Chapter 166

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Tranquility of Wisdom
The Christophe House.
It’s a House of great nobles who are the pillar of the Ovent Kingdom.
But, they don’t particularly intervene with politics or indulge themselves in pleasure.
The so-called corrupted nobles in Ovent are currently a minority.
Naturally, the Christophe House doesn’t belong to that minority, they belong to a group of nobility that has their own power called ability.

Father, the head of the family Aleksander serves as the star Vice Commander of a dungeon monster clean-up unit――the Second Knights Order, and he also has excellent results in the team competition and dance battle stages of the Magic Battle between the Lizwald Continent’s four countries.
Mother――Claireteal is a second-grade sorceress and serves as the Royal Court sorceress, and like Alek, she has excellent results in the team competition and dance battle stages of Magic Battle and she is also the Champion of the individual matches.
It goes without saying that those two are the top-class talents in the Ovent.

On top of that, the Christophe House has many magic tool workers and among them is one of the few first-grade sorcerers in the Lizwald Continent, Eliott.
The Christophe House-made magic tools were already branded as top-class and there are also many magic tools that only the Christophe House can make due to the existence of Eliott.

A life on the Lizwald Continent without any magic tools would be full of difficulties.
From illumination to starting the fire, everything relies on sorcery.
The tendency to use magic tools becomes higher as the standard of living becomes higher and the dependency of people on magic tools increases.

In this world where monsters roam free, there are many cases where parts of the expensive weapons and arms are made into magic tools.
Reasonably, the expensive arms that have transcended into magic tools――also called magic arms, are commonly endowed with a nonsensical performance when compared to normal arms.


Well, let’s leave that aside and return to the main subject.


It’s a common knowledge that Christophe House is a prominent family throughout the entire Lizwald Continent and that their premises and mansion is in Ovent, the capital town of the Ovent Kingdom.
However, Ovent is a town with walls separating the districts.
The royalty is in the center. Around them are the nobles. Around the nobles are commoners. It’s a town developed in such circles, but the town is not completely circular.
And surprisingly, everything that sticks out from the circle belongs to the Christophe House.

Although the wall is naturally there as a defense against foreign enemies, the Christophe House ignores it and spreads all around.
Why is such reckless action getting overlooked?
That’s because of the Christophe House’s stable defensive sorcery.
Because a defensive sorcery spreads all around the outer circumference that is more secure than the wall at all times, there’s naturally no need for the wall.

I live in the main residence of the Christophe House whose plot of land is several dozen times larger than those of the general nobility.
Well naturally, the mansion of such House is vast, vast. Anyhow, it’s vast. Super vast.
The Reki-kun room is uncommonly spacious, but other facilities are considerably spacious as well.
Not only are they spacious, but there are great in numbers, it’s on the level where you start questioning just how many rooms of this mansion are getting used.
Moreover, everything gets perfectly cleaned up every single day.
It’s truly a dreadful mansion.


“Wafuu~…… (As expected, just watching is boring).”

(I’m of the same opinion~ But, I wouldn’t be actually able to see it though~)

“Wabu~ (I would thoughmon).”

(That’s so, isn’t it~ We will be able to explore various places when I grow a little bigger, so let’s endure until then, okay?)

“Bu~ (Bu~).”


Reki-kun seemed dissatisfied, but being understanding, he turned his eyes towards the window again and continued exploring the mansion.

Reki-kun, unlike me, can properly see, so he, who is brimming with curiosity has strong feelings of wanting to explore the mansion with his own eyes.
Well, I do think that I would like to actually see it by myself if I was able to see. The mansion is that bizarre.
It can’t be helped since it’s so gigantic who knows how many days it would take to explore?

I might be inconveniencing Reki-kun, but the clever, kindhearted him understands.


(I’m sorry~ Reki-kun.)

“Wafu (It’s not Lily’s fault).”

(Thank you, Reki-kun.)


As I thought, the gentle Reki-kun raised his head from the Kutipad and said so while staring straight into my eyes.
Reki-kun’s sentiment was projecting in the magical power flowing out of his clear eyes.


“Yesyes, that’s enough, that’s enough-! Only I can stare with Lily at each other! Only I~!)

“Wabu- (Even though you are just Kuti-).”

(Fufu…… it’s all right, Kuti. Reki-kun won’t steal me.)

“Buu~ buu~ (That’s right, that’s right! Because I love Lily way more than some Kuti~!).”

“Wjat ish thish puppers shaying-!”

(Fufu…… how popular I am.)


Reki-kun’s “Love” is different from Kuti’s “Love”, but it doesn’t change how glad I am to hear it.
Reki-kun and Kuti engaged in extremely vehement skinship, but that didn’t make the heartwarming smile that I usually don’t show disappear.




“Sha, oraa-!”

“Waga- (I, impossible-!).”


Reki-kun’s and Kuti’s shrieks resounded around the Reki-kun room today as well.
But, slightly different from usual, they must have been reaching the climax as their shrieks surpassed the rest by far.

The cause are the simple mini-games I made in the Tito language, but……
To be frank, I didn’t think they would be this addicted.



“Howl, my sure-kill…… Pierce the Heavens, down the Waterfall-!”



Kuti flied up into the air and pressed the “Shake Dices” button on the Kutipad after spinning violently while nose-diving.
Matching that, Reki-kun raised a cry. I was startled how the illusionistic space shook because of his howls at first, but I have already taken precautions.


The dices in the Kutipad made the same “[tie_tooltip text=”Cee-lo, also known as See-Low, Four-Five-Six, The Three Dice Game, Roll-off!, Three-Six Dice, etc.” gravity=”n”]Chinchirorin[/tie_tooltip]” sound effect in a rice bowl that is also the name of the game. The trick is for the rice bowl to be chipped a little.

However, this is where the game differs from normal Chinchirorin.
Reki-kun is good at this mini-game as he usually seems to have a good fortune when he presses the “Counterfeit” button on his Kutipad.
He barrages the Counterfeit button that randomly appears in the mini game’s window. The Counterfeit button gradually gets smaller and shows for a shorter time, so it’s quite difficult to hit, but it’s not a problem for Reki-kun.
It goes without saying that Reki-kun excels at mini-games that aren’t easy to clear.
As a result, his unmatched barrage of Counterfeits was a splendid success for him.


“Aaaaaaaaah……! This puppeeeeers!”

“Wafu~n! (I won~!).”


Reki-kun’s explosion of Counterfeit decided Kuti’s defeat.
Reki-kun’s screen burst with a confetti effect to indicate his wonderful victory, while Kuti’s screen displayed a gloomy effect of despair.
It’s a part that took me a little while to make because I wanted it to be a little elaborate.


“Ughhhhh…… goddammit!”

“Wafufun! (Now, what are you going to do, Kuti?).”

“S, shiit-! No, not yet…… not yet! I can still fight!”

“Wafun? (What are you going to bet next? I have gotten all the points today, you know!).”



This Chinchirorin has some unusual parts, but it is fundamentally a gamble.
What is being bet are personal points.
These allow you to earn priority in the games by paying a certain number.

As the number of games we developed increased, we made a system to introduce the games.
Basically, all the developed games are competition games, so you can’t play them alone.

The games Kuti and Reki-kun want to play are totally different.
But, once these two who hate to lose start competing, it doesn’t matter what game they are playing.
But, as I thought, the games they want to play are those they have a high winning percentage in, so it became the current situation.


“Wafuu~n~ (Then, let’s play tennis today!).”

“Guuuu…… you are choosing only the ones I am bad at-! Let’s do sumoooo!”

“Wafufufu~n~ (How about getting points if you feel frustrated~?).”



Kuti was grinding her teeth out of vexation, but she immediately started competing in the game Reki-kun excels at.


“Wafu~ (Drop shot~).”

“Aaaaaah…… I can’t catch upppp-!”


However, Kuti who is in no way good at tennis raised her voice in desperation as she couldn’t deal with Reki-kun’s near net drop shot.


“How tranquil it is……”

(Indeed~…… but, Sensei…… it’s a checkmate again, you know?)

“P, please could you do something about it……!”

“As if I could take on a smash like thaaaaaaaaaaaat!”


The voice of Sani sensei who tried to escape from the reality after getting checkmated for the third time was erased by Kuti’s screams of desperation. Today, we spend an enjoyable amusement time in the tranquil Reki-kun room as well.

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