Chapter 169

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The Manifestation of Wisdom
In the twinkling of an eye, every existing sorcery including the high-grade ones have been finished lightweighting.
This and everything else has been most likely possible only because of the fully motivated Sani sensei who continued lightweigthing without spare time for sleep.
Although Kuti seemed to be helping her, she didn’t really seem tired or sleepy.
Fairies normally don’t need to eat and they don’t need to sleep as well.
However, because I usually sleep with Kuti, it’s not that Fairies won’t sleep just because they don’t need to.


I have never seen Sani sensei sleeping before though.


Lightweighting all existing sorcery without closing her eyes, I can only say as expected of Sani sensei. No need to say, everything was done perfectly.
As for the person herself, her flow of magical power glossier than usual on top of looking very satisfied.
She really must love researching sorcery.
Kuti becomes like this when she licks me, so researching sorcery must be that much important for Sani sensei.


With existing sorcery finished, it was the turn to lightweight Kuti-made sorcery next, but Sani sensei didn’t jump straight right into it like she did until now, as she seemingly wanted to do it leisurely.
She was considerably satisfied from lightweighting the existing sorcery, so she’s in the Sage Time state now.

The lessons have been suspended thanks to the lightweighting, but they are to be resumed today.




“――and that is the basic overview of the World Archive. We will have you clear the conditions of the locked places we know the conditions of later on. We do not have complete access to the World Archive after all. It will be a good time to start soon.”

“I’m sure that Lily has already cleared many locked places without knowing!”

“Umu. There should definitely be something useful among them. Something useful that will help you with the construction of new sorcery, that is.”

(I’d be glad if that was so~ But, I don’t think I would be able to access it so conveniently.)


I did not have many results in constructing new sorcery up until now.
I talk with the Fairies about it and I received their opinions many times, but the present situation isn’t so sweet.
To break out of that deadlock, we decided to carry out the practice of accessing the World Archive soon.
Hence, I was reviewing and receiving even more new knowledge regarding the World Archive in today’s lesson.


“No, speaking from the experience, it’s very likely that you will obtain something you really need. Kuti has already proved that.”

(Is that so?)

“Yeah. In fact, it is so. I think there are several places with conditions like that.”

(Fumu…… I might be anticipating then?)

“Yup, yup! Lily will be surely able to do it! World Archive, just destroy it!”

(Ahaha. I will do my best to destroy it then!)

“Nono, don’t destroy it……”


As expected, I won’t be able to destroy the locks in the World Archive, but Kuti is encouraging me to have at least that much fighting spirit…… I think?


“Let’s not access the World Archive right away and deepen your knowledge a little bit more first……”

(Ah, yes. Kuti, have you managed to do the thing I requested?)

“Of course! The consumption of spirit power was drastically increased since I made sure to develop it in real-time, but I believe I made the thing according to the order!”

“Alright, I shall have you show us your progress then.”



Nodding to Sani sensei’s words, I went on reading the sorcery I asked Kuti to make.
Just as I hoped and like Kuti said, the consumption of the spirit power was far higher than normal.
As I thought, the real-time processing is the problem.


(Well then, let’s begin…… Reki-kun, don’t move, okay?)

“Wafu (Roger!).”


Booting up the projection function of the Kutipad and connecting to the Kuti-made sorcery I was about to use, I confirmed the connection was complete and exercised the sorcery.
This is a sorcery that greatly improved on the existing “Magicprint Sonar” sorcery.


The existing sorcery “Magicprint Sonar” is a detection sorcery that releases waves to observe magical power in the surroundings.
The waves would be extinguished when coming in contact with physical objects, so observing anything else than magical power would be impossible.
Physical objects aside, the usability is so bad that even a stronger wind would disperse the waves, plus it’s a tricky sorcery with a great consumption of magical power.

“Magicprint Sonar” allows to observe magical power within the range.
Although I said “observe” that is only possible with existence with a fixed amount of magical power, but observation is still an observation.

Also, utilizing the phenomenon of dispersing, you can adversely came to know when physical obstacles are in the way.
However, the problem is that you wouldn’t know what the physical obstacle is because it wasn’t the target of the observation.


However, that is the result of only single “Magicprint Sonar”.
What is important right now is whether it would be possible to observe the dispersed magical power waves of the “Magicprint Sonar” with “Magicprint Sonar”.
In other words, it might be possible to observe physical objects.


That is the summary.


We have narrowed down the range of the improved “Magicprint Sonar” for the sake of the experiment.
Because the dispersing magical power waves of the “Magicprint Sonar” can be observed only for a moment, the next “Magicprint Sonar” has to be exercised as fast as possible.
At a speed that would be impossible for a normal human, that is.

However, we had succeeded in producing a sorcery dedicated for just it because of that. This also requires an enormous amount of magical power, but I will manage.
As a result, I succeeded in observing the magical power waves of “Magicprint Sonar” before they completely dispersed.

However, the problem would indeed be observing it when it gets dispersed by a slightly stronger wind.

In order to resolve this problem, I asked Kuti make a sorcery that could analyze the image of the Kutipad’s aerial projection function.
It would be possible to process the observation results in my head, but the burden will be lesser by using the sorcery Kuti made.
That’s because the ultra high-speed use of “Magicprint Sonar” causes more burden when observing the results, and that could spell a problem.
As I would like to semi-automate this process in the future, I have asked Kuti to consider this a long time ago.

By the way, the ultra high-speed “Magicprint Sonar” boasts of such consumption of magical power that even Kuti would have to brace herself.
The consumption of magical power decreased with the reduced reach of the magical power waves, but that is still about three meters in radius around me.
Just how much magical power would be required to cover everything in the field of my vision…… although I say that, it would be no problem for me.

When it comes to the talk of the consumption of magical power, it isn’t much of a problem for me.
The problem would be the burden of processing the information from using the ultra high-speed sorcery.

Processing the vast amount of information from the observation results of the “Magicprint Sonar” we secured in real-time, for example in the case of the continuing changes in the movement of a ball, it would be delayed and the information couldn’t be used much as it wouldn’t be possible to chase the ball in real-time.


(Then, let’s begin.)


I used the ultra high-speed “Magicprint Sonar” and the observation results reflected in the Kutipad’s aerial projection function.



“Fumu…… it’s crude.”

(Well, I thought it would be like that……)


The projecting picture of the observation range properly showed Reki-kun, but the problem was the crudeness of the image.
I could understand that it was Reki-kun, but I wouldn’t be able to tell if I didn’t know beforehand.
Are the thinly spreading waves of the “Magicprint Sonar” the cause?
Even though it was easy to pick up the horizontal information on the sides, it was very difficult to pick up the vertical information.
Should I narrow the angle of the “Magicprint Sonar” to fill out the missing information?


“Well, even so, I think that the ‘Magicprint Sonar’ procuring information from things that have no magical power is quite amazing.”

“Indeed! Lily is incredible! It will be displaying more clearly in no time! I will also do my best! If it’s for Lily, then it’s no big deal!”

(Thank you, Kuti. I still have no intention of giving up, so please lend me your strength, okay?)

“Of course! I will lend you all of my body and soul! …… Everything…… giving my everything to Lily…… buwa!”

(Ahaha. I will be relying on you, Kuti.)


The picture of the not moving Reki-kun was rough to this level, but I plan on making it whatever it takes by borrowing Kuti and Sani sensei’s strength.
Although I did not care much about it so far, seeing Sani sensei’s environmental setting has uncovered the lid of my heart with the overflowing something.


The wish to regain eyesight of my past life.


My magical power with overflowing motivation manifested, and soared shiningly and beautifully.
Self-aware of the motivation that covered the entire Reki-kun room with my magical power, I became even more excited with eagerness.

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