Chapter 122

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9th~11th Month
Ovent’s autumn.
To Christophe House, that means a birthday rush.
Although the birthdays are gathered between 9th, 10th, and 11th Months, it can’t be celebrated together in the wealthy Christophe House, and even if they are celebrated just with relatives, matching that number of relatives with the servants brings up great numbers, so it’s celebrated grandly every time.

That being the case, the birthday of our Okaasama, Claireteal, came first.
Last year she received a bouquet of 100 roses that she almost couldn’t hold in both of her hands from her dear husband Aleksander, creating a lovey-dovey space only for the two.
This time, Aleksander’s present was a handmade wooden necklace.
It had quite an innocent feel on the contrary to last year’s inevitable ‘put up a front’ attitude, and it formed the lovey-dovey space between my parents again, inviting warm gazes.
She received earrings from my grandparents Annela Obaasama and Roland Ojiisama.
A hair ornament from Ena.
And her three children including me, Lilianne, followed the father Alek, and gave her a handmade paper cheque also known as Selfishness Coupon I suggested myself.
I thought that Help Coupon or Shoulder Massage Coupon would be fine too, but even if we were helping we would be helping with Claire’s work and not housework so it would be impossible, as for the shoulder massage, Claire is still young, and the flow of her magical power is extremely healthy.
She enters the unfortunate beauty territory but she’s a sound, superior child inside, with exploding health, so I doubt her shoulders get stiff.
If not shoulders, Whole Body Massage Coupon then, is what I thought, but I, unfortunately, don’t have that sort of knowledge and the only thing that came to my mind was to push on her back while she’s lying down with my feet.
She’s always gentle and she hardly scolds us. Besides, as the royal court sorceress, she’s as busy as Alek, so thinking of the little contact she has with her children, I came up with the Selfishness Coupon.
With this, we can have various interactions.

As one would expect, she tilted her head in wonder when we gave it to her because it’s a first, but her expression gradually became cheerful as Theo and Ellie explained, and in the end, her magical power opened on a full-throttle as she embraced us.

She used one of the Selfishness Coupons immediately after hugging us for a while, so we were together for the whole day as the selfishness was activated.
Being selfish to the degree she wasn’t listening to others, Theo, Ellie, and I were together with her all the time from a bath to the bed.




9th Month, the second birthday was that of our Oniisama, the Silver Flash Noble Theodore.
Silver Flash Noble is the nickname Theo received in the junior high school, it’s a nickname he received from the fact that he gallantly suppresses his opponents with his silver hair and flash-like fast movements.
My back is itching a bit.

Rather, gallant and suppression, I feel like the school is brutally overdoing it.
No, I properly understand the reason, but looking at the impression given by a picture, I can only imagine the end of a century school.
Of course, the reason is because Theo’s quarrel mediation work continues from the elementary division.
It has already converted into a business and Theo is the one in charge.
There’s quite a lot of people in the school, so there are also quite a lot of fights. Moreover, there are children who wish to become adventurers, soldier apprentices, and those who want to become knights, so all of them are children with a lot of physical strength with many of them being fast to quarrel.
With future prospects like those it might be said it’s only given but well, because of such reason, Theo is mediating between fights every day.
Although I say that, he has it almost always under control though.

Now then, although it’s a birthday party, Theo will be 11 years old.
Speaking of being 11 years old, it’s still being a child. In the school, he can only be a prince and a nobleman, but while at home, he’s unexpectedly always a foolish child except during the practice time.
Naturally, since he’s Oniisama he’s proper around that area, but as expected, he returns to being an obedient child in front of parents and grandparents.
Rather, that’s Theo.
No matter how much they praise him from being a nobleman or a prince, Theo is Theo.

The birthday party was a modest and warm one with only the family members. He stuck close to his parents with flowers that were Ellie and me in each hand, he was in a great delight from the beginning to the end.

By the way, the present from me was being Oniisama’s one-day Maid-san.
It goes without saying that Theo who saw me in such Maid-san look completely stopped operating.


After Theo, it was Ellie’s turn in the 10th Month.
Ellie will turn nine years old and she will undergo the inspection of her sorcery aptitude next year.
But, that’s currently irrelevant as there’s something Ellie has been asking me for long before her birthday.
It was related to her present.

Ellie who’s actions got completely suspended as well after seeing me in the Maid-san look continued to plead with me that she doesn’t need anything else.
That seriousness couldn’t be seen during the practice.
I didn’t have any objection so I thought of lightly acknowledging, but somehow, my mischevious heart sprouted and I put my answer on hold. However, Ellie’s pleading increased in aggression as her birthday was approaching, and together with her impatience, she started showing some terrific changes in the flow of her magical power, so I got quite surprised.


Ellie-san yo…… you want to see me as a Maid-san that much……
Well, Ellie’s face was certainly showing frustration I have never seen before when I gave Theo my one-day Maid-san present.
Rather, it might have been the first time I saw a face like that.

That being the case, I was finally overcome the day before the birthday…… rather, as expected I was just feeling a bit mischevious and I eventually thought of doing it, so when I acknowledged being her one-day Maid-san, Ellie was so happy she unexpectedly started crying.


The older sister who was moved to tears by her little sister playing a maid.
I thought it was befitting of Theo, but I didn’t realize Ellie didn’t want to be defeated to such level.


By the way, one-day Maid-san’s work is brewing tea――my growth is sort of slow, so it was quite difficult with my lower than average strength. Moreover, I can’t see the objects, so Ellie’s support was necessary――
Doing ‘Say ahh~’ while eating――as expected, I can’t see this too so Ellie’s support, rather Ellie had to guide my hand with a fork towards the food――
Washing body during a bath――my stamina is lower than that of an average little girl so it took some time, but I managed. By the way, I did this during Theo’s turn as well――
Becoming the hugging pillow――I feel like that’s not Maid-san’s job――

And so on, it was considerably difficult.
As a result, Ellie said it was the best birthday ever as she crowned me with a flower crown.
Incidentally, I also received a flower crown after Theo’s turn.





Now then, Ena has a birthday in the 11th Month.
Claire, Theo, Ellie and lastly Ena.

But well, although I figured, after Theo’s and Ellie’s one-day Maid-san, it was apparently Ena’s turn.
Her mood before the birthday was so cheerful, I thought whether she might let me go wherever I want.

Now then, my plan was to be a one-day Maid-san, but thanks to Theo’s and Ellie’s suggestion and Claire’s and Alek’s approval, there was an urgent change.

And then, the birthday.


Today is the 11th Month, first week, and the first, Green day.
I think I might have forgotten, but the order should be Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Black, and Clear.
Because the months have four weeks, the first days of the months are always Green.

Now, getting back to the subject.


Because it was the plan to be the one-day Maid-san this time as well――it’s currently being altered but it’s a secret from Ena――it’s only a modest, family birthday.
We decorate the room as always and have a birthday with the usual members.
The birthday party with sweets that had a sweeter taste than usual begun and Ena who received presents from my parents and grandparents was happy from the bottom of her heart.
Ena has a little magical power to show, however she was oozing with something warm.

The turn of my parents to present the presents finished and it was our turn.
Ena is thinking that she will receive me as a one-day Maid-san.
I can understand that she’s looking forward to it very much by the manifestation of cheerful magical power and smile on her face.


Well, in a sense, the result of betraying her expectations is easy to imagine.
In a good way though.


It’s family only birthday party so the dress code isn’t necessary and I’m in my casual wear instead of the one-day Maid-san, Victorian maid clothes that are provided to the Christophe House’s maids, so Ena’s smiling face is showing a wonder.

Facing such Ena, Theo as our representative took a step forward and announced the surprise present.


“Ena, Happy Birthday! Today, the three of us are your children! Once again!”

“””Happy Birthday, Okaasama!”””


When the three of us said so in a loud voice, Ena smiled after holding her mouth with her hands and hugged the three of us tightly.


“Thank you…… it’s the best present!”


It goes without saying that many tears trickled down Ena’s cheeks who said so with an extraordinarily beautiful smile while wholeheartedly hugging the three of us.

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