Chapter 123

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Little Girl Maid Reborn
11th Month, 1st week, Red day.
In other words, 2nd of 11th Month. The next day after Ena’s birthday.

Yesterday, Theo, Ellie, I and Ena slept in the same bed.
It goes without saying that I saw her deredere side with a smiling face instead of the usual gallant and gentle Ena for the first time.
Thinking about it like that, the surprise present was a great success.


I’m glad we did this instead of the one-day little girl maid.


When I woke up, Ellie who slept next to me and Theo who slept next to Ena were already awake.
Of course, Ena wasn’t in the bed as well, but I immediately found her when I turned my head.
She’s tidying up the room with the usual cleaning magic tool.
Together with today’s personal maid, Nija.

I can tell Ena’s good mood without needing to look at the flow of her magical power from her appearances from behind.
On the contrary, the flow of magical power tells me that she’s on the peak of her physical condition.
The great effectiveness of yesterday’s present can be seen. Her skin is surely glossy as well.

Yesterday’s Ena was seriously deredere and extremely gentle, she wasn’t the usual, obstructing Ena at all.
I wonder whether she would let me explore the garden on my own yesterday if I asked? Going solo would an exaggeration, isn’t it?

Well, it was Ena’s birthday so I wouldn’t do anything that would cause her to worry and I want to overcome Ena fair and square, so I have naturally restrained myself.
But, I think such Ena is very usable.
But as I thought, verification is necessary. Therefore, I decided to try and promptly call out to Ena who was humming to herself with a clear voice while doing housework.




After Ena who was cleaning in a good mood turned around at a terrific speed because of my certain death honeyed words, I’m sure she must have teleported and scooped me up from the bed.


“Lily-chan! Aan, you! Cute! Adorable! Lily-chan is way too cute!”


Ena’s deredere voice piled up over and over again while she furiously and gently embraced me while paying attention not to crush me.
This is Ena’s state from yesterday. It’s startling, right?
She usually doesn’t add -chan to my name and she naturally doesn’t add -chan to Theo and Ellie as well.
But, she has been adding -chan since yesterday.
Moreover, her speech is broken as you can see.
The three of us were surprised by this at first.
But, Ena was like this all this time so I gradually got used to it and in the end, I grew accustomed to it as if it was the usual without any uncomfortable feelings.


“…… Ojousama, impressive.”

“Aan, as I thought, Lily-chan is the most adorable! Enough to make me want to eat you! Chuu, chuu!”


“I will be the one to eat Lily~! Prprprprp!”


The double combo of the pretty Ena on my right cheek and Tiny-sama who was for some reason competing with her by licking my left cheek continued for a while.




“…… Ahem. Elliana-san, I understand that you were just too happy yesterday, but it’s not good to cut too loose. Please take a look, Lily-chan must have had it difficult, right?”

“I, I’m sorry……”

“Baa~ba, I’m already fine, you know?”

“Lily-chan, this is what’s called distinction (between right and wrong) and it’s absolutely indispensable.”


“Yesterday was Elliana-san’s birthday and I was extremely jeal…… ahem. It wouldn’t be a problem if it was only like that however, we will be troubled if Elliana-san doesn’t return to the usual Elliana-san, you know?”

“Yes…… I’m sorry……”

“Well…… I intend on doing the same on my next year’s birthday so I can’t say much but…… anyhow, let’s do our best together, okay?”

“Yes, I’m terribly sorry, Annela-sama.”

“Now then, let’s leave the scolding at that. Here, let’s stay still Lily-chan, okay?”



Because I became like that because of Ena’s pecking and Tiny-sama’s licking, I took a morning bath and Obaasama carefully dried my wet hair with a magic tool.
She said it was scolding to Ena, but it’s not like Obaasama was serious. Her next year’s present stunk of seriousness though.

Ena’s yesterday and a little while ago’s deredere was indeed an extremely hopeless state, but compared to that, the usual Ena is gallant and kind like a different person.
Therefore, I think I don’t need to say it, but Obaasama who hardened her heart volunteered for the role of a bad guy.



Well, Obaasama is a true demon at heart, so even the genuine demon won’t be able to escape from her.


Like this and that, the verification finished without a hitch.
It was slightly unsafe, but well, it was mainly safe.

The result of the verification is, Ena will break when called Okaasama.
She will break and listen to anything I say.
I can’t say it’s fair, but well, it might be usable as the last resort.


We changed the place to the Reki-kun room as usual.
Right at this moment, there is a wooden doll wearing a small dress in front of me. Three of them.

Wooden Dolls.
It’s just that simple dolls are sold as an adult luxury item for tremendous prices, but as soon as the adjective ‘wooden’ is added, their value decreases.
These are general toys for children.

These wooden dolls.
They are fundamentally shaped as humans.
Their joints seem to be moveable, but they are made by simply gouging out the wood and sticking a string through, so they don’t use spherical joints or anything.
Of course, they can’t maintain a posture either.
They are very simple things.

I can quite clearly understand that their limbs are dangling heavily from their bodies similar to a dead body.
Well, they are general toys so it can’t be helped.
But, they are sufficient for this time’s purpose.

By the way, I’m currently wearing maid clothes.
It’s the Little Girl Maid Reborn.

Then, why am I wearing maid clothes even though it’s not anyone’s birthday?
It’s not like I have woken up wearing maid clothes or anything.

That’s because this morning, when I was returning from the bath after experiencing the double combo, I saw Tiny-sama getting caught in a Lv3 Kyokugenryu secret technique and getting ‘Die, yabo!’ -ed.[Reference to Geese Howard from Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, The King of Fighters, and Tekken series]


“Ha! Too easy~!” [Geese Howard’s quote]

(Which Howard-san you might be~)


Before I formed words of magical power in certain unreadable writing, Tiny-sama with her karate uniform torn to the shoulders was twitching at the feet of Sani sensei who changed into Howard-san left her last words in her dying moments.


“I, wanted to be waited upon by a little girl maid…… gaku.”




The above recollection ends.

That being the case, I agreed to be Kuti’s one-day Maid, but there are various problems with that.
Namely the point that Kuti is visible only to me.
I myself have no problems with being Kuti’s maid. Rather, I want to be her maid.

But, how would that look?
Diligently bothersome little girl maid facing a place where no one else can be seen.
Doing ‘say ahh~’ to no one in sight, and speaking while smiling at an empty space.

Yep, it’s possible for a little girl.


…… Or not, if I, who almost never plays alone starts suddenly doing something like that, Obaasama and Ena will inevitably be worried.
That’s why, I intended to play with dolls as a camouflage.

To be frank, what I use while playing is only Reki-kun and magic tools.
This one animal and several tools that can’t be said to be toys.
When I was bit smaller, Theo frantically attempted to attract my attention with a rattling item, but I fundamentally ignored that or played only to save his face.

Such myself has never played with toys like this before, but I will be three years old next month.
It’s not weird to have a wooden doll or two at three years old. Because I’m a girl.
Because of that, it goes without saying that playing house with dolls would be inevitable. Because I’m a girl.
In short, can’t it be said that this camouflage is perfect? Because I’m a girl.

By the way, when I asked for a doll, just those adult, luxurious and ridiculously expensive ones appeared first.
Moreover, eight of them at that.
They were named.
They apparently were from Obaasama’s collection.
As I thought, I would feel uneasy dirtying something like that, so while pondering what to do, Sani sensei informed me that children generally play with wooden dolls.


No, I really was saved.
As expected of Howard-san.


Thus, one hour later, five dolls arrived… at first.
Right…… at first.

It goes without saying that it became an extended family meeting in the end, I can’t see the wooden dolls, so I understood the gist of the doll army with Kuti’s distortion.


It’s a bit scary.
The glorious wooden dolls forming a row.
They would shake in the wind and dry sounds would resound when they collide.
Reki-kun who found it amusing would play by lightly poking them, linking them into a great chorus and becoming more and more cheerful.
What were light pokes at first became cat punches and the extended wooden doll family got literally smashed to pieces.

Only three dolls remained in the end.


Just what you might be doing, Reki-kun.
You won’t hide by covering your eyes with your forepaws, you know?
Won’t you become even more adorable by peeking through the gaps in your slightly adorable paws! Seriously, you!

Nija was collecting the smashed up dolls and held a memorial service while I lectured Reki-kun a bit, so while playing with the wooden dolls on the convulsing Reki-kun’s belly, my day as Kuti’s personal little girl maid begun.

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