Chapter 168

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Light Weight of Wisdom
A lightweighting of the existing sorcery, huh.
Extracting unnecessary parts from the entirety of sorcery composition to refine the formula. Or otherwise, rewriting the formula itself.
It is basically shortening the chant――the number of generic settings, so lightweighting the connected parts wouldn’t be a poor move.
Then, just how is a refined formula different, you ask?


It’s different because of the reduction of magical power consumption.


Generally, the consumption of magical power of a sorcery increases with the degree of difficulty.
It’s possible to compensate for the configuration with knowledge and experience, but there’s nothing that can be done about the consumption of magical power.
Acquiring the still increasing enormous amount of magical power that resides within me is not that simple.
Of course, my magical power wouldn’t increase was I doing nothing. Even now, I continue accumulating magical power to the limits.


Well, ordinary people apparently can’t use the method of magical power increasing like I do.


Generally, the thing called magical power is determined at birth.
There seem to be extremely few cases of fluctuation, but it’s not natural and thus haven’t reached elucidation.
Naturally, it goes without saying that there is no trick to reducing magical power to a fixed amount and recovering like I do.
If the consumption of magical power exceeds the amount of magical power you held at birth, you naturally wouldn’t be able to use sorcery.
Even if using sorcery with flawless configuration, you wouldn’t be able to succeed if you didn’t have enough energy that is the magical power.

In other words, for most sorcerers except me, the reduction of necessary magical power is a truly joyous thing, and at the same time, a major event that would rewrite the history of sorcery.
In fact, even Sani sensei who researched sorcery for four digits of years haven’t reached the point of cutting the consumption of magical power.


But…… well…… Sani sensei is incredible after all.
She understood the pattern of the reduction of magical power consumption of 10th-grade to 7th-grade sorceries with just a few know-how I showed her.
To a degree, I wonder if there’s still a need for my opinion.

This is where she shines as the genuine Director of the Forest next to the world’s Sorcery Research Institute.
Nevertheless, the amount of intermediate level formulas that need more surgical procedures is many, so there’s still a place for me to step in.


I won’t lose, Sensei!




These several days, the usual time for lessons has been set aside for the study of lightweghting of the existing sorcery.
Thanks to that, I, Sani sensei, and Kuti have been energetically exchanging opinions, and the Reki-kun room has been more bustling than usual.

Although I say that, Kuti has joined the study, so Reki-kun was playing the mini-game I made on his own, so it might be actually quieter than usual since they are not playing around.


We began the lightweighting of the 2nd-grade sorcery and it has become the turn of the sorcery I have paid great attention to before.


“Next is the ‘Magicprint Sonar’. Come to think of it, Lily. You had a lot of expectations for this sorcery, right? But, the results weren’t that sweet, huh.”

(Yeah…… I thought it was a sorcery that would allow me to use magical power like a sonar to feel around my surroundings, but in reality, it was something even of a lower level……)

“Although you say that, there’s no other similar sorcery to this, so it cannot be helped. It’s an unusual sorcery classified as the 2nd-grade sorcery mainly because of its relatively few settings to exceedingly high magical power consumption ratio.”


Yes, compared to other 2nd-grade sorceries, this “Magicprint Sonar” has relatively few settings, but its magical power consumption is at the top of all existing 2nd-grade sorceries.
As for its effect, it is categorized as the best Detection-type sorcery, a sorcery of the 2nd-grade.
However, the only problem is that Detection-type sorceries are useless altogether.

Even though it’s basically the most excellent sorcery among them, it’s practically unusable.

The scope of the magical power waves is decided on by the configuration, and thus you can only sense magical power within that scope.
With that alone, I felt it would still be usable.
However, it has too many weak points.

First, these waves get dispersed immediately on contact with physical objects.
Even a slightly stronger wind can make the waves disperse, so where was I supposed to use it?
Moreover, if the waves disperse, no information will get transmitted to the user.
Only those with magical power that the waves touched would be transmitted.
The perception scope to search for those with magical power is just too narrow. Naturally, it wasn’t able to sense the Fairies, and it wouldn’t have any effect on those who had a method to conceal their presence. I have actually tried it on Reki-kun, so there’s no mistake.
It can’t also detect those with too little or too much magical power.

The user-friendliness is too poor, the sorcery is on the level that has no meaning.


And yet, even with all the above-mentioned, it’s the most excellent among the Detection-type sorceries.
In spite of being a meaningless sorcery, it’s at the top of its kind.
On top of the existing sorceries of the Detection type lacking in options, their user-friendliness is too poor.

That’s why I was expecting so much of it until I learned it.
It’s easy to imagine just how disappointed I was when I lifted the lid.


“Wouldn’t this also get considerably better if we reduce the consumption of magical power?”

“What do you think?”


(Like squeezing water from a stone. Waste of effort. Reading the nenbutsu [‘Nianfo’ A term commonly seen in Pure Land Buddhism. In the context of Pure Land practice, it generally refers to the repetition of the name of Amitābha.] into a horse’s ear…… I think.)

“You occasionally say things I don’t understand well, but…… well, I somehow understood what you meant.”


Sani sensei also assessed that reducing the consumption of magical power wouldn’t make the sorcery any better.
But, knowing that I had hopes for this sorcery, she followed-up like that.


Well, in the end, the magical power consumption has been reduced to two-thirds, but it didn’t change the fact that it was a useless sorcery.
To be frank, I wasn’t bothered about its consumption with my outrageous pool of magical power in the first place.
Thus, whether it was reduced or increased, nothing would change.


“However, you will still continue making an improvement based on this ‘Magicprint Sonar’, right?”

(Yes…… it’s still the best one among the Detection-type sorcery after all……)


It’s a disappointing sorcery, but it’s the fact that it’s the best among the Detection-type sorceries.
Existing sorcery is the foundation of sorcery, so this will become the foundation for my Detection-type sorcery too.
It’s still better than the other disappointments among the disappointing Detection-type sorceries, so I continued improving upon it, but there were no results as of yet.


“The biggest problem is that there is no physical detection type among the Detection-type sorceries, right~”

“Finding target by magical power is the basis after all. If the target of your search is a hostile creature, it would have magical power without a doubt, so there’s no mistake in searching for its magical power. And that is enough. The difficult thing is when we assume that sorcery just isn’t usable to search for objects.”


Kuti has also been working on sorcery that is able to detect physical objects for my sake, but to no success so far.


It’s probably because of Kuti who was able to simply do anything for me up until now have found difficulties that I am not troubled about it too much myself.

Even though my daily life might be small, I have Ena and Obaasama constantly attending to me, plus Kuti and others are here for me as well.
Recently, we received lots of furniture made with magic fragments, so it has gotten quite better.
I will encounter more difficulties when I grow up and the range of my activities spread, but it’s a fact that there are no problems so far.

Being able to see more things with magical power will be also big.
This is quite a different story from complete blindness.
I have already continued to live for three years like this, I have already gotten used to it.
My disappointment doesn’t keep on going even though I might not be able to see, and I am actually not that troubled, and I must have been influenced by Kuti as well.
Kuti is of the intuition faction after all.
I might be troubled for a little, but it won’t last long just like now.


Besides, I am thinking of finding a solution myself.
I have learned sorcery with much effort and I seem to have a special talent for sorcery, so I would like to do my best.




The lightweighting of the 2nd-grade sorcery also progressed favorably and we will surely start with the 1st-grade before long.
The lightweighting definitely progressed faster than the speed at which I learned the existing sorcery.
As expected, this was the result of three people exchanging opinions.


By the way, while the three of us were absorbed in lightweighting, Reki-kun was challenging a random 3,000 pieces puzzle that was made in the Tito language.
He solved the 100 pieces puzzle easily, so I tried making it more difficult for him.
The design was a rough sketch of the mansion offered by Sani sensei.
I thought it was a bit too difficult for him, but he already solved at least a half when I glanced over.


Things like puzzles seem to be Reki-kun’s favorite for some reason.
Though I tried to let him do various puzzles, he was quite absorbed in them.


Should I let him try sudoku next?


“Lily, let’s do the next one.”

(Ah, yes. Then Reki-kun, continue doing your best, okay?)


Whether being absorbed too much, Reki-kun returned a half-hearted reply without even looking back at me.
Lightly tapping on his head, I returned to the lightweighting.

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