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Reki-kun’s Daily Life
I was able to write neatly today as well.
Knowing that Lily is vexed makes me happy a little bit.
I can write very well, unlike Lily.
Lily is tiny, so her letters are clumsy.
But, she’s great in anything except that.
Lily is studying by listening to Sani’s extremely difficult to understand speech every day. It’s so difficult to me I have no idea what she’s talking about whatsoever.
But, just recently, I have become able of doing “Arithmetics” much, much better.
The number of times Lily praises me has increased by a lot.
I feel happy from being praised. Praise me more, praise me more!
Kuti is my rival!
She’s my rival whom I always play games with.
But, I have been recently winning a little. Fufun.
Kuti immediately gets serious, so we play the games over and over again.
Sani and Lily don’t get vexed that much when they lose. I wonder why?
But, I don’t win against them much either……
Today, I’m going to play a game with Kuti too.
Let’s play lots once the studying is over!


(Yes, well done, Reki-kun. Let’s end today’s studying here.)

“Wafu! (Kuti, let’s play a game!).”

“Alright! I will accompany you-!”

“Wafufu (I won’t lose!).”

“That’s my line! I will make you cry today-!”

“Wafufun (Fufun. That’s my line).”

“Alrighty theeen, it’s the roulette time!”

“Wafufi~ (One-on-one, come!).”

“One-on-one, only that is not good-! My God Lily-samaa~!”

(Ahaha. The possibility won’t change by praying to me~)

“Wafu (Slash and Slash, is it?).”

“Oh! I have practiced this sword fight game until passing away the day before yesterday, so I feel like winning!”

“Wafufu (I won’t lose-).”

“Come at meee-!”

(Do your best, you two~)


Kuti who threw the controller at me after I blocked her low-level variable attack and counterattacked her with an 89HIT got scolded by Lily.
I might tear a bit just like I did after my 24 consecutive wins in Chinchirorin!
Even if Kuti throws her tiny controller at me, it won’t hurt.
In the first place, it’s Kuti’s fault for using a sure-kill combo when I am able of reversal technique.
Because getting hit by a wall is definite, Kuti wouldn’t live.
I am not at fault. She’s my rival whom I have to fight with all of my might!
Ah, but my stamina gauge has been exhausted too, so let’s reflect upon a little on continuing this combo endlessly.
Lily also warned me not to kick corpses.
However, this will be 23 wins and 4 losses in Slash and Slash for me.
It’s my win today as well, Kuti!


“Goddamit! Goddamit! I won’t lose the next time! I won’t lose-! Oryaa-!”

“Wafu~ (A wild game of tag is good too~).”

“Go away, you instigating child-!”

“Wafu? (Oh, it’s my first time seeing this one).”

“For real? What is it? [tie_tooltip text=”Also known as Match Match, Match Up, Memory, Pelmanism, Shinkei-suijaku, Pexeso or simply Pairs.” gravity=”n”]Concentration[/tie_tooltip]? A game so harsh it involves nerve breakdowns!?”

“Wafu!? (A somewhat amazing game appeared!?).”

“Re, Reki…… this must be Lily’s challenge to us, right!?”

“Wau (A challenge! I will accept it! I won’t lose!).”

“Yea! As if I would lose! Now, let’s play!”



Concentration was a dangerous game.
It was a game in which you had to turn over cards to find two cards with the same picture, but…… once you made a mistake, you had to put the card back!
I cannot remember so many cards!
My head got punctured! What a dangerous game!
Kuti was letting a smoke from her head from the beginning too and I also felt like letting out the smoke.
In the end, I had four pairs, eight pieces. Kuti also had four pairs, eight pieces.
The rest was taken by Lily.
So vexing!
I was extremely tired after the game ended and had to cool my head on the ice together with Kuti……
Concentration is a seriously dangerous game……



(Well then, Reki-kun, see you tomorrow~ good night~)

“Wafuu…… (You are going already?).”

(I’m sorry, Reki-kun. I’d like to stay with you longer, but I have to take a bath and go to sleep. It will become tomorrow immediately when you go to sleep, so please endure, okay?”

“Wauuuu…… (I got it).”

(Reki-kun is a very good boy. For such good boy like Reki-kun, I shall make an interesting game for tomorrow, how about that?)

“wau! (Really!? Yaay~! Will it become tomorrow soon, I wonder~!).”

(Fufu…… good night then, Reki-kun.)



It’s very fun when Lily, Kuti, and Sani are here.
But, I feel lonely when we sleep separated.
In fact, I want us to stay together all the time, but I have to endure.
If I behave like a good boy, Lily will praise and reward me.
I am a good boy, so I will endure!
But, I won’t sleep yet.
Mira will come in a little while after all.
Mira often comes to play when Lily and others go to their room.
But, it seems she won’t come to play with us when Lily and the rest are here.
She wouldn’t be Mira if she didn’t come to play today. Look, here she is!


“Thank you for waiting, Reki.”


“Please treat me well today as well, okay?”


“Then, let’s begin by moving lightly as usual. I’m thinking of mainly training hit coordination today. Reki, just move as you do usually, alright?”


“…… Alright, here I go!”


Mira chased me with her arms and legs while perspiring, but she can hardly land a hit on me.
Although there’s nothing to worry about since it isn’t effective even when she does though.
But, she occasionally lands a hit.
Why do Mira’s hits land on me even though she’s much slower than me?
Even though I see both of her arms and legs, she does something I can’t avoid before I notice. It’s very mysterious.
But, the number of hits she landed today is fewer than the last time!
I got praised by Mira too.
Though I feel a little bit happier when praised by Lily, I feel happy when I get praised by Mira as well.
But, Lily is much better at combing my fur after playing is over.
Mira still lacks practice.


“Reki, did you have fun playing with Ojousama and others today as well?”


“I see, I see. If you are a good boy, Ojousama and others will shower you will plenty of affection, so make sure to stay a good boy, alright?”


“Fufu…… then, make sure to obediently sleep after I turn the lights off, okay?”


“Alright, good boy. Good night, Reki.”


It became dark when Samantha who brings me food and cleans my room turned off the lights.
But, the light outside the window is pretty today as well.
When Lily saw the pictures of the mansion Sani made, Lily taught me what that beautiful ceiling is. Stained glass, was it?
Even if the lights aren’t on, there’s plenty of pretty light from the ceiling illuminating the room.
I am not sleepy yet, but Lily will make a new game for me tomorrow.
I am a good boy, so I can sleep even when I am not sleepy.

Will it become tomorrow soon, I wonder~

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