Chapter 164

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Environment of Wisdom
Several functions that enable using sorcery has been implemented in addition to the Kutipad’s『Sorcery Auxiliary Function, Perfect Reproduction Edition』.
The most extreme would be this one.


“The preparations are complete. May I begin?”


“Wafu (Yes!).”



We took some distance and the newly installed function that projected a screen through the Kutipad started up.
There was no change in particular to the picture displayed on the screen just yet.


It’s only natural, but to project a vision, something like a screen would be necessary.
Of course, you wouldn’t need the screen to see the vision directly, but the vision would be restricted to the limited amount of targets within its range and it could be simply resisted depending on the target’s resistance to illusions.

This vision screen doesn’t display only illusions.
In the first place, there are various kinds of visions and it’s possible to project the vision according to the practitioner’s image.

The problem here would be that the screen isn’t something that could be made simply with just existing sorcery.
The screen itself isn’t something we can make.
For example, the “Silver Eye” screen which is able to project video over a long distance is made with magic fragments.
However, while it’s made with magic fragments, it’s understandably made from other materials as well, so we are unable to “physically” reproduce it.

That’s why, we custom-made one.

Well, it wasn’t a sorcery that would cause Kuti trouble, so there weren’t any problems.


“Well then, let’s begin.”





Reki-kun forgot to write a note on his Kutipad because of the admiration.
It’s no wonder because the screen wasn’t projecting just any picture.

There are some parts of the three-dimensional vision drawn in dots far in the distance, but the nearby image is projected in great detail.
Unfortunately, the colors I see were only of white and black of various shades, but even the monochromic view was vivid.
Moreover, the picture was expanded with the sorcery simulation function and I was able to see many servants working hard all around.


“Let’s go then.”


Simultaneously with Sani sensei’s voice, the picture came to life.
The picture was seen from below the waists of the servants and slowly advanced forward.


(Sensei, is the picture perhaps based on the point of my view?)

“Indeed. Of course, it’s possible to change the height. Look.”


“Wafu (Amazing!).”


The point of view that was set to be below the waist of the servants suddenly become as high as Reki-kun when standing up on his four legs and we advanced forward.

The screen was divided into three parts, the left-upper part displayed a frame of the entire mansion in 3D with simple icons resembling people blinking and moving little by little.
The right-upper part was steadily displaying the flowing data of the simulation.
The part at the bottom was reflecting my gaze.


When approaching the servants, they would turn around towards me and bow.
The actions of the servants in the picture seemed to be nearly genuine. Of course, the picture also perfectly reflected the facial details of the servants.


(Amazing…… to display such details…… I was sure it would be configured to display only simple frames.)

“I got absorbed and continually improved it. It was already like this when I noticed.”

(W, when you noticed…… but, it’s very good! I feel like I was strolling through the mansion for real!)


“Wafuwafu! (Sani amazing, amazing!).”

“I’m glad you say that. It was worth making. Now, there’s more to see!”


We slowly advanced through the mansion and I have slowly observed the corridor, rooms, and furnishings I didn’t have the chance to see up until now.
The most amazing among them was the room Lacria has guided me to and explained about once before.
There, various jewels and many beautiful items were on display.
A stuffed toy was enshrined in the middle of the room among a large number of beautiful items.
Even though it wasn’t adorned with jewels, the stuffed toy’s fur was uncommonly beautiful.
It reminded me of the solemnity and beauty of Reki-kun’s fur.


(Isn’t this amazing? It’s nearly overshadowing all of the other ornaments.)

“Yeah, this was apparently found in depths of some Dungeon.”

(Dungeon…… is it? A stuffed toy?)

“It is a stuffed toy, but this type is called a Magic Doll. It’s crammed with various magic tools. It’s so high-performance that it can be used even in combat.”



There were bipedaling and dancing robots during my past life, but there were only a few capable of combat.
Moreover, I don’t have a recollection of them being this small.
But, since it’s crammed with many magic tools, it won’t be able to operate for long depending on the size of the magic fragment.
However, it’s great even if you put that aside.
Even if the magic fragment runs out of magical power, the stuffed toy is an item of the highest grade. I think I want this a little.




The upper-left part has lines drawn according to the routes we took, while the route we are taking now is a dotted one.
It seems that the routes have been decided upon within the configuration of the environment.
The movements of the servants must be pre-determined as well.
Still, their movements were so natural I could only spontaneously watch.

The current route is slowly taking us towards a large hall.
There were many rooms on the way and we dropped by quite a lot of them.
The stuffed toy room and a parlor were among the rooms we dropped by.


(Fuwaa~…… this is amazing…… I thought that our Christophe House was a wealthy one, but every piece of furnishing looks to be super expensive…… so this is how the furnishings were arranged…… it’s incredible how it brings harmony to the surroundings.)

“Yeah, yeah. The mansions of the other nobles look over-the-top when compared to this! They look… sly?”

(Sly, huh……)


I wouldn’t be able to see the environment of our mansion without doing this, so I probably won’t have the chance to see the mansions of other nobles.
It can’t be helped that I wanted to see a “sly mansion” a little bit.


Slowly advancing through the projection, we have arrived at the place of destination.
The hall was extremely wide and the ceiling was also considerably high.
At the center was a marble table with chairs with Obaasama and Ena who were drinking tea.
I thought that their natural movements were overflowing with far more humanity than the servants from a while ago.
Obaasama and Ena were gazing at a huge wolf and a little child. There were two fairies floating in the air.

Right, this hall is the Reki-kun room.


I looked around the Reki-kun room.
This room was specially made for the pet Reki-kun, so the interior was very simple.
But, looking at the magic tool used for illumination, it was indeed a room of the Christophe House. Delicate and beautiful ornaments were buried in the walls.
The ceiling must have been made of stained glass or something as it made the wolf and child who were innocently playing fit in naturally.


(So Reki-kun looks like this, huh……)

“This place is simple but it’s the place you usually spend your time at. I made it with great care, so take your time to look around.)


As Sani sensei said, the Reki-kun room seemed to be crafted with more care and it was possible to see the room from various angles.
The projection from the top of the ceiling was especially impressive.

In that picture, Reki-kun was moving about while I was throwing him a ball to fetch.
The awkward movements of the three-year-old child were truly embarrassing to see.
The ball-throwing form was completely unacceptable and my balance has crumbled down after throwing the ball each time.

Kuti was watching that projection with a melting face, Sani sensei seemed to be satisfied with her configuration, and Reki-kun was completely in a daze.


Ugh…… why do I feel so embarrassed……
Even though it’s just a projection of me throwing a ball……


The projection of me throwing a ball to Reki-kun continued for a little while, and I felt completely tired when it ended. The continuation of that projection came true again at a later date.

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