Chapter 124

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One-day Maid’s Mikoshi Pilgrimage
The one-day maid’s morning starts early.
At first, I idle around in the soft bed until I naturally recover from the drowsiness.
The quiet nap was accompanied by the BGM of our gallant but gentle second mother’s humming.

Coveting idle slumber while waking up on top of the bed under the uninterrupted supervision of a personal maid and a nanny is one-day maid’s job.
That is a very serious matter.
That’s because the one-day maid is unable to see.
Uninterrupted supervision is a thing I can nod for.
But, the one-day maid won’t be discouraged by that.

Finishing the important morning job――at this stage, I’m a one-day maid at heart only, so I’m still wearing casual clothes――the lessons of my secret teacher known as Sani sensei start.
However, not being able to see is not a flaw of the one-day maid.
By staring at the empty space from the start to the end, the unfortunate beautiful little girl look is completed.

When the lesson of such a beautiful little girl one-day maid finish, it’s the mealtime.
The one-day maid eats her meal slowly with constant care.
This is also hard labor.
The meals are fundamentally lightly-seasoned, health-oriented with eternal life attack. We have already reached the level of ascetic monks.
But, I already got used to it as it’s the same every day. The one-day maid won’t get discouraged.

After that, the one-day maid observes the practice of her brother and sister.
It’s an excellent work for the one-day maid.
Just by having the one-day maid observe their training, their motivation rapidly goes through the roof, allowing them to climb up waterfalls and defeat dragons.
In truth, I wonder whether they might be really able to climb up waterfalls with their talents.

After finishing encouraging the golden eggs, the one-day maid trains the beast.
The beast being the fellow whom I willfully consider an endangered species on this Lizwald Continent.
His growth is slightly too fast according to the mysterious white-coated teacher Sani sensei, enough to make me seriously consider, What have you eaten to grow this huge, recently.
Although I occasionally scheme to sneak a bite of his food, that fellow’s lump of instincts react during the meal, so I can’t quite get my hands on it. But, the one-day maid won’t be discouraged.

Wanting to play and hardly study, with a cat’s, coaxing voice――in spite of being a wolf――he draws close, nearly blowing me off. The one-day maid becomes his opponent with the help of the personal maids.
The wolf who completely changed the study time, shows great speeds and terrific stamina with his large build and completely defeats the one-day maid in the play.
But, the one-day maid won’t get discouraged.
Not only is the growth of my body slow, but my stamina is also different from those of the average little girls.
It’s you who will be outmatched if I accompany you until you get bored.
Finally, the training finished by lightly knocking Wolf-kun out by making him feel good.
This is the most important in the test of strength. The one-day maid won’t be discouraged.

Once the beast is knocked out, my beloved person will finally turn up.
The one-day maid’s field of vision is already painted with flowers.
There’s already no one who stops me when I promptly dress in the maid clothes. Hearing high-pitched shouts of joy from behind me, it’s time for the departure.

To my beloved fairy.
The strongest magician in the Forest next to the world.
There’s no one superior to her when it comes to sorcery.
The Smugface Sovereign.
Fundamentally in the ‘good grief’ role.
Acknowledged in defense――according to a magical power drawing――the certain Tiny-sama.

She’s a great person with various nicknames.
As I thought, only I am able to see such her together with the mysterious white-gowned sensei.
The one-day maid who doesn’t want to be treated like a painful child won’t get discouraged.
Because I will soon turn three, I obtained wooden dolls and learned to play with them. If seen from distance, I would seem like a cute little girl playing house. As easy as twisting a baby’s hand.
But, the one-day maid knows that twisting hands is painful so she wouldn’t do it.

The one-day maid won’t get discouraged!




(Say ahh~)



Fairies are a race that fundamentally doesn’t need to eat.
They ensure their intake of nutrition from the magical power in the air like sages.
Therefore, this ahh~ chomp ufufu ahaha is basically not necessary but it concerns Kuti’s and mine relationship so it’s unrelated.

Incidentally, as for what I’m feeding her, it’s fruit from today’s breakfast I hid with the concealment sorcery.
The fundamentally bland-tasting meals don’t suit a child’s palate but I’m very glad about the fruit’s presence.
I feed her my everyday’s most favorite thing and necessity at every meal.


In short, this is the psychology of a woman who is acting as a host…… No, it’s a bit different.
I wonder if it’s like offering my favorite things at a god’s shrine? No, it’s a bit different.

Right…… this is sharing of things I myself enjoy every day.
You and I are one body and one soul, or something!


We have become quite close so it feels far away……





Crunch, crunch, because I was happy just from seeing Kuti stuffing her cheeks with the fruit while making such pleasant sounds, I felt like I’m okay with both being a host or praying to god.

The surroundings have been naturally arranged with a perfect layer of delicately configured sorcery.
Therefore, what’s happening is a labor of love from myself, the one-day maid Lilianne to Kuti.

Bewitching, illusion, genjutsu, soundproofing, space fixation, pseudo-odor, sound imitations, etc.

I’m using sorceries that exceed the number of my fingers and toes.
Sani sensei psyched herself up at the sorceries that exceeded my time with the personal maids, she was amazed while crunching on the fruits I brought for Kuti.


That’s wasn’t brought for you, Sani sensei but for Kuti. But well, let’s let it be this time.
But next time, I will lock you in Kuti-made concealment sorcery and send an extremely fragrant scent with the pseudo-odor sorcery inside.


“Lilyy~ n, more~”

(Yes, ahh~)



I presented her with the fruit after she said with a voice that was grandly thrown in honey, topped with fresh cream, with five dangos placed on top of it.


“Ham…… chuu, chuu, chuu~n.”


“Dehehe~ I even licked Lily’s finger~ Gehehehe~”


While having my fingers sucked by my beloved who was talking sugary words in a voice of an old man, Fairy-san took out a book of magical power while quietly floating and ignoring the sugary space for only two.


“Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Today too!? You are doing it today as well, Lily!”




While doing say ahh with the last fruit, a piercing scream penetrated the sugary mood in the Reki-kun room.
As the aftermath, I got startled and the fruit directly hit Tiny-sama, making her unintentionally shout one of the Semitic Afroasiatic language family’s languages.

And a presence running over.
I canceled the sorceries as planned in advance without panicking and fixed my appearances in the meantime.


“Yaa~n, you really are too cute! As I thought, Lily is angel-like Maid-san!”

“Au, Nee~ne, welkum baack.”

“I’m back, my Maid-san.”


With four times Ellie’s usual tension, my Oneesama rubbed her cheek against mine.
Well, hugging and rubbing is a daily routine, but I judged the rise in tension by her magical power.
Together with the magical power, I felt as if she had a wagging tail.


I wonder what animal Ellie would be…… a dog, after all?
Nono, a cat because of her tsundere manners……?



“That’s right, Lily! I thought of something good! Wait for a moment, okay!”



I saw the fully motivated Elli who left at high speed while leaving a cloud of dust behind while tilting my head.


I wonder if that’s the result of her everyday training.




“H, how about it……?”


I wonder if there’s anyone that can go against the puppy eyes of this person?
I can’t help but feel my desire to protect those eyes and the blurry magical power raise.
It also spurs to sincerely pray to a god with both hands before my heart.

What she――our Oneesama presented was most likely a skirt.
It feels similar on touch to the maid skirt I’m wearing.
But, the length is different.

What I’m wearing are naturally Christophe House provided maid clothes, but they are custom made because of the size, but they are basically the same except the size. I requested such, so there’s no doubt.
Well, the inside is fitted with air conditioning magic tool.
Unexpectedly, this Maid-san clothing is a tight fit, so it would be troublesome if I didn’t get used to it.


Now, getting back to the subject.


I feel that the skirt which was handed over to me is somewhat short.
The maid skirts provided by Christophe House are ankle-length long skirts.
Of course, my skirt is like that as well.
However, if I had to choose, the one which was handed over to me is a short, knee-length one.

And, another thing which was suddenly handed to me.
A very thin fabric. It’s so thin I feel the skin of my fingers when pinching it.
Fairly longish ends with lace-like texture with strings attached and an apparatus for adjustment?
I can’t see it, so I can’t tell properly.

But, seeing Tiny-sama staring at the thing in my hands with excitement, it goes without saying that it must be a dangerous article.


“Nee~ne, what dis?”

“T, this is you see…… umm, erm…… a, anyhow, I think it will suit you very well! That’s why, let’s try wearing it? Okay? Lily, please!”


After being bewildered by my sister who was desperately appealing me, when I nodded with “N, nu”, her anxious expression instantly vanished and a tranquil smile that could cover the whole sky with stars appeared.






“…… Eh~”


Greatly excited, high-pitched screams echoed around the Reki-kun room and the lord of the room, Reki-kun who was having a siesta looked around the room with sleepy eyes.


“As I thought! As I thought! It’s as I thought~!”

“Amazing~! Ellie, amazing~! Impressive! Ellie the Miracle God!”


Iyaniyan, our Oneesama is shaking her head with fiery magical power in her eyes, while displaying a glowing I haven’t seen before. She’s apparently called Ohimesama in the school.

Our Tiny-sama who is creating dozens of tube-shaped fish-paste cakes of magical power in the background while looking at me with excitement and heavy nasal breathing. That person is my beloved person, you know…… unbelievable, right?


The reason for the two’s great excitement is how to say it, because I’m wearing the certain thing that was handed to me.
Of course, it would be dangerous putting it on myself, Ellie helped me out.
Ellie was a bit dangerous while putting it on me, but she took a slight distance to see the whole picture after finishing putting it on me and she has been like that since then.
Kuti has been like that after stopping and rebooting like Theo.

Well…… it’s not like I don’t understand a little but it’s vexing.


“As I thought, as I thought, as I thought~! Miniskirt and garter belt suits Lily extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely well! I’m so excited my heart is beating wildly~!”


Setting aside the great excitement I haven’t seen in my Oneesama before, that skirt was a miniskirt.
It’s slightly shorter than the knee-length I expected and if I was wearing pumpkin panties, they would be in a full view.


Aren’t you glad we went with string panties, Onee~shama?


And, the garter belt.
I have confirmed its existence last time when Nija was wearing it but…… to think they would order a custom one for my size.
Because I would have to take off everything on the toilet if worn on top of panties as is usual, I didn’t let myself be undressed so the garter is on panties.

Well, that place isn’t visible so it doesn’t matter.

This Garter-san.
I feel like it is perfectly familiar with the miniskirt and the size of my lower half of body…… no, it must be perfectly familiar as it’s creating an exquisite length of exposed skin between the top and the hemline of the skirt.
Those two are greatly excited because of this exposed skin.


No, yeah.
If I were looking at myself I would surely agree.
Being actually seen is a bit turn off~
Getting turned off~


But, as Oneesama’s magical power has been revitalized from the great excitement, it goes without saying that Kuti who has completely turned into an old man is the same.

Obaasama, Ena, and personal maids got swallowed in such crucible of great excitement……
All of my personal maids are naturally present.
Ojiisama who is always busy as the commander of the Knights Order has been informed, he immediately rushed over and got swallowed as well……


In the end, the garter-miniskirt one-day maid got stuck parading around the mansion on Reki-kun’s back.

By the way, today, the first aid room has been apparently full of servants who collapsed due to the excitement.
That’s a bit turn off~

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