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Flying in the Sky Lilianne
A mask-wearing people filled out the dim space.
Normally, I absolutely would never come to a place where a mob is gathered like this.
However, there’s something the current me has to do.
I can throw away anything for My Angel, even my petty pride.
For example, yes, I can even bear the troublesome masks that conceal people’s faces.

While the gazes were gathered on the stage where a magic tool shined, a mask-wearing man went up on the stage and announced himself as the host of tonight’s event using a loudspeaker magic tool.
The masked man, who was the host of the event, started explaining after giving a brief greeting.
The host said that both the quality and size of the conspicuous shine is a 1st-grade article.
Once he finished explaining, he presented the minimum amount of money and began the auction.

Though the bidding just began, the price steadily rose.
However, that amount of money is just a loose change for the people gathered in this place.
Of course, the same goes for me. But, what I desire is not a magic fragment of such grade.


For the magic tool I want to make for My Angel this time, even the high-quality magic fragments from the Christophe House don’t possess enough magical power.
I used countless magic fragments to disperse sorcery by trial and error, but everything was unstable and lacking no matter what.
There’s no way I could present My Angel a defective product like that.

The magic stones Annela-dono collected are mostly used for the defensive barrier of the mansion, so I can’t use those.
The thing would be resolved if I could use those, but it cannot be helped.
Annela-dono has not been leaving My Angel’s side recently as well, so securing magic stones is not easy.
The source of supply of magic fragments that is Annela-dono has been lost, and with that, I have lost the way to secure magic stones.

Magic stones are usually put up for auction.
That’s because the winning bids would yield much more than selling them in the magic fragment specialist shops.

Magic stones aside, obtaining magic fragments of good quality from a magic fragment specialist would be possible, but what I need this time is a magic stone.
However, a magic stone isn’t something that’s put up for auction very often.
This time, using the intelligence network of the Christophe House, I have tracked down a black market auction.

However, unlike the quality assured government auctions, the eyes of all people are on these black market auctions.
Occasionally, articles that deceive even the veteran warriors are put up for auction. However, that is widely accepted as the powerful charm of the black market auction.

As a result, I would be troubled if the wrong thing was bid for, so I have to participate myself.
Of course, several servants from the Christophe House are accompanying me as guards.
The Christophe House’s servants possess strengths higher than first-rate bodyguards, so I can just concentrate on appraising the magic stone.

After a couple of auctions finished, the venue livened up.
As expected, the first few articles were just for a warm-up. The real thing starts here.

What came out next was magic tool with one of the 2nd-grade recovery sorceries――Water Solace, sealed inside.
The ornament is not bad, but the size is a problem. It would slip off her arm.
However, it’s the most expensive article yet. It’s not a mere thing for the masses in the end, huh.

If it was me, I could seal identical power to a magic fragment one-third its size.
If I made the ornament much more beautiful too, My Angel might show her compassionate and affectionate expression.
No, something of such low-grade like the Water Solace is not worthy of bringing out My Angel’s expression.
As I thought, only the best among the 1st-grade sorceries, Healing of the Earth is suitable……
However, the Healing of the Earth is already sealed within the Salvarua model necklace I gave her.
Even if My Angel possesses several magic tools with the Healing of the Earth, they all have to be the best articles……


“Eliott-sama, next up is what you came for.”

“Fumu. At last, huh.”


My thoughts went off the track a little because my only objective is the magic stone, but the real thing starts here.
The amount I have prepared this time is all of my wages I have yet to spend.
I won’t regret if it’s for My Angel.
Rather, I have forgotten that I am getting paid for my work until now.
That’s because I have no need for money at all in the Christophe House.

However, I’m quite worthy of the high-grade magic tool craftsman title, so the remuneration I get is also quite a lot.
It would be unusual for me to get outbid.
If I do, I just have to borrow Annela-dono’s shadow.


“The next article would be this auction’s greatest showpiece. A great magic stone obtained from the very Earth and Water Dungeon called the Dezesseis. As everyone knows, Dezesseis Dungeon has been captured eight years ago――”


The host gave a stream of explanations regarding the main attraction.
A befitting reason is necessary for a magic stone of such level to be put up for auction in the black market auction.
If not, the national armed forces might move to arrest you as a result of your successful bidding.

However, the Christophe House’s intelligence network has gathered information regarding this matter for me, so there’s no problem.
The host is explaining the same thing now.
The noisy venue returned to normal.

The explanation ended, the host presented the starting bid, and the auction began.
Naturally, the price jumped to the highest so far, but there’s no problem with that.


“Eliott-sama, how is it?”

“Umu. There’s no doubt. There’s nothing to criticize about its concealed quantity and quality of magical power.”



A servant from the Christophe House with deep knowledge of auctions next to me――I don’t remember his name though――asked for the result of my appraisal, and moved forward to participate in the bidding.

It’s not possible for me to make a mistake in the appraising.
The dashing light from the magic tool on top of the stage provided the information, but among the magic stones Annela-dono collected, this one would be of the lower-grade.
However, the magic stones Annela-dono collects are all abnormal, so this magic stone is a plentifully rare magic stone.

While thinking such, as one would expect from an expert on auctions among the Christophe House’s servants, his bid was immediately accepted.
Moreover, a considerable amount of money I have prepared still remained.
The objective of this auction has been accomplished. There’s no need to stay in this place any further.


“Let’s return.”


Receiving the magic stone, we left the auction hall behind after I verified the article.
It was a secondary residence of a noble, but I forgot what his name was.
Rather than remembering the names of inconsequential nobles, making a gift for My Angel from this magic stone is much more important.


“Eliott-sama, the troops of the one who fought with me in the auction seem to be encircling the surroundings. Please wait a moment.”



It seems that a fool is doing a foolish thing.
Starting a fight with the Christophe House’s servants as your opponents is nonsensical.
However, I shouldn’t be thinking about something like that.
While I was working out the design of the ornament again, the servants returned.
Naturally, there wasn’t a single drop of blood on them. But, their opponents aren’t breathing anymore.


“We have kept you waiting. Well then, let’s return to the mansion.”


Returning to my workshop, I immediately started sealing sorcery in the magic stone.
A sealing crystal of the 2nd-grade.
It keeps sorcery limited to the 2nd-grade, but the amount of magical power is much higher than that of a poor 1st-grade sorcery.
This time, I absolutely needed a magic stone to increase the uptime.
I specialize in both magic stone processing and the consumption of magical power, but the estimated uptime is still short.
However, I have no regrets if it concerns My Angel.




“My Angel. Please, accept this.”

“Thank youu~”


Ahh, how beautiful……
It’s no exaggeration to say that she’s God’s greatest masterpiece.
And, her figure while getting accustomed to the magic tool I made, is truly――

Her hair that glittered like silver threads with two pairs of white-feathered wings on her back.
Each wing had a different sorcery sealed within.




Simultaneously with a sweet voice that would send shivers even to a God, My Angel floated up in the air.
The four wings each moved separately via telepathic waves and a zero-gravity space wrapped around her body.
Furthermore, controlling the flight feathers made from the magic stone kept her extremely carefully stable in the air.


Flapping the four wings while suspended in the air, she truly looked like an Angel.


“How…… beautiful……”


When I gave the magic tool with telepathic waves sealed within to My Angel, the servants have naturally gathered around.
Up until now, there were many who collapsed with a nosebleed, but it was totally different this time.

Everyone in this place was captivated.

Nearly everyone started shedding tears unconsciously and naturally raised their hands to pray.


I was one of them.


Next, she started flapping her four flapping wings and dancing in the air, making several servant collapse while spewing blood from their noses.
Among them were several of those who returned from the auction with me after slaughtering their enemies.

There’s not much you could do after seeing her beautiful appearances.

That’s because My Angel is that lovely…… and sacred.


New ideas for magic tools popped in my head as I watched My Angel dancing in the air.


Ahh…… My Angel.

From now on, I will show you that I will be able to make any magic tool for you.


Why don’t I get a hold of another magic stone and make the same thing one more time to see her magnificent dance again!

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