Chapter 125

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The Truth Behind the Damage
The Christophe House’s second daughter, me Lilianne, was wearing maid clothes with miniskirt and garter belt while on the pilgrimage on top of my pet, the Salvarua Reki-kun, whom I was using as Mikoshi just yesterday.

That day, many servants of the Christophe House collapsed in excitement.
The Christophe House’s servants are not any ordinary servants.
Of course, because everyone has various tolerances, they won’t easily lose their composure.
However, the truth is that on that day, the first aid room was full of collapsed people.

I’m just guessing, but I don’t think it happened only because of the miniskirt and garter belt alone.
Even though I have just recently started realizing that my appearances are very good, they are only at the level of little girl beauty.
I, who can’t utilize mirrors or reflection to confirm my appearances can’t say for sure, but it’s gradually becoming clear with the spreading radius of the surroundings’ reaction.

In other words, what this means is……

There is another reason which caused this situation.




I march around the mansion on Reki-kun’s back and the place I arrived is what I think is the great hall.
I was guided to the highest place where the magic tool workshop team with Eliott in front was waiting for me.


“Oh! My angel! Today, you are sexy and pretty!”


Everyone except Eliott got surprised when we entered, leaving their mouths wide open.


Well, I’m a little girl wearing maid clothes with a miniskirt and a garter belt, so it’s only a normal reaction.
The somewhat excited servants are weird.
The greatly exited personal maids are way too weird.
Ellie, Obaasama, and Ena are partial because they are my family, so it can’t be helped when they go too far.
Kuti being like that is a default. There’s no problem there.


“Baa~ba, thank youu.”

“No, you are welcome.”


Stealing march on the greatly excited personal maids, Obaasama has been recently helping me get on and off of Reki-kun which is the job of the personal maids.
Even while Nija was one step ahead in the great excitement, a rare expression of regret appeared on her normally expressionless face.


“This Eliott came running as soon as I heard that my angel is showing her lovely appearances to the servants. Although it’s at once…… please, take this first.”


Eliott slowly stepped in front of me and respectfully waited while handing over something.


“Magik tool?”

“Yes, I have brought the item of promise to my angel.”


What he was handing over to me was a magic tool with a flow of magical power of an unactivated state――it hasn’t been started up yet.
But, the shape is weird.
I wonder what it is, is it wearable?


“What’s dis?”

“This is a magic tool that was possible to make only after I got an idea from my angel. I call it――Usamimio No.7.”

“Usamimi…… o?”


Indeed, it’s as Eliott said. The magical power is clearly shaping bunny ears.
Incidentally, there’s a round, tail shape as well.
But, why was it necessary to reproduce it as a magic tool?
Besides, were you intending to make this after getting an idea from looking at me?


“Yes, this Usamimio No.7 is a magic tool imbued with a 1st-grade telepathic waves sorcery.”



Eliott’s explanation was met with the admiration and surprise of the surroundings.
The reason is simple.
The number of sorcerers who can use 1st-grade sorcery is extremely small, those who can make them into magic tools are even rarer, the consumption of magical power is too tremendous and it’s not something that can be easily made into a portable size, but the implementation is not impossible.
That is the same for any kind of 1st-grade sorcery, the telepathic waves sorcery is one of many sorceries with such tremendous consumption.

In other words, sealing a 1st-grade sorcery into bunny ears and tail that would fit me should be impossible.


“Through the idea given to me by my angel…… I have-”


“Mu…… we have succeeded in developing a revolutionary reduction of magical power consumption!”



After Eliott explained with earnest eyes still in the kneeling posture and with someone demanding a correction, the crowd of servants in the great hall let out intense cheers.
When it comes to the servants of the Christophe House, they are required to have knowledge about sorcery to some extent.
Even if they can’t use it, knowing and not knowing will play a big part during the battle.
Even though chants can be individually encrypted, making it difficult to judge the sorcery, the knowledge would still be very useful.

For that reason, everyone understands that sealing 1st-grade sorcery into a downsized magic tool is without a doubt revolutionary.


“We have already established the practicality from numerous verifications. And now, what I handed to my angel…… is the work of the highest quality and safety I’m able to make for my angel! Now then, my angel by all means, in this place!”


Eliott’s eyes full of expectations and the identical gazes of the people gathered in the hall were plastered on me.
If I was an ordinary child, I would be surely crying.
But, unfortunately, I’m not an ordinary child. It finished with a slight startle.

And, I’m hesitating to refuse while watched with so many gazes of expectations upon me.
It’s was just a bit embarrassing and the mini-garter I was already wearing was helping me, so I tried it on.
I put on the bunny ears type headband.
The tail got attached to my skirt with a petan sound and doesn’t seem it will fall off anytime soon. This must be also an effect of one of the combined sorceries.


Loud cheers have been resounding in the great hall since a while ago.
When I got startled again by the tidal wave of voices that caused rumbling in the ground, it was matched with high-pitched screams and became even louder.




Among the high-pitched screams, there was a voice of success mixed in.
The owners of those voices lightly made fists. Of course, it was Eliott and others.
I don’t understand well, but they are making faces of some kind of accomplishment.
The production of receiving cheers by me putting on the bunny ears…… I don’t think that’s it.
They are not directors. They are magic tools craftsmen.


“Lily, amazing! Incredibly adorable! Those twitchingly moving ears emphasize Lily’s cuteness, it suits you very well!.”

“Yes, it’s very lovely, Lily-chan.”

“Crap, this is seriously dangerous, Lily’s bunny ears are twitchtwitch twitchi~ng!”

I was finally able to understand the situation from Eliott’s, Obaasama’s, and Kuti’s remarks.
Now that I think about it, this magic tool has 1st-grade telepathic waves sorcery sealed inside.
According to its name, the telepathic waves sorcery wouldn’t be able to do something like this on its own, but because it’s processed by 4th-grade induction waves sorcery, its use has greatly changed.
The users of this set of sorceries have their mind read――although just a relatively shallow layer is the limit though.

And apparently, this Usamimio No.7 includes a special part that has sorcery necessary for movement sealed in.
In other words, this magic tool is a combination of several complex sorceries including the 1st-grade sorcery.


In other words, that’s what it means.


The moment I reached understanding was followed by another wave of the high-pitched storm.
It was probably because both of the bunny ears moved by the feeling of relief induced by understanding.

I got startled again a bit while receiving the high-pitched storm and both of my bunny ears jolted straight up.


What Kuti who was on the verge of exploding nosebleed drew with magical power described exactly what I thought.

The bunny ears match and move according to my emotions.
They have used a 1st-grade sorcery on top of making the use of the newly developed and revolutionary magic fragment supplementing technology to finish a complex magic tool like that.
What to say, they are truly lovable fools.

But, their foolishness didn’t end just with that.


“Ah, Eliott-dono, we are running out of the residual quantity.”

“Alright…… my angel! This one next!”


Saying that, he presented cat ears and tail.
Rather, residual quantity?

I surely think that’s not what I think it is, but……


“I’m afraid to say that this one ran out of magical power and is not usable anymore. However, leave it to us. We still have still more to come!”


It’s exactly what I thought.
The revolutionary technique dramatically reduced the consumption of magical power and even though sealing 1st-class sorcery into a portable magic tool was a success, it seems it still wasn’t enough for a complex magic tool that continues consuming the magical power by a constant movement.

And now, the magic tool which has been finished using is already garbage.
At most, it can be disassembled for the magic fragment which can be utilized as a supplement.
In other words, it can be said that 1st-grade sorcery can be sealed only for such short movable time.

Users of the 1st-grade sorcery are also extremely limited.
That’s because the sorceries of 3rd-grade or above are of such high difficulty that normally, you could use only one or two of them.

In fact, the 2nd-grade sorceress Claire can also use only four 2nd-grade sorceries.
Four is considerably a lot.
Claire who can use four 2nd-grade sorceries is unable to use a single 1st-grade sorcery, that’s how difficult it is.

However, the sorcery must be used at least once per magic tool.
That’s because sorcery has to be activated before sealing it into the magic tool.

In other words, 1st-grade sorcery――telepathic waves sorcery had to be used for these cat ears and tail just like for the Usamimio No.7.
But, Eliott surely said before.
That they still have more.


I’m certain that 1st-grade sorcerers in Ovent could be counted on the fingers of one hand……
As for 1st-grade sorcerers, they usually settle as royal court sorcerers.
Obtaining such person who could use the sorcery over and over again would be difficult. Moreover, it’s 1st-grade sorcery with a tremendous consumption of magical power.
Just how……


“Eliott-dono…… you have become 1st-grade sorcerer……?”


Ena has asked the question I had with a somewhat shaky voice.
The great hall which has been filled with loud cheering suddenly fell quiet, wrapping the surroundings in silence.


“Yeah, we couldn’t find anyone else so. Rather than that, my angel, here!”


Ena’s face cramped with all its strength at Eliott’s careless declaration, but Eliott who didn’t mind that a bit urged me.


1st-grade sorcerer.
That is the title of one of the strongest sorcerers in the Ovent Kingdom that only a handful of people have.
Normally, the country would celebrate it as a grand event when one becomes a 1st-grade sorcerer.
But, the magic tool fool before me is totally unconcerned.

Even now, he is urging me with fiery magical power in his eyes.

While giving condolences to Ena whose cramped face still didn’t recover, I put on the urged cat ears.
The tail attached with a petan sound to my skirt just like the bunny tail and automatically stays on.

When I finished putting it on, the cat ears twitchingly moved just like the bunny ears, and the tail started moving flabbily.
I feel something operating which I didn’t feel with the bunny ears.
Is this perhaps an improved version, I wonder?
That reminds me, he said that Usamimio stressed safety before.
Because he goes as far as calling me an angel, he would use something that emphasizes safety first just to be sure.

And, as expected, a great cheering.
The high-pitched storm has already the rage of the Tornado class, and the great hall the vigorously shook.

I can tell that the tail Pii~n stood straight up and the cat ears collapsed as if trying to block the sound.
As I thought, it must be an improved version. I can quite clearly understand by each and everyone’s behavior.


“How is it? This Nekomimio III is a developmental evolution of Usamimio No.7. It’s able to learn angel’s behavior.”

“Nu. Amazing~”


When the excited cheering partly settled down, we somehow managed to establish a conversation.


“Then, next one is this!”


As I thought, his words of having more wasn’t a lie as he took out one magic tool after another.

Staring from Usamimio No.7, Kitsunemimio VIII, Hitsujitsuno Type 2, Kumamimio No.3, Niwatorihane Variety 5, etcetc.
(Bunny ears, Fox ears, Sheep horns, Bear ears, Chicken wings)

What rules there are for it to be a number, generation, type or whatever is totally unknown to me, but the wings type was especially incredible.

I felt its weight before wearing it, and the assistance of my personal maids was necessary. Once I was wearing it, the weight disappeared and I could control the movements of the wings enough to make me feel like I was really going to fly.

But, whether the actions were too complicated or it matched the size of the wings, the magic fragment which was used was large, but it still wasn’t enough for the consumption as it ran out after about ten flaps.

That was bit disappointing, but my interest has been immediately changed with the cosplay equipment still coming out.




Before I noticed, the servants which should have been filling the great hall to the capacity considerably decreased in numbers.
While wondering why and equipping another cosplay equipment, I confirmed several people crumbling down.
And then, the people who collapsed have been immediately carried out.


Ahh…… that’s……


It appears the great hall was crammed with servants is not only because the Christophe House has a lot of servants, but because there were also those who collapsed and immediately returned after reviving.
They were carried out every time while scattering something though.


This is the whole story of the incident caused by the one-day mini-garter maid’s Mikoshi pilgrimage.
It’s not an exaggeration to say that the presents I received from Eliott had destructive powers of the tactical class, knocking out the fierce servants of the Christophe House one after another.

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