Chapter 167

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Revolution of Wisdom
“Lily, is it a truth that you have made a sorcery?”


In the midst of Reki-kun and Kuti’s battle in the Reki-kun room as is usual, Sani sensei who was making environmental settings near the ceiling approached me.


(Ah, yes. I made one! It’s my first sorcery!)

“Hou, I am looking forward to it now. Show it to me.”

(Leave it to me please!)


This sorcery is the first sorcery I have made from scratch which I finished this morning.
Sani sensei had some business in the morning so she, unfortunately, wasn’t present, but I showed it to Kuti.
Kuti’s frolicking in joy from that time is still fresh in my mind.


(Well then, here I go~)


While watched over by Sani sensei, I quickly imagined the new sorcery I made this morning and exercised it.
The developed formula established its form according to the settings, and the phenomenon manifested.

The consumption of magical power, settings, the actual effect. Everything was functioning flawlessly. It was a success without a single flaw.


“Fu, mu……? Is that…… all?”



I proudly stuck out my chest――I am a three-year-old so there’s naturally nothing to stick out――and cheerfully showed Sani sensei the words of magical power.
The formula couldn’t be more perfect, both the settings and effects were exactly according to the plan.
Sani sensei will surely praise me as well.


“Lily…… that is an illumination sorcery…… right?”


“It’s a newly created…… sorcery, right……?”



What is it…… Sani sensei seems to be bewildered a little.
But, the sorcery is following the formula flawlessly, so I don’t think there’s a place for bewilderment……

(Ah, I see. Sensei, I should have you take a look at this first!)



I have finally realized the reason for Sani sensei’s bewilderment, so I opened the formula in the Kutipad’s shared space.
There were two formulas opened.


(This is the 10th-grade sorcery of the existing sorcery. And this is the sorcery I have just used. Both have the same effect. Their settings are also identical.)

“…… Lily, are you speaking the truth……?”

(Yeah, Kuti has also confirmed it many times over when I showed it to her, so I have no doubts about it.)

“I cannot believe this…… are you telling me that you were able to shorten the existing 10th-grade sorcery that we thought couldn’t be shortened anymore?”



Existing sorcery is foundation and application.
Foundation, meaning the ultimate beginning.
And I have overturned that.
Sani sensei’s shock must be unfathomable. It defies her conventional wisdom after all.
Even Sensei who spent four digits of years researching sorcery wasn’t able to shorten the existing sorcery.

But, that might have been only inevitable.
Sani sensei isn’t Variation Type Two, so she is unable to construct new sorcery.

She could create new sorcery with her own theory through Kuti.
However, Kuti makes sorcery by intuition.
Because Kuti is a prodigy of the intuition type, she has no sense for stuff like this.
Kuti’s sorcery is daringly elaborate, but its various and rough blank spaces are what give birth to its beauty.
If we talk about efficiency, then there’s just too many useless blank spaces. Conversely, it just means that there are places for improvement.


“However, this is…… even if looking just at the consumption of magical power, isn’t it one-tenth or even less from before……?”

(Yes, I have thoroughly eliminated the useless points of the formula, so the process has become much simpler as the result. Sorcery of the middle class produces less blank spaces, so there will be fewer points to shorten. Still, I believe it will be possible to shorten them considerably.)


The sorceries of the tenth-grade are limited, so it’s possible to shorten them considerably, but I know that omitting points of the intermediate level sorcery or higher will result in a failure as the sorcery could lose part of its settings.
This is also why Kuti makes many blank spaces in her sorceries, but I think that there are still many places that could be shortened.


(This is just a hypothesis at the moment, but I am wondering whether elementary sorcery wasn’t originally decomposed from intermediate sorcery. In other words, because there is elementary sorcery, intermediate sorcery can exist and because intermediate sorcery exists, elementary sorcery can be used.)



Sani sensei stared at the shortened sorcery I have shown her with a stern expression.
Right now, her thought process is most likely working at terrible speeds.
The common sense she has acquired from the four digits of years of research is now getting rewritten.


“…… Impossible. No…… I can only see it as a wild delusion…… this changes lots of things……”


“Right~? Well, it’s my Lily who came up with it, so it’s only natural though!”

“Wafui~ (I lost~).”


Kuti and Reki-kun who finished their match came over, the light and gloominess were clearly visible on them.
It seems to be Kuti’s victory this time, but Reki-kun is still leading in the total results.


“…… Alright, Lily. It’s you we are talking about, you have surely shortened many more sorceries, right? Why don’t we verify them right away!”

(Fufu…… I got exposed! In fact, I have already shortened most of the tenth-grade sorceries!)

“Kukkuku…… not bad! That’s why you are my student!”

(Yes, Sensei!)

“Hahahaha, I will also help with something, alright!? Let me help you, alright!?”

“Wafuu~ (I will roll the dices~).”


Kuti wedged herself in a panic between Sani sensei and I who were getting passionate while Reki-kun didn’t seem to have an interest in the difficult stuff.

On this day, the revolution of the history of sorcery has begun with two people suspiciously overflowing with eagerness, a flustered genius, and an unconcerned puppy who was shaking the dices in the Reki-kun room.




(Isn’t it like this?)

“No…… if it was like this, then our settings wouldn’t make a sense.”

(Ahh, I see…… then, how about making this in this way like this?)

“MU…… waitwaitwaitwait! No…… but…… mumumu.”

“In that case, wouldn’t it be like this?”


(In that case, how about this?)

“Ah, I see~ certainly, this way is-”



I exchanged glazes with the puzzled Kuti who made a question mark out of magical power on top of her head at Sani sensei who was roughly breathing through her nose on my shoulder.
It’s unusual for Sani sensei to be this distraught.


“Why are you guys rushing the steps so much!”

“Eh? But, both Lily and I can understand it properly like this~”

(Sani sensei also understand it, right? Isn’t it fine then?)

“It’s not like I don’t understand, but…… if you were a bit more……”


The situation which has completely reversed from the usual is a bit amusing.
Usually, it would be Sani sensei asking “You understand, right?” and advance the lesson at her own pace, but because Kuti and I understand this time, we advanced like this because we thought Sani sensei would be fine as well.


“Then, it’s fine. If it’s you Sani, then you can do it! You will be able to do it if you do your best, Sani!”

(Please do your best, Sensei! Aren’t you always telling Reki-kun that he can do it if he tries hard enough! Right? Reki-kun!)

“Wafu~n (You can do it, Sani! I will shake the dices!).”


Reki-kun who solo playing Chinchirorin which had puzzle added to the Counterfeit system also cheered Sani sensei on.
He really likes that thing, doesn’t he?


“Ahh~ gee~! I got it, I got it! …… But, as I thought, slow down a little for me please.”

“You are so hopeless, Sani~”

(Fufu…… Sensei, if you bypass the connected formulas on this route, this formula itself wouldn’t be necessary.)

“…… Fumu. I see, so it was like that.”


I lightly explained what Kuti understood mostly with an intuition which was enough for Sani sensei to understand and quickly catch up.
As expected of Sani sensei.

Kuti is also a genuine genius, but Sani sensei is also incredible just as I thought.


With the BGM of six-sided cubes coming out of Reki-kun’s Kutipad, our pursuit for sorcery continued.

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