Chapter 126

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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1st-grade sorcerer.
To the Ovent Kingdom, they are rare sorcerers with only a confirmed number of people who can be counted on one hand.
Even our Okaasama Claireteal is only a 2nd-grade sorceress.
However, it’s somewhat difficult to answer whether one exceeds the 2nd-grade even if s/he is 1st-grade.
Sorcerers of 3rd-grade and above are permitted to call themselves so after being able to use the existing sorcery of the grade in question.
Right, just single sorcery of that grade is enough.

In terms of battle, there’s a big gap between Claire, a 2nd-grade sorceress who can use four 2nd-grade sorceries and the other 2nd-grade court sorcerers.
The 1st-grade sorcerers and a few among them who are court sorcerers are not able to match Claire’s overwhelming battle potential.
There are many tactical class sorceries among the 1st-grade sorceries and they require too much time to put to use.
And because the consumption of magical power is also tremendous, it’s only a matter of course to run out of magical power and collapse.
Handling it is also difficult, if the terrific number of configurations isn’t well polished it will either spontaneously discharge or consume the magical power without activating.
It’s considered a predominant sorcery in a large-scale battle, but it has no place outside sound strategies.

However, even if it’s used only once or unveiled in a stage where it’s a success is certain, it will steal that stage.
Sorcerers are already scarce.
And the existences like advanced grade sorcerers which are even rarer will experience many failures, but if they succeed even once, they will become existences that can’t be ignored.


Now then, even though it’s most satisfactory to succeed at least once, Eliott who can use 1st-grade sorcery over and over again while sealing it into magic tools is without a doubt a 1st-grade sorcerer.
If his success is reported to the country, his name would surely go down history.

But, the words he gave were what I expected.


“I’m always busy making magic tools dedicated to my angel. Please come for replacements as usual.”

“H, however, Eliott-dono. But this time, asking for replacements would be……”

“Don’t be long-winded, Elliana-dono. I have signed a contract with the Christophe House because I can freely create magic tools here. I will be doing that instead of some miscellaneous matters.”

“M, miscellaneous matters, you say…… y, you…… are 1st-grade sorcerer, you know? It’s one of the highest honors for sorcerers, you know? It’s such a great achievement that the country would sponsor you and throw a grand parade, you know?”

“Nonsense. My honor is nothing but the brilliance of magic tools I produce. Things other than that…… no, it’s wrong?”

“T, that’s right!”

“Umu. I of all people to have a lapse of memory, how foolish of me. As a matter of fact, it’s really sad.”

“Have you finally understood?”

“Yeah, magic tools are brilliant as well, but…… worshipping the beautiful countenances of my angel, Lilianne La Christophe, kissing those lovely and graceful fingers is algahh!?”


1st-grade Sorcerer-dono’s jaw raised and drew a magnificent parabola while dancing through the air.

Please look. The person who gave him a splendid uppercut is my nanny, you know?


Finally, after X-number of exchanges, Ena has snapped as a result.
Well, it’s only understandable.
Even if I said anything, it would be a waste of time, waste of effort.

In the first place, what Eliott said is true, so even Ena couldn’t hit him strongly.
The contract with the Christophe House Eliott mentioned substitutes the undertaking of various miscellaneous matters for a fixed amount of magic tools per month.
In the miscellaneous matters, replying to the summons to the royal palace――of course, with a refusal――is included as well and it naturally adapts the matter of raising of status to the 1st-grade sorcerer too.
If the person himself doesn’t desire it, all miscellaneous matters will be cleared for him.
A substitute person will decline in his stead and it ends there.
It’s an environment that wouldn’t be possible if this wasn’t the Christophe House.

But, this time is as expected…… because that’s the case, Ena tried to persuade him.
The result was as you can see a misery though.

Eliott who is being carried away on a stretcher is glaring at Ena with his shoulders perked up.
Most likely, licking my fingers is an out.
If Kuti was visible to others, would Ena send her flying every time she saw her? Frightening. Truly frightening.


As for why Eliott who fundamentally secludes himself in the workshop came over to me again.
He made more of the beastman cosplay sets he presented me yesterday, so he brought them over.

This completed beastman cosplay set.
Starting with the 1st-grade sorcery――telepathic waves identification――a lot of Advanced-grade sorceries were used, making it quite dangerous to handle, so it takes quite a long time to make one.
Also, as mentioned above, the possibility of the 1st-grade sorcery failing is very high.
Telepathic waves identification won’t spontaneously explode even if it fails, so it’s relatively safe sorcery that won’t cause physical injuries, but it will consume magical power regardless of success or failure. Enormously.
For me, it’s only a moderate part of compressed magical power I use to caress Nija’s most valuable asset, however, the amount of magical power is enough to be called an unreasonable amount for normal people.

After generally seeing Eliott’s total amount of magical power, he could use it once or twice without a problem as he boasts of a considerably large pool of magical power.
But, doing it for the third time would be considered a critical area.

As I said before, it would take only a small part when converted into my compressed magical power.
I can clearly understand the difference between me and the other sorcerers on Auriol.
I usually don’t mind it, but it’s very advantageous for me who can use large sorceries over and over again.
Moreover, I can develop several sorceries at the same time with imagination chanting.
I can’t say that I’m already near being peerless, but even things may appear this way, I still can’t use a single offensive sorcery.

Of course, I have plenty of sorceries with effects that can be used for an offense when modified a little bit.
For example, there’s a sorcery that wards off the wind.
This is originally used for avoiding the cold and hot wind.
But, when I use it myself, I’m also able to ward off the elements such as oxygen.
In short, it depends on what I want to avoid.

In other words…… I can create a space that wards off oxygen and likewise, I can also make a space where oxygen is dense.
Just with this, people would die.

The former is oxygen deficiency. The latter is oxygen poisoning.

Of course, it entangles various factors such as oxygen pressure, so the symptoms won’t simply appear.
However, it depends on the concept and means.

Especially, this world’s――Auriol’s scientific knowledge is considerably shabby.
It might be less than the science taught in elementary schools in my previous life.
For example, if you inquire what you need to help combustion, the answer would be “you just have to send wind in.”
That is an answer comprehended from experience, and “oxygen” would never come in the answer.

Human anatomy and laws of physics would also yield answers learned from experiences.
Although they understand a little bit more about laws of physics in the Forest next to the world, it’s not to the degree of my previous world.


Anyhow, let’s get back to the main subject.


About the beastman cosplay sets Eliott brought with him, there are four kinds this time.
It was the popular Mimio series and Bird wings type.
It was still only a number of days, so there weren’t any improvements, but as a result of the high demand, he worked quite hard and brought four sets.

Because I was demanding the magic tools Eliott himself made for me, his sharp expression became a bit effeminate.


Well, he was soon carried out on the stretcher again, so I don’t know about his face.


The beastman cosplay sets that completely turns me into a beastman are of the automatic activation on equipping type, so it can’t be used recklessly.
But, I understand that they are going towards their activation limit as soon as I put them on though.
These were made for use during the critical times after all.


Because Ena was also nearly mixed in the zombie attack near the first aid room while on the Mikoshi pilgrimage the other day.




After we returned to my room after receiving the goods of my objective from Eliott and defeating Reki-kun with touch, our Okaasama returned home when I was listening to Obaasama’s reading while taking Sani sensei’s lesson as usual.

Okaasama is recently nothing but busy and I see her less frequently than Alek.
I can’t say her magical power looks that good today. She seems really tired.


“I’m home, Okaasama, Lily-chan.”

“Welcome back, Claire. You seem to be very tired today as well.”

“Welkum back~”

“Ahh…… it seems I’m getting better just by hearing Lily-chan’s voice……”


“You appear to be quite defeated. Is it about Eliott-dono’s matter?”

“…… Yes……”


It seems to be Claire’s turn came around after Ena.
Rather, Claire who is working as the court sorceress must be pestered a lot about that matter. Oh, poor you.

At times like these, consoling without begrudging is the best.



“Yes, what is it, Lily-chan?”

“Tuwn that way fow a bit pleashe.”

“Is this fine?”


“Oh my, oh my, am I fine staying like this?”

“Baa~ba is fine~”

“Yes, I understand.”


When I told Claire to face the opposite direction of myself, she seemed cheerful even if tired.
Obaasama watched over me with her gentle smile deepening.



“Yes, Ojousama.”

“Get that fo me~”

“Yes, Ojousama. …… Is this one all right?”

“Nu~ …… That one.”

“Yes, Ojousama.”

“Thank you~”

“I’m undeserving, Ojousama.”


I had Lacria bring me the certain death items and I carefully chose one.
There’s not many so it didn’t take much time to choose, but as expected, there are things like preferences.
I think that all of them are most likely in Claire’s strike zone, but still.


“Okaasama, when I tell you, pleashe tuwn alound immediately.”

“Okay. …… Fufu, I’m looking forward to it.”



Claire is already oozing out magical power.
It wouldn’t be strange for Obaasama’s magical power to appear with a smile like that as well. Come to think of it, I have never seen the manifestation of Obaasama’s magical power before.
Let’s carefully observe when the opportunity arises.


While glancingly thinking about that, I received the certain goods from Lacria and made a posture I usually make when wearing it.


“Then, turn alound~”


Simultaneously with my words, Lacria put the goods in question on my head and I also felt it being attached to my butt.


“Oh my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my~”

“Fufu…… it’s lovely no matter how many times I see it.”

“Yeah…… this is amazing……”

“No good~! This is no good~! Uncle can’t take it anymore~! I feel the nosebleed coming~! It’s a nosebleed festival~!”


The equipped goods were naturally one of Eliott’s beastman cosplay sets――Nekomimio. I forgot what generation, what number, what model they are, but they are cat ears.

I shrewdly pushed out my buttocks and take a cat punch pose, the cat ears are twitchingly moving and the cat tail is limpidly and complicatedly swaying.
As a result of plenty of cuteness appeal, Okaasama got broken a bit, but she became very lively, so I will deem it acceptable.
As a matter of fact, Tiny-sama has a bit of a nosebleed, but Sani sensei is properly supporting her so she will surely return to normal soon.







Mother, daughter, grandmother, and Tiny-sama continued the instrumental ensemble until the magic tool ran out of magical power.

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