her skirt? Truly deplorable.




The Knights of the White Crystals Observation Diary 17.


I thought there were three possessors of Magic Eyes within the Knights of the White Crystals, but I was wrong.
The result is that there are eight of them.

As the result of Ashton disclosing his Magic Eye, the other Knights who felt the same way introduced their Magic Eyes one after another.
Was it the feeling of solidarity he would have from talking about his secret, I wonder? Sharing one’s lot with another? It’s camaraderie, isn’t it? How passionate.

Disclosing one’s Magic Eyes’s power should be something to be proud of, but I was disappointed to be honest. It’s wasn’t pride (誇り hokori) but dust (埃 hokori).

There was one among the eight whose Magic Eye I was especially interested in.
You won’t believe it, but it was the famous clairvoyance.
The masterpiece that allows you to enter a peeping frenzy from far away. It’s isn’t necessary for me as I can’t afford to stand far away. Ah, but I might be able to see from a corner of the mansion.


That might work, clairvoyance. Please hand over that Magic Eye.




The Knights of the White Crystals Observation Diary 23.


They increased.
What is it? Is this Knights Order filled with Magic Eyes possessors, I wonder?
Rather, isn’t the probability to awaken to Magic Eyes a posteriori almost non-existent?
Yet, there are eight in this Knights Order. Furthermore, 100% of them obtained them a posteriori.


It’s too strange. As expected, this is way too strange.
But, the reality is that eight members of the Knights of the White Crystals have awakened to Magic Eyes.
Truth is stranger than fiction, is it? This development is stranger than the fantasy royal road of things standing on two legs.
After this, the strongest Knights Order will defeat the Demon Lord, I’m sure.

Ah, but that would be too normal without a twist……


Whoops, this was an observation diary. Let’s leave the story of the strongest Knights Order defeated the Demon Lord who later joins that very Knights Order for another time.
By the way, the next subjugation target would be the hero.


As for the Knights of the White Crystals, it’s a Knights Order formed for Lilianne-sama’s sake.
The Knights Order is full of warriors chosen from a selected few, but that isn’t a reason for them to awaken to Magic Eyes.
These things called Magic Eyes aren’t something that only the strong awaken to.
It seems that the probability of awakening to Magic Eyes is completely random, above an astronomical numerical value as they are not of a law-like nature.
It’s just what we really know is that Magic Eyes are divided into innate and a posteriori.


However, there’s a reason I can think of.
The Knights of the White Crystals is Lilianne-sama’s Knights Order.
They have awakened to Magic Eyes after becoming a part of the Knights of the White Crystals.


Lilianne-sama is also a possessor of Magic Eyes.
Moreover, they are unique Magic Eyes, and we don’t know anything else about it besides that it allows her to see that which possesses magical power.


If by any chance…… Lilianne-sama’s Magic Eyes…… could forcefully awaken the Magic Eyes of other people……




Won’t you awake me to see through class Magic Eyes!


That was a joke.
No, if she could awaken me then I would like to by all means.
But, it’s fine. I’m a master when it comes to turning over skirts. It’s not an exaggeration to say that I forged my body for this very purpose. Yes, I was able to survive that hell because of this!




The Knights of the White Crystals Observation Diary X.


At last, all members of the Knights of the White Crystals awakened to Magic Eyes.
Ah, it wasn’t everyone.
Commander Roland-sama, Theodore Bocchama and Ellistina Ojousama haven’t awakened.

I believe it’s because they are recognized as a family rather than members of the Knights Order.

I wonder if Lilianne-sama is unconsciously awakening forcibly the Magic Eyes in people?
If she could do it selectively, I believe there would be no reason for Roland-sama and all of her personal maids not to awaken to Magic Eyes.



Ahh…… my see-through is fading away.
Lilianne-sama…… please quickly learn how to awaken Magic Eyes selectively.



The observation diary of the Knights of the White Crystals comes to an end today.
I have gathered plenty of material.
I think it was the observation diary of Magic Eyes rather than the observation diary of the Knights of the White Crystals, but don’t mind the details.
The title is secondary, you know?


Now then, how about a Magic Eye with two legs for my next work…… ah, that would be a dangerous work, but……

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