Chapter 120

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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First Group Work
When the 8th Month ended, Ovent’s short summer ended as well.
I feel like the plan I put in practice for my personal maids and its results are going smoothly.
They started thinking on their own to proactively assist me in my actions.
Of course, there were many problems in the beginning.
That’s because it was originally Obaasama or Ena who did that.
But leaving it to them forever would be strange. I have my own personal maids after all.

That’s why I directly called for my personal maids to do the things Obaasama and Ena normally do and slowly switched over.
As a result, in less than two weeks, one-third of work became the work of the personal maids.
Ena was naturally dissatisfied.
Obaasama seemed a bit lonely.
But it would eventually turn out like that. The only difference is whether it’s late or early and it’s easier to use my personal maids to do various work for me. They are also easier to deceive.

Ena was a bit frantic that a two years old child wanted independence from parents so I stopped at one-third, but she compromised because of that.
The time to dismiss this card is also important. Too late is no good and too early is also no good.
Timing is extremely important.

As the days in the palm of my hand were progressing smoothly, I racked my brains over one big problem every day.
Kuti went away for her regular report last year about this time, I met Sani sensei when she returned and I have begun my lessons shortly after that, but Kuti and Sani sensei haven’t departed for the regular report yet.

Perhaps there are no regular reports this year. I don’t think its that convenient but I have difficulty asking.
I’m anxious, I have already understood that the days when Kuti temporarily leaves produce great stress on my mind.
I know that postponing it is a problem, but knowing that it makes my mind at peace a little bit more, I’m unable to ask.


Whether aware of my worries, today’s Sani sensei’s lesson has been progressing with Kuti’s comical illustrations.
There have been recently many times where Kuti blanky floats in the air after the lessons.
But I know the reason. Kuti becomes like that when she’s using her Base Domain.
My state becomes similar when I use the Base Domain myself.
You will enter an absentminded state when entering the domain while awake and you will enter a state of a deep sleep when entering the domain while sleeping.
You can’t be woken up by external stimulus and your state is not much different from the usual.
It’s just because you can’t be woken up by an external stimulus, it goes without saying that entering the Base Domain for a long period of time would cause trouble.
It’s not a problem for me because I can change the speed inside my domain, but it’s not like that for Kuti.

Because of such reason, my enjoyable, playful, flirting time with Kuti decreased.
Kuti regains the lost time by being passionately playful after she comes out of the Base Domain, but she won’t tell me what she’s doing in there.
But there should be a reason why she doesn’t tell me.
Kuti is a reckless fairy who does and says ridiculous things, but she’s profoundly wise.
If such her is keeping a secret from me, it means that it’s not the time to tell me yet.
Therefore, I don’t ask. She will surely tell me about it someday after all.


My trust for Kuti is deeper than an ocean and so high it breaks through the planet’s atmosphere and reaches the stars.




The 9th Month began and the intense glaring sunlight has considerably settled down these days.
The practice of my siblings has also gradually shifted outdoors.
In such days that flowed so smoothly, I gave my first reward the other day.

The subject was Nija.

In order to get rewarded, she has peculiarly persuaded? Ena and exerted herself to assist me and got a step ahead of the rest of my personal maids.
I would like to know just how did she persuaded her by all means but it’s apparently a secret.
Raising one corner of her mouth, she shrewdly grinned and wouldn’t tell me no matter what.

I was a bit irritated so I made her reward slightly more powerful than before.

By the way, Nija made proper preparations for the reward.
Specifically, she took advantage of my toilet time which became the job of the personal maids.
She judged that even if it took a while, there would be no suspicion because it would be inevitable if it was the big one.
Well, taking too long is no good though.

After the toilet…… rather, after coming back from the reward, Nija was a bit unsteady on her feet so…… no, she was quite suspicious so Obaasama and Ena got involved.

It was Nija after all.


Since Nija suggested the toilet in order to receive her reward, the girls have not noticed yet that I’m able to use sorcery.
Then, if you ask what happened during their first times, they all have vague memories and Obaasama and Ena who were in the same Reki-kun room didn’t say anything, so it seems they interpreted conveniently.

But even with vague memories, they seem to have remembered the whirlpool of pleasure enough to cause withdrawal symptoms, making them consider measures when getting the reward.

They are also maidens after all.


Since I have replenished plenty of Nija’s mofumofu element, I have gotten in the mood to fight so I was playful with Reki-kun today as well.
While playing with Reki-kun with Tiny-sama absentmindedly floating in the field of my vision as usual, words of magical power suddenly appeared.

Words of magical power portraying background word “click.”
And at the same time, Tiny-sama opened her eyes wide, she rapidly checked her surroundings and started developing a formula.

I immediately identified the formula with my outside the norm evolved Magic Eyes and ascertained the formula’s effects.
It was delicately refined and bold, truly an art of a formula.

It developed and disappeared, and while developing and disappearing, the formula accumulated little by little.
The accumulated thing at first glance seems like a different combination of formulas and even though it appears not to be producing any results, it clarifies its existence as it accumulates.

Quite some time has passed since the formula before my eyes started accumulating.
I was unable to take off my eyes of it in the meanwhile and the sorcery that was gradually being established…… to say it in a few words, was communication sorcery.


“Hmm. It’s wonderful no matter how many times I see it.”

(Sensei…… this is communication sorcery, isn’t it? …… But it’s not the usual path where the formula passes through space, it’s as if it was crossing over the space…… no, warping it?)

“As expected of Lily. This is a sorcery which foundation I thought of and this fellow constructed. It’s sorcery that has the potential to directly communicate with the Forest next to the world.”

(With the Forest next to the world……?)


Before I noticed, Sani sensei was floating next to me explaining about the sorcery which has the complicated and mysterious beauty which completely shaken up my heart.
However, the Forest next to the world is a world which is on a different plane from Auriol and I was told that only the Fairy Queen Natasha is able to use sorcery which can connect the Forest next to the world with Auriol.


“In the first place, the space tunnel sorcery Natasha is using was constructed by Kuti. It’s just that because of the restrictive sorcery method, or perhaps I should say aptitude, only Natasha can use it. There wasn’t really a problem with it and that sorcery is not something that many people should use in the first place, so we did not make any improvements.”

Beautiful sorcery that quietly and slowly approaches completion, even just a part of its formula is far beyond existing sorcery.
Formula configured like that, the completion of the sorcery could be called miraculous.


(Amazing…… I can currently analyze only 70% and no more…… as expected of Kuti……)


It’s possible to analyze formulas instantaneously but it’s staggeringly difficult to analyze if the formulas are combined in great numbers.
It’s almost like separated pieces of a vast ocean puzzle, you have to build the scattered pieces from the start.
It’s large sorcery that can’t be perceived unless seeing it as a whole.


“…… Nono, being able to analyze 70% after seeing it for the first time is weird, you……”


Before Sani sensei could finish her muttering, Kuti booted up the sorcery made from the now complete, colossal formula with her spirit power…… is what should have happened but it dispersed.





While absentmindedly viewing the formula which dispersed into fluttering, sparkling snow-like pieces, my voice and the voices of the fairies disappeared in the empty Reki-kun’s room.




“Was there a mistake in the composition~?”

“What is the reason for the failure then? The warping of the space and carrying the formula across has been already settled, right?”

“No, yeah, that’s true but~”

“Then, was it a problem of coordinates? Where did you designate the coordinates this time?”

“Since it was a test, I set it to the teleport room as usual.”

“I don’t think that would cause a problem then, though……”



While listening to the two’s review meeting, I recalled that sorcery as well.
The analysis rate at the completion stage reached 70% at most.
Understanding the sorcery from 70% is not enough for me to interrupt their conversation so I’m hesitating to say anything but I feel like I have understood the reason.
Wasn’t this the so-called blind spot?

Sorcery created by Kuti is elaborate, bold, ambiguous and difficult to understand after looking at it for a while.
But the combination is delicately careful and powerful.

I witnessed Kuti created sorcery for the first time but I was thinking she would do it in one shot since it’s her.
But she actually failed.

However, I can’t find anything that would cause problems in the parts of the formula I can analyze.
As I mentioned earlier, I can’t be completely sure unless I see it in its entirety and continuing the analyzation but the problem I have noticed will only become clearer as my analysis rate increases.


After analyzing for a while, I was convinced that the problem I have noticed was correct.

I might have noticed this so easily just because it’s me.
In order to increase my total amount of magical power, I always keep the consumption of magical power in mind.
In that process, I can accurately grasp the necessary amount of magical power used for sorcery in great detail.
In particular, I can perfectly grasp the consumption of formulas and the differences the combined configurations cause just from seeing the quantity of magical power.

The bunch of formulas in Kuti’s communication sorcery need an enormous amount and that’s why the trial run failed.
Originally, Kuti possesses so much magical power…… spirit power that ordinary magicians can’t even dream of but this sorcery is the so-called high-cost, low-return or perhaps I should say a spirit power devouring bug.

As a result, the consumption of the spirit power wasn’t sufficient and the sorcery ended up in a failure.


“…… What did meow say!?”

“I see…… that was indeed a blind sport.”

(I think that because Kuti has more spirit power than is usual, she didn’t create that many sorceries which have larger consumption of spirit power than she’s able to maintain. That’s why she didn’t notice that it was a type that consumes a massive amount of spirit power. In particular, the estimated trial calculations of the consumption amount backfired.)

“Now that you mention it…… it might be so..”

“Sorcery that warps the space should originally use up a lot but the limit of consumption has been suppressed by including in the aptitude, huh. In addition to this, it also had several included effects. I see, insufficient was the reason.”

“Indeed, this large-scale sorcery was made because of Natasha’s request after all~ I see~ …… As expected of Lily!”

(Ehehe. But what are you going to do? Remake it?)

“N~ let’s make an external supply.”

“That would be the safe bet. There’s not enough time to remake it.”

(Time…… is it?)

“We have been already postponing the regular report for nearly two months after all~ Natasha will soon get angry at us. Well, she can get as angry as she wants but Sani was nagging me too much~”

“It would be a bother to send people each and every time to check on us after all.”

“But didn’t you eventually postpone it?”

“…… Well, going there and returning would be troublesome.”


Sani sensei who slightly averted her gaze because of Kuti who pointed out with a smug face was a bit charming.

I have already understood the usage of the sorcery Kuti was creating once I realized it was communication sorcery.
It’s to make the regular reports using that.

They have already postponed the regular report many times over because of that but I won’t let the question whether the report has to be oral out of my mouth.
Anything is fine as long as their leaving can be avoided.


(So, what are you going to do about the external supply?)

“Of course…… we are going to ask Lily to do it!”


(As I thought.)


The sorcery has been developed over time once again and I supplied it with my vast amount of spirit power that I detached.

Using magical power…… spirit power of others, I was amazed by Kuti’s greatness of pulling out something outside the norm again for a moment. It was my first and very exciting group work.

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