Chapter 163

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Accumulation of Wisdom
In the usual Reki-kun room, the fairies were facing me slightly differently from usual.
Sani sensei who was dressed in the usual white gown was speaking to me with a serious tone with her eyes half-closed as usual.


“With this, you have learned all of the existing sorcery. I believe that you already understand, but this is no more than just a start line. In order for you to reach even a higher place, there are still many more things you have to learn. Are you going to continue?”

(Naturally. I understand that knowing all existing sorceries is just a prerequisite. I want to learn more. Sani sensei. I will be in your care!)


I replied Sani sensei instantly and renewed my fighting spirit to gain even more unseen knowledge.


Yes, I have mastered all of the existing sorceries just a little while ago.
Although I say that, they were “just” existing sorceries.
Existing sorcery is just a prerequisite for the fairies and me. It’s nothing but a preparation for reaching the higher place――to stand by Kuti’s side.

Thus, what follows now is the Variation Type Two――creation of new sorceries.


“You have plenty of fighting spirit. Well then, let’s start at once. First, ――”




“You do this like that…… do that like this……”


Minimum unit formulas were gradually increasing in numbers and filling up the sky.
This is the result of my finished studies of all existing sorceries and the minimum unit formulas taught me by Sani sensei.


This minimum unit formulas is something like the basic of basic sorceries, and also the foundation of secret arts.


Though I tried to make it sound cool, the minimum unit formulas can’t be altered, therefore, sorcery is simply produced by combining, so you can’t make anything by yourself.

By combining the minimum unit formulas, I make one『Colony』. That state is almost like a program, nostalgia wells up in my heart just by watching it.

The basic functions of Colonies are, for example: to [tie_tooltip text=”More info in the comments.” gravity=”n”]three-process[/tie_tooltip] “action A” many times over, preserve “action A” in “Colony A” if necessary, call “action A” from within “Colony A” and process it.
Depending on the circumstances, the need for the three-processing may cease, and all would be finished just by calling “Colony A”.
Of course, depending on the Colony, necessary data has to be inputted when calling it.
The convenience of Colonies increases with the details of processing. However, versatility will decrease accordingly.


Constructing several all-purpose Colonies and calling them to process as needed will improve efficiency.
At first, it’s most efficient to create as many of these all-purpose Colonies as you can come up with.
Although I said “as many as you can come up with”, my great senior Kuti has a line up of many all-purpose Colonies ready for me to study.

Kutipad has a sorcery simulation function, but because it’s still in the development, it’s necessary to save the Colony in my Archive on my own after creating it in the Kutipad.
It means that Kutipad currently requires double the effort.
Therefore, Kuti creates the outline of the Colony together with me, which I then take to my Unconscious Domain to finalize.

Since the speed of time in my Unconscious Domain is maximized, not much time passes in the real world even if I take a considerable amount of time to finish. Truly convenient.


There’s quite the number of Colonies in my Archive already. But, it is still not enough.
It’s overwhelmingly insufficient to make the sorcery which I already conceived in my mind.

Although I say that, I naturally have no intention of making an incredible sorcery right away.
I do plan on starting with something simple, but before that, I must build the Colonies Kuti and I came up with together.


“…… I’m done~”



Finishing creating the Colonies planned for today, I raised my hands and started rolling.
Though my body in the Unconscious Domain is not the body of my past life, but the body of the present world――the body of a three years old child, I don’t feel any discomfort in particular.
It’s just that it’s quite difficult when operating the keyboard type input device when writing formulas.
The hands of a three-year-old are tiny after all.
All would be well if I adjusted the size of the keyboard to match my small hands, but it’s quite difficult to do.

But, in the end, there’s nothing else to do besides getting used to it, so it will be indeed quite difficult for a little while.
I feel that getting used to it would be easier than adjusting the size.


I became able to customize this keyboard in the Unconscious Domain the moment I mastered all existing sorceries.
According to Sani sensei――


“The Unconscious Domain has several locks. By unlocking the locks, you are releasing the functions of the Unconscious Domain. The function unlocked upon mastering all existing sorceries is especially useful. This was the reason you had to master all existing sorceries before creating sorcery of your own. Well, of course, existing sorcery is also suitable for learning the foundation and application.”


That being the case, one of the released functions was a function to modify the construction of formulas――a manual input.
Imagination is important in this area, so I chose a keyboard which I am familiar with from my past life, while Kuti is handwriting on a note.

I was quite moved to see a keyboard after such a long time.
Although mouse forms a pair when it comes to a keyboard, operating with thoughts is absolutely faster than using a mouse.
In the Unconscious Domain, I can freely call for and preserve data with thoughts.
Although it does not work for the input, I am able to keep things tidy and in order, so mouse can’t beat it.


I did suffer from Carpal tunnel in my past life from using the keyboard too much, but I feel no fatigue within the Unconscious Domain no matter how much I use the keyboard.
On the other hand, no matter how much I exercise here it won’t be reflected on my actual body.
Therefore, I can’t practice like in the [tie_tooltip text=”Reference to Dragon Ball’s Hyperbolic Time Chamber.” gravity=”n”]Room of Spirit and Time[/tie_tooltip].




“Now then~…… I should return soon…… but, before that.”


I thought of leaving the Unconscious Domain after finishing, but I decided to organize the Colonies before that.
I called the Colonies preserved in the Domain and categorized them by their purpose.
They were categorized to some extent originally, so I finished before long.


“Looking at them like this, I made quite a lot, didn’t I…… Even though not much time has passed since I mastered the existing sorcery……”


In fact, no more than four days have passed since mastering all of the existing sorceries.
The number of Colonies I made in the meanwhile is enormous.
Well normally, a considerable amount of time would be necessary to make so many.
I have already finished the work here and Kuti will help me with creating Colonies when necessary.

Numerous simple single operation and complex operation Colonies exist.
Of course, improvements can be made to each one of them, so their numbers steadily increase.

I can guess what purpose the Colony outlines Kuti made have.
Those will become the inspiration for constructing sorcery anew.

I am quite obsessed with this, so Kuti’s free and wild thoughts are just right to massage my thoughts of Colonies.
We are still in the process of creating Colonies so I don’t plan on creating sorceries just yet, but I make sure to take memos of the sorceries that crossed my mind.
Coming up with a sorcery while categorizing the Colonies, I pulled up a blank window and bashed the keyboard.


“Fufufun. The memo has become quite full already. Ahh, I want to try creating sorcery quickly~”


My mouth unconsciously loosened as I grinned to myself.
Unlike in reality, I feel that my expression matches my thoughts easier within the Unconscious DOmain.

I can’t control my expressions to such an extent in reality just yet.
Although I already decided not to live as a deadpan anymore, releasing the restrictions has been tough for me even until now.
Well, my family and personal maids whom I usually keep company can properly tell even the slightest changes in my expressions so it’s really not of a concern, but it might be one of the causes.

However, in a little over a year, I will be old enough to attend an academy.
Normal children can enter a school at five years old.
I don’t know how will things turn out for me since I’m suffering from Cloudy Eyes, but the life where I am only around my relatives will change sometime.
I will have to work on adjusting my expressions at least a little until then.


Well, it might be all right for me to continue living as an expressionless character in the future too.
But still, I can’t help but wonder about that.

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