Chapter 127

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Beyond Hard-hearted
“Then, can I really ask you to do it, Lily-chan?”


“Fufu…… it will be fine leaving it to Lily-chan. Eliott-dono wouldn’t decline.”

“That would be nice, but…… that person’s personality is quite warped after all……”

“I won’t deny that, however…… if this doesn’t work, then you must genuinely refuse.”

“Seriously…… then, I’m going to make the arrangements. Good night, my adorable Angel-sama.”


The youthful face that doesn’t look much like mother’s approached me and separated after completing the good-bye greetings on my forehead.
She will probably be variously busy for the sake of the plan we have decided on so suddenly.
I’m the vital point of that plan, but it’s a role that won’t take that much time.
I won’t have to take responsibility even if I fail. However, I’m expecting to fail because the possibility is just too high.
Well, Okaasama didn’t want to use me so much like this, so I seem to be her last resort.



“Well then, Okaasama. Please take care of Lily-chan. Ena will soon return as well and then Ellie-chan and others will return shortly too, so don’t stay up too late……”

“Yes, yes, I understand. Elliana-san and I are properly taking care of her when you are not around. Rather, we would be troubled if you stay up late and collapse, you know? Your body is not yours only after all. Now then, if you understand quickly go and finish your work.”

“…… Yes.”


Seeing the mother face and scolding which is a bit rare because of how the usual Obaasama is, strange and warm feelings transmitted to me.
Claire’s mother face turning into a child-like face all of sudden was somewhat refreshing too.
After the parent and child heart-warming conversation that was making me feel warm and fluffy and seeing Claire off, I took a bath with Ellie and spent my time with a quiet reading time until Ena and others returned.

Furthermore, Theo was chased around for some kind of homework.




Right now, I’m not staying in my room or the Reki-kun room, nor I’m watching the practice of my siblings in the practice hall.
I’m in one of the Christophe House’s guest rooms.

Several servants are staying near the walls of the relatively big room and I’m sitting on Obaasama’s lap.
Next to me is Ena. Nija is standing behind me.
I can’t really tell the material the sofa is made from as I’m sitting on Obaasama’s lap. In any case, it’s impossible to distinguish whether it’s soft or hard because even Obaasama’s weight transfer when sitting down is flawless.
I’m troubled to see a glimpse of her abilities so close to me……
If I tell Sani sensei, she ――


“Laugh it out for the time being and let it go.”


will surely say that. Behind her, Tiny-sama is vigorously laughing with hands placed on her belly and on top of that, she’s laughing with such vigor it’s possible to hallucinate and see her as the strongest sunflower.

Directly opposite to me is a nervous face and long, ears.
He’s a man who would surely become a scientist if he wore a white coat and glasses――it’s Eliott.
He was indifferent about both times Ena brought up the matter of his promotion to the royal palace’s 1st-grade sorcerer.
His gaze is completely fixed above Obaasama’s lap.
That’s why Ena who was quietly talking while enduring was about to become dangerous.


“――Are you listening to me, Eliott-dono!”

“No, I’m not. Rather, haven’t I told you to decline that?”

“That’s what I’m telling you! You can’t refuse! It’s not on such stage anymore!”

“That’s of no concern to me. Carry out your contract.”

“…… Face me when talking to me at the very least!”



Ena finally snapped.
Her angry voice echoed around the guest room, but the person in question, Eliott, didn’t show a bit of caring at all.
Rather, he really is indifferent about that matter.
His gaze has been on me all this time and although his expression didn’t change at all, I can clearly understand that the affectionate magical power flowing in his eyes is directed towards me.
Well, it can’t be helped that Ena’s speech went in one ear and out the other when I who seem to be his angel is in front of him.
Even if Ena understands that, it can’t be helped that her voice roughened up.

As I thought, Ena’s requests have been meaningless since the beginning.
That’s why I told you. No, I didn’t tell you though. I just said it in my mind.
There’s no space for a two years old child to interfere in an adult plan.


Now then, it will be my turn to act soon.
The situation is very simple.
Eliott has been summoned to the royal palace to receive congratulations on raising to the 1st-grade sorcerer, but they are unable to receive Eliott’s consent.
It’s impossible to ignore the intentions of the person in question and force him to go.
The royal palace side is troubled too as it would be normally impossible to reject the summons.
The employer which is our Christophe House also can’t strongly push him because of the contract. But, the royal court sorceress Claire is getting pressured from the royal palace’s side.

This matter is so important that even Claire who is influentially powerful within the royal palace is getting pressured.
The rare existences which can be counted on one hand have increased.
Furthermore, various secondary effects such as national defense and economic activity can be expected.

There’s a 1st-grade sorcerer’s announcement parade, it’s a grand event that besides increasing the country’s authority it’s also accompanied by economic effects and allows people to let out stress.
It’s not entirely a good thing, but it’s overwhelmingly beneficial to grandiosely spread it around rather than concealing it and the 1st-grade sorcerer is basically a signboard.

But, the leading actor is an individual.
The things can’t go into motion when the person in question refuses.
All the more when it concerns a person who can refuse the summons of the royal palace.

Because Eliott who is the magic tool craftsman of the Christophe House would serve as a large advertisement, the increase in sales is being expected.
Rather, there will be such an amount of orders that can’t be handled.
The Christophe House which is already growing larger than necessary will grow even further, but that’s that and this is this.

But, as expected, Eliott’s contract has become the bottleneck.
The contract the Christophe House has with him states that our side will deal with all of his miscellaneous matters in turn for a fixed amount of magic tools every month.
Because this matter corresponds to miscellaneous matters, it’s a stormy passage. Rather, it’s enough to make me think whether it’s not already impossible.

This Eliott.
He’s a genuine magic tool fool who will only create magic tools as stated in his contract.
He has been recently adoring me enough to call me my angel and make magic tools just for me, but it would be a headache-inducing if this problem occurred because of me.

But well, I honestly don’t have anything to do with this.
Eliott might accept the summons of the royal palace, but whether he will appear on the parade, that I can’t see.
Far from the royal palace, I have only gone to the garden when it comes to the outside and the parade will surely be in the town so one way or other, I won’t see it myself.
That’s why I had no intention of meddling in this matter if Claire did not ask me.

Right, what Claire asked me to do was to persuade Eliott.
In a situation like this which puts her under stress from the repeated pressure from the royal palace, I would rather take the initiative and eliminate every problem for her.
There has been no physical damage yet, but it could appear if this keeps on. I have become aware of the situation by myself from the flow of her magical power, so when we talked with Claire yesterday, I was indirectly incited.

As a result, the setup to convince Eliott has been completed.


“…… Haa. I understand. I won’t say anything anymore.”

“It’s fine as long as you understand. Now then, the real issue at hand, my angel. The improvements progressed a bit yesterday and the operating time has been extended by a little, but as expected, it’s still not within the practical use time. This Eliott has never regretted my own insufficient ability like this! Wait a moment! Wait just a moment! I will surely make something my angel will receive with satisfaction!”


This was the real issue at hand for him, but the real issue at hand for us is what Ena was telling him just a little bit ago, so Ena who was fighting alone until now shook her head while covering her forehead with one hand and exhausted expression.
Really, my condolences.


“Ai. You can take it swow, you know?”

“Ohh…… such benevolent words overflowing with compassion just for an unworthy person like me…… just with this, I will be able to work without sleep or rest for a week!”

“Ummm~…… Eriotto~”


The nervous expression he was showing while listening to Ena vanished to somewhere far away as he was getting encouraged by watching a deity.


“Yes! What is the matter?”

“Anyone~ Appeaw on the palace’s palade~?”
   (Anone / You see, umm, etc.)

“I understand! This Eliott will accept and stake my life for my angel’s wish! This Eliott will exhaust all of the power I possess and make sure it becomes the greatest parade! I will show you that I can grant the wish of my angel!”


Eliott suddenly stood up with exaggerated gestures.
I feel like the usual deadpan expression of mine might have deepened even further from the more than I expected development.
As if matching me, Ena held her head with both of her hands and deeply sighed, it goes without saying that it was induced by Eliott’s overflowing willingness.

You have worked truly hard, Ena.

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