Chapter 165

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Frenzy of Wisdom
The next day.
I got teleported when I went to the Reki-kun room.
You probably don’t understand what I am saying, but I don’t understand it myself.
Existing sorcery isn’t something this rubbish. Reki-kun got a taste of something serious……




Ena and today’s personal maid Lacria were dumbfounded, but Obaasama was Oh my, oh my, fufufu…… sweetly smiling by herself as she saw through everything.

I sensed my trust in Obaasama who could warmly smile even after I got nabbed in a terrifying teleportation-like speed got renewed.

The cause of the teleportation was naturally Reki-kun.
Reki-kun perceived my scent approaching sensitively. The moment I walked into the Reki-kun room, he sped from the center of the considerably large room and returned to the home position with me on his back in an instant.

Truly a lightning speed.
I seriously thought that I was teleported for a moment. Moreover, he accomplished it with a transcendental technique as I felt no vibration whatsoever.

Gee, that seriously startled me.



(Gee, Reki-kun, you can’t do that. Ena and Lacria got frightened, you know?)


“He’s saying that he wants the continuation of yesterday as soon as possible.”


Because Reki-kun brought only me at the teleportation-like speed, Kuti who caught up with us spoke for Reki-kun.
Well, I thought that this would be the case.


When the surprised Ena and Obaasama followed in I waved my hand to show that I am all right and they waved back.
Their destination is the same usual table. It seems that they will be having tea just like that thanks to Obaasama’s follow-up. Thank you, Obaasama.


(But, Reki-kun. Doesn’t studying come first?)

“Wa, wafuu…… wafu!”

“Whatwhat? You will do it properly after so let’s do this first? Oh really~?”

“Wafu! Wafu!”

“You swear on Lily!? Ku!? That’s cowardly!”


“Sh, shit! I will also make a vow with Lily! Err, umm…… I want to prpr!”


Kuti and Reki-kun began some incomprehensible exchange.
Reki-kun was looking forward to it so much he nabbed me, so why not do that first just for today?


(Then, Kuti.)

“Prpr! Whoops! Roger! Aren’t you happy, Reki!”



The usual illusionistic space has already been developed, so Kuti took out four Kutipads and we promptly asked Sani sensei.


“Umu. Let’s continue from yesterday then..”

(Ah, please skip the Reki-kun room. Pretty please?)

“U, umu.”


I didn’t want to see my embarrassing figure from yesterday, so I properly asked Sani sensei to skip it.
I found the slightly overpowered Sani sensei retreating weird, but I must not mind it.
I just showed her a little self-aware gentle smile after all.


“Wafuwafu! (It started~!).”

(Where will we go next?)

“Looks like we are going up the staircase.”


The projection that started up immediately wasn’t that dazzling, but we advanced through a beautiful corridor arranged with refined furnishings and slowly climbed up the staircase that ten adults were lined up.
The handrails of the spiral staircase were so wide it wouldn’t seem difficult to slide down off of them.
It’s one of the actions from animes that I wanted to try at least once in my lifetime. I would like to do it sometime, but it might be a bit difficult for me.

Once climbing up the staircase, we continued moving through a corridor and a room with a different door appeared.
Whereas the doors of other rooms were simple yet solid, the door of this room could be summed up in one word, fancy.


(Is this perhaps……?)

“Umu. It’s your room.”

(S, so the door was this fancy, huh……)


“They are very cute~ The various carvings of flowers are nice in particular~”


The entire door was filled with carvings of flowers with an accent of exquisite petals and stalks, but still, the door could be only summed as fancy were indeed the door to my room.

I felt a little embarrassed as other door looked normal compared to this door.


“Wafuwafuwao~n! (How nice! How nice! I also want a door like that!”

(Y, you find a door like this nice, Reki-kun?)

“Wafu (Yeah!).”


I thought that Reki-kun would prefer something more cool-looking, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.


Maybe it’s because he’s surrounded only by girls……
But, Theo is here as well and Alek and Ojiisama occasionally play with Reki-kun too.
Well, Reki-kun is Reki-kun, so it’s fine if he finds this nice.


While thinking such, I opened the fancy door to my room…… one, large main window in a fancier than the door interior came to my sight.


“Wafuu~ (So cute!).”

(T, this is…… my room looked like this……?)

“That’s right~ Lily’s room looks like this. Ah, but it was rearranged once when Reki wasn’t able to enter anymore.)

“Wafu! (It wasn’t this cute when I was here last!).”

(I, is that so……)


What caught my attention first was a large plush tanuki.
Although it’s enshrined with by many cushions, I don’t recall ever touching it before.
Various stuffed toys were enshrined by cushions all around the room.
The curtains and wallpapers were studded with flowers and hearts, it was truly THE girl room.

To be honest, I recently felt that I come only to sleep in this room.
Reki-kun has grown so much so I am not able to take him to my room anymore.
Because I spend most of the time in the Reki-kun room, I don’t recognize anything except the furniture that is made of magic fragments.
I can’t see things like stuffed toys, curtains and wallpapers after all.

I exercise in the Reki-kun room, so there’s no need to run around my room and I am usually in Obaasama’s, Ena’s, Theo’s or Ellie’s arms when here, so it’s only natural that I don’t recognize many things in here.
All that’s left to do here is to sleep.


(Still, what an incredible room…… that has indeed surprised me.)

“I knew it since the beginning so I’m already used to it~”

“Even Ellie’s room isn’t like this. Your room is like this most likely because you are loved by everyone. The reason the cushions and stuffed toys are all around the room is so that you wouldn’t injure yourself if you ran around and crashed into something. It would seem as if you were hugged by the stuffed toys.”

(I, I see……)

“Lily getting hugged by stuffed toys…… buhaa.”

(Ku, Kuti!?)

“Fu…… fufu…… fine, I’m fine…… gufufu.”


Some glittering magical power gushed out of Kuti’s nose, but I couldn’t express what kind of expression she was making.

That’s not a big deal for Kuti though. Making a lap around the fancy room with a large window, we finally moved to the next place.




After that, we went around rooms that seemed to be an armory and a treasure which had many impressive things in them.
As I thought, the House of Christophe is an incredible one.
There were several treasured swords which were the real deal displayed around the art gallery.
But, there weren’t chests full of massive amounts of gold coins though. Well, it’s only given though.


By the way, my room and the Reki-kun room are located in the biggest mansion, while the servants are staying at a mid-sized mansion and annex on the premises.
Additionally, I haven’t seen the magic tool workshop and other various facilities that are also on the premises yet.

I must have Sani sensei do her best by all means.


(Thank you very much in advance, Sani sensei.)

“Wafuwafuwafuu! (I’m looking forward to it! Do your best, Sani!).”

“N, no…… it wasn’t that easy making this.”

“Shall I expose this and that in addition to it?”

“Leave it to me! Ha ha ha!”


Just how many of Sani sensei’s weaknesses does Kuti hold?
Rather, aren’t your weaknesses held too much, Sani sensei……

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