Chapter 128

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Due to my persuasion, Eliott went to the royal palace that very same day.
It appears he really went immediately.
It was after three hours that Eliott who hurriedly changed his clothes and jumped on the carriage prepared by the Christophe House returned.

Obaasama and Ena received a report about the schedule of the parade which included Claire who returned from the royal palace together with Eliott.
It appears that the parade will be done multiple times as the city of Ovent is large.
The opening ceremony and other rites will be apparently held in the royal palace before the first parade, but during the parade, many celebrations and other events will be held outside the royal palace.
Although Eliott didn’t have to participate as the guest of honor in all of them, he willingly accepted in order to fulfill my expectations, or so he said.


I don’t remember saying that much, but while astounded, I cheered him on with do your best~ in the middle.
Anyhow, I can’t even go to the royal palace, thinking that I can witness the parade would be foolish.

Eliott shed tears because of my suitable encouragement, but Claire’s request should be completed for the time being.
By the way, I was able to see the tears because they were reflected in magical power, not just because they came out physically. The magical power is still full of wonders.


The unexpected occurrence? of the Ovent Kingdom’s 1st-grade sorcerers increasing by one is going to rise festive mood for a while, but it was honestly unrelated to me, so I didn’t think much of it.




While Eliott was busily going from the royal palace and back to the Christophe House, I had a meeting with the old man Randolf after a long time.

Old man Randolf was our former family doctor who served the Christophe House for a long time.
However, because of an incident where the information about me was leaked by one of his female subordinates, he retired as the family doctor.
Currently, he’s researching the Cloudy Eyes in the Christophe Household because his past achievements are highly valued.
By the way, the female subordinate didn’t have a choice because her family was taken a hostage, but I don’t know the whole story after.


“――there’s no pain or anything while urinating, is there?”


Saying such, the old man Randolf brought a magic tool in his right hand near and handed it over to his subordinate? person.
It’s Rayhawk Ranballast who took over as the family doctor who the old man Randolf is talking to.
She examines me quite frequently, but she’s young and quiet. She has the feeling of a wise female doctor.


“Yes, she doesn’t seem to be in pain when urinating.”

“Fumu. Well then――”


Old man Randolf whom I see after a long time seems slightly strange.
Even though he’s asking Rayhawk about my circumstances, he’s throwing some things and magic tools in the hands of his subordinate.
I don’t see anything but magic tools so I can’t tell for sure, but the several magic tools he prepared are ranging from activated to start-up states.
From the frequency of his throwing, it seems that there are other kinds of things as well.
And, nobody is questioning the eccentric behavior of the old man.
Just what is the matter, I wonder?


“Yeah, there’s no problem in particular at the moment. ‘■▲■■▲■ ●■▲▼ Dancing Water’.”


This time, Rayhawk suddenly used sorcery.
The chant was unconsciously encrypted. I didn’t entirely catch her words, but it’s 10th-grade life sorcery according to the activation key.
It’s a sorcery that produces a cup-size of water, it’s something very simple.

The water Rayhawk produces disappeared in a cup that has been prepared beforehand.
No, to be exact, the moment the water was produced, the magical power was pulled out of the water in the air and the water became an existence that I’m unable to confirm by sight as it lost its magical power.

After that, the conversation was accompanied while using life sorcery for some reason.
But, because the conversation is concerning my health, no one has questioned the abrupt use of sorcery even once.
Obaasama and Ena are present as well.
While still not understanding what’s happening, the old man Randolf’s conversation with Rayhawk finished and Rayhawk left.


“Well then, let me announce the results.”


Rayhawk left and the old man corrected his posture after receiving something from his subordinate who was hiding with concealment sorcery.
The subordinate person who was hiding with the concealment sorcery moved outside after Rayhawk and soon knocked on the door and returned.
I wonder if there was a meaning to it? No, s/he was hiding so there probably is. I don’t know why s/he was hiding though.
Moreover, Obaasama should have noticed something of such degree, if she overlooked that, it must mean that it was a part of the eccentrics.
That’s why, I will lose if I mind it.


“Ojousama’s eyes are Magic Eyes, just as I thought.”

“…… Are you sure?”

My poker face was about to crumble after a long time.
Although I have not been expressionless only all this time, I was slightly surprised because of the surprise attack that could pull down my poker face.


He examined my Magic Eyes with that eccentricity, huh.
If it’s like that, I could be somehow convinced.
They were passing something to each other and using sorcery during the conversation while I was conscious of it.
And I was probably chasing the things they have thrown and sorcery they manipulated with my eyes.
I won’t chase what I can’t see, but I will unintentionally chase after what I can see.

There’s no problem in particular if my Magic Eyes are exposed, rather I have been acting while depending on my Magic Eyes despite suffering from Cloudy Eyes. Instead, it would be better if they are properly exposed.
Of course, something so outside the norm like that I’m able to see formulas doesn’t have to get exposed.


“It appears that they are slightly different from the verified Magic Eyes. Ojousama responds to magic tools, start-up, standby, and magical power getting cut off. All stages. On the contrary, she doesn’t respond to normal objects regardless of their size at all. She has responded to things related to sorcery as well. However, there was no response to the results of the sorcery. In other words, this suggests the possibility of a new kind of Magic Eyes that has not been verified yet.”

“Then, what do Lily-chan’s Magic Eyes see?”

“Most likely, magical power. It’s safe to say that she recognizes people and magic tools nearly perfectly.”

“Oh my……”



As expected of the old man Randolf.
It’s the correct answer.
The eccentricity must have been the final test. There’s not much you can distinguish just from that.
It’s surely an answer he came to after all the information and data he gathered from investigating about Magic Eyes and my symptoms.


“T, then, Lily’s Cloudy Eyes are-”

“No…… I’m afraid to say that while Ojousama is a possessor of Magic Eyes, she undoubtedly suffers from the Cloudy Eyes. Rather, you can call it a silver lining of a dark cloud. The Cloudy Eyes made Ojousama totally blind, but she’s able to see magical power through the power of her Magic Eyes.”


Old man Randolf interrupted Ena who was squeezing her voice out and properly stated the truth.
But, it wasn’t all gloomy as it was accompanied by a little brightness.
Because it conveyed to Ena that my eyes don’t see only darkness.


“So that means, things that have magical power…… should we make furniture with magic tools then?”

“Certainly, she would be able to see like that, but……”

“It’s not a question of money and labor. It’s a question of whether Lily-chan could spend her time comfortably.”

“…… Indeed. If it’s magic tools then she can see them even after they ran out of magical power and there probably wouldn’t be a problem with minuscule magic fragments with traces of magical power left in them. If that were the case, it would mean that Ojousama’s Magic Eyes are of considerable might…… fumu.”


Those words were brought up by Obaasama.
That is, making furniture with magic tools.
It can be said that this was a blind spot.
Although I drew various things with magical power, the thought of making my daily necessities from magical power never crossed my mind.


The shape and hardness of magic fragments can be freely manipulated using auxiliary technology.
In other words, both extremely soft magic fragments and extremely hard magic fragments can be easily made.
It might be possible to even prepare a bed, it might be difficult but words could be written with the magic fragments and it might be even possible to copy books.
I’ve heard Obaasama and others worry whether my studies won’t be too difficult when I grow up and attend the school, but didn’t the road open quite a bit now?


Well, I have already finished learning everything taught in school even on the technical level with my feet thrust deep inside, so I won’t have problems, but only I and the fairies know about that.


“Well then, I will promptly investigate and continue the research.”

“Yes, we will leave it to you.”

“Thank you very much, Randolf-sama.”

“Jii~ji, do youw best, okay~”

“Ho ho, being told so by Ojousama, this old body still has some way to go. Ho ho ho.”


When I joined the two with bowing my head and cheering Randolf on with a whole-faced smile, the gentle grandpa left joyfully.




From the conclusion brought by the old man Randolf and his subordinates, the Christophe House magic tools craftsmen without the absent Eliott started working on a piece of furniture with magical power together with the furniture craftsmen while staking their honor on the line.

The first thing was promptly completed on that day and it was brought before me.


“How is it, Lily-chan?”

“So, Lily? Can you see it?”



In front of me, there’s a small chair just for myself.
It has four legs and there is a backrest created with deformed magic fragments. Similarly, every place is made with plenty of deformed magic fragments.
Moreover, it was changed into a magic tool as I thought as it activated when I sat on it, softening the magic fragments as a cushion and turning the hardness into softness.
When sinking back, it had a moderate rebound and retained its shape, not too soft, not too hard, it was truly just right.

It’s so good I want a pillow made out of this.

But this…… if this is a magic tool, it means that it will have to be replaced once it runs out of magical power.
Even with Eliott’s new technology which can maintain the magical power by up to five times longer, it will immediately get used up when I use it.

But, the shape memory apparently suffers when the magic fragments are too soft, so it’s usually wrapped in something but that will cause the loss of visibility.
As a result, the magic fragments used on the backrest will soften when I sit while they usually stay hard.
The problem would be solved if the magic fragments could be used as a thin film, but such technology has not been discovered yet.
Therefore, they solved the softness in such way while making sure that I could see it. However, it is a consumable item like this.

Although there will be no problem with finances in this bottomless Christophe House, I can’t deny that it makes me feel a bit strange.
Well, I might stop minding it completely before long. Humans are beings that are used to accustoming after all.


Still, the magic tools craftsmen and furniture craftsmen of the Christophe House are excellent, so they will surely solve the problem.
While thinking optimistically like that, I sat on the chair that I could see for the first time in my life while smiling from ear to ear for that entire day.

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