Chapter 121

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With Clear and Blue Skies
The formula that develops while rotating at high speed in front of me slowly accumulates and starts feeding on my spirit power which I detached.
This spectacle was prettier than any sorcery I have seen until now, solemn…… and fleeting.

When the composition acquired from the analysis and Kuti’s mental image of the configuration matched, the space in front of her softly warped.



Because the voice I unconsciously let out was quiet and half of my face was buried in Reki-kun’s belly, the surroundings didn’t hear me.

Once the warped space stabilizes, the picture of the other side should be reflected.
This sorcery is communication sorcery but it naturally sends a picture as well. Moreover, with no time lag, it’s something like a miracle thing.
The other party is in a world on a different plane after all.


“Ah~ ah~ can you hear me?”

“Yes, Kulestilt-sama. I can hear you.”

“Is there no problem with the picture?”

“Yes, there’s no problem.”

“Okay~ Then, go and report to Natasha~”



Kuti and the other party conversed for a bit and the communication ended.
This was just a test and they will be apparently contacting the Fairy Queen Natasha for the regular report directly.


“There doesn’t seem to be any problems for now.”

“Of course. It’s only natural that there are no problems since Lily helped out!”


To that stable expression of Smugface-sama, I was able to feel relieved and take a breather that we don’t have to be separated.

By the way, just like with the Silver Eye, I wasn’t able to see the picture.
What I saw was just a delicate formula unfolding at high speed. Is it detailed information on the contents, I wonder?
My analysis couldn’t catch up because on top of being too detailed, the development was way too high speed.

Well, television of my previous life was based on various lights fluctuating at high speeds to create a picture, so it’s probably something similar.
In other words, it’s possible to see the visual picture by analyzing the fast-developing formula but…… that’s a bit too difficult as of now.
I feel like I would have to exceed the human limit to create exclusive sorcery just for that.
For example, it’s said that you can manually create images on the television by switching the lights. However, that would be impossible if it were not a skill of transcending craftsmanship.




The next day, the communications happened once again and the communication partner, Kuti’s little sister and the Queen of the Forest next to the world, Natasha appeared.
I was a little surprised by the voice that was so similar to Kuti’s but the way she talked was completely different as it seemed extremely diligent. But she was very angry that Kuti created communication sorcery instead of reporting to her directly.
Rather, I felt that she was angry in order to hide her loneliness of not being able to meet Kuti.

While it started with a lecturing, Kuti gradually got to the point of reporting her present situation and it felt like she was talking with Natasha about her work as a peaceful family.
Whether the conversation changed way too family-like, someone at Natasha’s side――most likely the Prime Minister or person of similar status――coughed many times and the real regular report began.

In the middle, Sani sensei participated in the report as well by using many difficult words.
It seemed it was related to me as well but whether not used to it yet or the conversation was way too professional, I lost interest and fell asleep on top of Reki-kun before I noticed.

When I woke up, I wasn’t in the Reki-kun room but I was apparently moved on top of the bed in my room. Of course, Kuti was stuck on my cheek.



“Fufu…… did you sleep well, Lily-chan?”

“…… Umiyu…… ai, slept soundly…… fuaaah.”



I was still in a state where half of my brain cells haven’t booted up yet, I nodded my head to Obaasama who gently called out to me and yawned once more.


“It’s fine to sleep some more? Lily-chan doesn’t take much afternoon naps so I was a bit worried.”

“Is fine~”

“Is that so? But you can’t push yourself too hard, okay?”



I got lifted up in Obaasama’s arms with Tiny-sama still mumbling in her sleep “Lily I can’t eat anymore” on my cheek, then it was the reading time on Obaasama’s lap.

Thanks to the almost daily reading time, our family’s book collection is increasing approximately every day.
Obaasama told me that the library was increased the other day too.


Well, she also told me that my personal clothing rooms increased by one before talking about the library though.
Although I think there’s no need to prepare so many clothes because I’m growing but Obaasama, Ena, and Ellie make me wear different clothes every day so I don’t wear the same clothes that much.
They seem to be different even when they are similar, there are different types of different colors and combinations.
I don’t know the colors and the combination of the clothes are chosen by the girls to their liking, so I have no place to intervene.
Well, I’m still only two…… nearly three years old little girl so I think it can’t be helped though.

The fluffy, lumpy type tutu lavished with laces and the fluffy chiffon blouse which I was wearing in the Reki-kun room just a while ago has become a Tanuki costume pajamas.
The tail is bulky and very nice to touch.

Yesterday’s was a sheep fluffy costume pajamas, the costume pajamas that are my sleepwear are also changed every day.
I also don’t wear the same pajamas twice.

Although my growth is slow, I’m still getting bigger little by little so I won’t be able to wear them in a bit, yet my clothes keep on increasing day after day as if it was irrelevant.
I’m sure that the children clothes in the clothing rooms that have become too small for me are stored in massive amounts.
Perhaps even the things I wasn’t able to wear yet will never come to light.
I think it’s wasteful but the girls are having so much fun so I won’t say anything uncouth…… I can’t say it.

While lending an ear to Obaasama’s gentle voice spinning the story and playing with the Tanuki tail, I took Sani sensei’s lesson with Kuti’s support of drawing illustrations with magical power while still clinging to my cheek.


Ovent’s short summer completely quieted down and in its stead, the longish autumn arrived.
There’s nearly no lingering summer heat and the wind is cool.
This world doesn’t have a proverb like “Autumn with the sky clear and blue, and horses growing stout” but the time of harvest hasn’t changed as autumn here is also the autumn of appetite.
Although I say that, there hasn’t been much of change in the food of the Christophe House.

Although I’m already eating meals that are nearly the same as those of adult’s, it’s very thin as ever before.
Recently, I have learned that healthy dishes with the natural taste of ingredients is the mainstream cuisine in Ovent.
It’s not like there are no spices or condiments but non-greasy, lightly seasoned, medicinal cooking is the way to go.
I’m eating only bland things to the extent it makes me want to eat something with a stronger flavor just like in my previous life, so I’m occasionally craving for junk food full of chems.

But it would be difficult to slip into the kitchen in the two-year-old body under Ena’s and Obaasama’s monitoring.
Even if I can freely use sorcery, the illusion sorcery will lose effect after a certain distance, so it would be difficult.
Well, before that, ingredients don’t have magical power and I wouldn’t be able to see them, so it’s out of the question.

For that reason, my enjoyment of meals comes entirely from fruits.
There are many fruits satisfactory to my taste like in my previous life. Especially now that my palate is that of a child, sweet things are very delicious.
Because they are meals made while thinking about balance, I can’t only eat fruits and their amount is not much so it’s a bit regrettable.


Well, they will give me seconds if I ask but……




The considerably long Ovent autumn slowly passes little by little.
I generally spend every day by deepening my knowledge but I’m naturally also learning sorcery.
I have already learned the majority of the 4th-grade sorceries.
Be it thanks to Sani sensei’s classes or because of my out of the norm Magic Eyes, or perhaps a mixture of both. I have learned what is considered difficult sorcery mostly without any failure.
When stumbling, I pushed straight forward after completely eliminating the cause of failure.
Due to the vast knowledge hammered into me, I’m able to completely understand the difficult-to-understand sorcery, the configurations and the effects of their formulas.

But I haven’t been taught sorcery that is classified as offensive even once.
Although there are sorceries that have more effect than offensive sorcery if used properly, I have nothing that is clearly classified as offensive sorcery.

The two understand that I would never use offensive sorcery with mischief or malice.
But that’s that.
Being the strongest magician in the Forest next to the world, Kuti understands the dreadfulness of sorcery more than anyone.
But she also understands its wonderfulness more than anyone.
That’s why she doesn’t refuse to teach me sorcery, but rather proactively teaches me.

She not conceding on her rule of teaching the offensive sorcery means… that she won’t teach me yet.
I have no objection there.
It will be like that if Kuti says so.
Besides, it’s very improbable that offensive sorcery will be necessary within the Christophe House.
That’s because my life would be long gone before such a situation came.


While mastering the existing sorcery whose scale increases little by little, my hair that has become longer flutters in the still refreshing autumn wind.
The Ovent’s autumn has just started.

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