Chapter 170

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Floors spread before me as far as I could see.
However, there was no regularity in the size of the floors, there were outrageously large ones and even palm-sized ones.
Incidentally, the outrageously big floors continued spreading even beyond the horizon.

Speaking of why I know how those things are floors is because I recognize them very well.
There were, however, some differences from the domain I know of.
And that is the size of these huge floors with no regularity and that there are no formulas floating above me.


This domain――it’s different from the Unconsciousness Domain.
This is the World Archive.
It’s the vault of existing sorcery and storage of various information besides the existing sorcery.

It’s necessary to break through certain conditions just to browse it.
Many often fulfill the conditions unaware, but there are not many locked places to which the conditions are known.
I only know about the conditions in detail thanks to Sani sensei and Kuti’s research over several years.

To begin with, getting complete access to the World Archive is extremely difficult.
When sorcerers use existing sorcery, they only access a small portion of information.
It’s far too different from the Kuti-made sorcery that gives complete access.

A tool called Activation Tool is indispensable to access when using existing sorcery, so it can’t be helped that people have only a minimal access to information.
However, Kuti’s sorcery completely eliminates the limitation of the minimal access and is even able to interfere depending on the use.

This domain called World Archive is the domain of Auriol, and it’s also the memory of stars.
It’s not easy to interfere with something like that.


“But, it’s possible because of Kuti.”


It seems that my feelings get projected easily even in this domain just as I thought.
I can understand that a gentle smile spontaneously formed on my face.
I wouldn’t call this a luxury, but it would be nice if I could show a bit more expression even outside the domains, but it’s quite difficult.


“Well…… rather than that-”


I smoothly walked on the floor, looking for a place that unlocked.
Unlike my Unconsciousness Domain, it’s possible to use sorcery in here.
That is a considerable advantage for me. Even simply walking inside this gigantic space would be a difficulty in this three-year-old body of mine.
Especially since most of the other floors are floating in the air.

The huge floor I am currently at is in charge of the existing sorcery, but there is little to no point at staying here for me who has already mastered all the existing sorcery.
There’s a considerable number of existing sorcery, so that’s probably why this gigantic floor is in charge of it. It apparently has more or less other information too, but according to Kuti and Sani sensei, this floor does not have any information of value for me.

Therefore, I immediately exercised sorcery to help me go to other floors.
The sorcery I used this time was a simple wind sorcery.
A wind wrapped around me, producing a weak buoyancy which allowed me to move.
Controlling it is simple, so it’s very convenient as it similar to enjoying a stroll through the air.


“Sani sensei said that the places that I have unlocked would be very easy to recognize, but……”


I lightly floated between many floors, but I have not found anything that looked like what I have been searching for.
The place wouldn’t be locked in case the conditions have been fulfilled, and additionally, the place should be easier to recognize.
It apparently gives off the impression similar to finding a treasure chest. By the way, that’s how Kuti described it.


“Ah, is that it?”


While ambiguously floating and looking at the floors, I found a place that felt different.
When I approached a little, I indeed understood that the information the floor held was different.
When I extracted the information, it was information I have already learned in Sani sensei’s lesson. That’s unfortunate.
Pulling myself together, I glided in the air towards the next floor.

I continued walking in the air until I had such feeling again.
However, this World Archive is different from my Unconsciousness Domain, so I can’t alter the speed of time in here.
The time accessing the World Archive is the same as the passage of time in reality. I can’t keep searching for long.


“Mmm~ There’s no harvest today, huh~ Well, I didn’t think it would be easy to find any significant information Kuti and Sani sensei have not discovered yet though~ It’s my first time here, so so I thought anything new would be good~”


It was when I whined a little just as I was about to end today’s search.
Not sure whether I set a flag up or not, but something in the corner of my view caught my attention.


“…… What?”


When I turned towards it to confirm, there wasn’t anything. It was an ordinary floor.
Just what was that caught my attention?
I was curious, so I decided to investigate a little longer.


“Physical objects don’t exist in this domain. Therefore, I feel that searching with ‘Magicprint Search’ will be extremely useful!”


I have been eagerly studying “Magicprint Search” recently, so I thought of using this especially useless sorcery.
However, this domain is different from other physical areas. There’s plenty of potential.
I exercised it the moment I thought of it. I found some things immediately upon releasing the “Magicprint Search”.
Just as I thought, “Magicprint Search” becomes a wonderful detection-type sorcery in this domain with no physical objects.


Even though it would be the best sorcery ever if it showed similar results outside the domain……
Reality is quite gloomy.
Perhaps it was a sorcery made for the exploration of the World Archive.
It’s truly befitting.

Extracting information from a floor with “Magicprint Search” is mostly the same, however instead of extracting one information at a time, it allows extracting several pieces of information at once. It’s truly convenient.
On top of that, I discovered a floor I have not seen until now.

This is apparently what has caught my attention before.
Even my Magic Eyes that can see only magical power are working normally in this domain.
However, I can’t see colors how I saw them in my past life like I do within my Unconsciousness Domain, so my Magic Eyes are naturally not being restricted.
Therefore, I could not miss this floor as a result of not having my Magic Eyes restrained.

Since I was able to discover it with “Magicprint Search”, it means I would be able to find it normally if I operated my Magic Eyes as usual.


“This is a kind of floor that even Kuti and Sani sensei can’t discover…… huh. One won’t be able to find it unless he possesses something similar to my Magic Eyes…… is this locked too……?”


I stared at the hidden floor while folding my arms.
It’s possible that the information this floor holds is also unlike the normal floors.


「To prepare such surprise on my first visit, the World Archive is quite sophisticated. Fufu…… how amusing」


Whether it’s because the floor was hidden, the “Magicprint Search” couldn’t extract the information and I would slip through even when I descended, so it was necessary to extract the information while floating.


Extending my small hands, I touched the floor.
The floor apparently wasn’t locked, so I was able to browse the information just like I did on the other floors.
Whether the concealment itself was the lock or I was able to meet the floor’s conditions, that I don’t know.


The information I procured was sorcery.
There were cases where the floors contained formulas and information, but there weren’t many that contained sorceries.
That it’s not impossible, however, is the point.

The sorceries Kuti and Sani sensei obtained were truly wonderful.
I had seen them myself and while not as beautiful as the sorceries Kuti makes, they were beautiful in their own way.
Of course, their effects were each refined to the point of perfection, so they were sorceries that the word “optimal” suited the best.
The sorceries discovered in the World Archive belong to a different category from the existing sorcery.
Of course, I who have learned several Kuti-made sorceries has also learned those sorceries myself.

Naturally, they are sorceries that no sorcerer on the Lizwald Continent has learned.


The sorcery I have discovered this time belongs to that category.
An impeccable formula arrangement that couldn’t be improved further.
At a glance, a formula that even I, who has lightweighted all of the existing sorcery couldn’t touch.
The sorcery was that perfect.


“…… Amazing. To think I would obtain such incredible sorcery……”


While admiring the wonderfulness of the sorcery I obtained, my next thoughts were on its usefulness in the composition of sorcery.
This sorcery’s construction was the most suitable I have ever seen to use to build a new sorcery.


“Fufu…… if I combine this sorcery――’Information Analysis’ and ‘Magicprint Search’……”


The sorcery I have obtained. It was “Information Analysis”.
It can be said that it was a sorcery at the pinnacle of research-type sorceries.
It can be said that the difference between this sorcery and existing research-type sorceries is like heaven and earth.

Furthermore, its compatibility with “Magicprint Search” is very good.
Switching the information obtained by “Magicprint Search” with “Information Analysis” would yield a considerable increase.
This can be certainly an expected progress.


“Fufufufu…… it sounds simple, but if I were to combine ‘Magicprint Search’ and ‘Information Analysis’…… now, let’s give it a try!”


It was a very simple idea, but I constructed an improvised sorcery.
Releasing the waves of magical power in this space with no physical objects, I touched the lump of information which is the floor and…… secured information with the “Information Analysis”.


However, the information acquired from the “Information Analysis”…… was far more than I expected.


The vast information obtained by the “Information Analysis” poured into my brain through the waves of magical power all at once.
It was almost as if I was gulping down a muddy stream. Making use of the multitasking ability and sorcery I have forged over the three years of my life, I shook off the limits of my parallel thinking.

“Information Analysis”, how frightful.
That’s what I thought before fainting.

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