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Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Little Girl Bon**ge
The vivid sunlight reflected through the stained glass and rained incessantly onto her smooth, fluttering silver threads.
Although still young and growing, she had a beautiful face worthy of being called God’s masterpiece.
A pair of lovely glittering silver eyes which is able to charm all of the beholders.
Who would believe that this was proof of illness?
A small nose bridge and lustrous lips.
These greatly detailed, beautiful parts were arranged in a golden ratio, depicting the apex of beauty that would leave one breathless.

Although her body was smaller than that of an average three-year-old, her body was childish and healthy.
Her young, glossy skin was smooth as silk threads without a speck of stain.
And on top of all that, she was wearing sensational clothes made by tanning the skin of exquisite monsters.
These clothes that don’t exist on Auriol…… they were clothes that existed the world of her past life.

SUMMARY, I don’t feel comfortable translating most of this chapter, sorry.

Lily’s wearing revealing clothes made with Kuti’s sorcery as a punishment for losing a game. Kuti is going crazy with nosebleeds, Reki is shouting “erocool”, only Sani wore a complicated, sorrowful expression. Lilianne tried to conceal her body with her hands in embarrassment. Lily somehow managed to lose it and brandished a whip around, making Kuti and Reki “oink” for punishment. Sani thought that Lily opened a door that shouldn’t be opened.




“Li, Lily…… cheer up…… lo, look, we think nothing of it, rather, we would like to get rewarded some more, please! Queen Lily was quite good, rather the gap from usual was too good, it got me all mesmerized……”

“Wafuwafuwafu (Lily, you were erocool! Erocool Lily!.”

(I, I wasn’t erocool! I wasn’t!?)

“Re, Reki! You can’t tell the current Lily that she was ero! She certainly was erocool, but! Shivers run up my spine just from imagining her extreme immorality!”




The strongest sorceress in the Forest next to the world begun floating around while shouting and embracing her little body with the look of ecstasy on her face.
Lilianne couldn’t find words of magical power to write as the misery from some time ago flashed across her mind again.
She was squatting and hiding her face, trying to conceal her flushed cheeks that appeared on her usually expressionless face.

The fairy and puppy who were raising a storm of intoxication were already not paying attention to their surroundings.
However, their words pierced the heart of Lilianne who has huddled into a small ball to hide her face more and more.
Lilianne’s HP has already overflowed beyond minus.

Her bashfulness splendidly manifested into crimson magical power, gradually filling the sorcery barrier to its maximum capacity.
One fairy and one animal started panicking when nearly half of Reki’s large body sunk to the ground and tried to follow-up with Lilianne, but it was already too late.
The crimson bashfulness of Lilianne which filled the barrier permeated the fairy and puppy like a poison…… instantly making the fairy and puppy roll around.


“What a dreadful display of magical power……”


The words Sani let out with a cramped face were exuding a heavy fear.

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