Chapter 119

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Sowing the Seeds
The next day, when I woke up, Mira was standing by the bed and our eyes met.
She’s generally standing by the wall when I’m waking up and she only approaches once I’m plentily awake, but it seems she was beside me even before I woke up.
There’s nothing to say. The flow of her magical power is way too excited.
Her tail would surely burst into swaying as soon as she lost her focus.
It appears that after bringing all of the personal maids down, she’s thinking that I will do it to her today again.
But naive. You are too naive, Mira-kun.


“Moorning~ Miwaa~ faaaa~”

“Good morning, Ojousama. Today is fine and refreshing weather.”


When I greeted her with a yawn mixed in, she replied with a cheerful voice and a few tail sways.


It seems the weather is good. Are my siblings practicing outside today? No, it would be indoors because the sunlight is still strong, right?
Come to think of it, Theo has morning classes in school today, doesn’t he? Therefore it will be only Ellie, but she won’t tell me to come see her, so I will go there on my own.


I wake up Tiny-sama who is sleep talking while clinging to my cheek, change my clothes and start the daily routine.
Kuti is mostly sleeping while clinging to my cheek, but I quite not understand where Sani sensei sleeps.
She doesn’t sleep until I go to sleep and she’s awake when I’m awake. Just when does she sleep?

Even now, she’s reading a special floating book which I’m also able to see.
Before I noticed, I finished my morning greetings and was starting the before meal lesson.
The usually usual day starts today as well.




As soon as I finished observing Ellie’s training, she went to school.
The summer holidays ended a little while ago.
As a junior high school student, Theo had to frequently visit the school even during the summer holidays, so I didn’t have the feeling of the two sticking to me every day all day like before, so it didn’t feel like summer holidays at all.

Apparently, as a first-year junior high school student, Theo is already considered as a battle-ready force.
He seems to be affiliated with something like the student council from my previous life, and he’s spending every day busily.
But, I was told by him that he’s sad that his time to relax together with me has decreased.

That being the case, it’s only me, Kuti, Sani sensei, Obaasama, Ena, Mira, and two Knights in the Reki-kun room today.
It’s not like there are too few people here, but this Reki-kun is really spacious, so I can’t help thinking so.
Because it’s big enough for Reki-kun to run around even if he grows up, there wouldn’t be a problem to stuff several hundred people in here.
The expansions of the room are done easily and it’s far more spacious than it originally was, which tells about Reki-kun’s growth.

By the way, Mira who is my personal maid for today is trembling with excitement as I thought and she’s standing on alert closer than usual.
Since I think it’s a suitable time, I decided to put the plan into practice.


“Miwaa~ call Ba~baa~”

“Yes, Ojousama.”


Obaasama’s cooperation is necessary for this plan.
Generally, there’s one personal maid a day. The number doesn’t increase unless it’s a special occasion like mansion exploration.
That’s why Obaasama’s cooperation is necessary.


“Yesyes, what is it, Lily-chan?”

“Ba~baa, call all my pershonyal maidss~”

“My, my, is something the matter?”


“I understand. Mira, could you call everyone over please?”

“Y, yes, Great Madame.”


The first stage of the plan got completed in the arms of Obaasama who came as soon as called with puppy eyes and a little request.
Mira immediately called over the rest of the personal maids with the communication magic tool she carried and the four personal maids stood in front of me in a row.


“Look, Lily-chan. Everybody is here now.”

“Ba~baa, thank youu~”

“You’re welcome. Could Ba~baa listen in as well?”


“My, my, is it a secret?”

“N. A secwett~”

“It can’t be helped since it’s a secret~ Then, Ba~baa will go over there, so call me if something happens, okay?”

“Ye~ss. Thank youu~ Ba~baa.”



When I thank Obaasama with a tight hug, her gentle smile deepened even further, bringing out her impressive beauty.
Lastly, Obaasama rustled through my hair and left.
Taking a sufficient distance and sitting at the table that was put there especially for her and Ena, she started looking towards us with her usual nonchalant smile as if enjoying herself together with Ena.
Although the distance seems enough to hear us, but well, the distance is sufficient.

Now then, four of my personal maids are lined up in front of me.
In the past four days, I have fought against them in turns and crushed them with pleasure.
Even Mira who was done in a few days ago still has a sparkling skin gloss and glistering magical power.
I’m very thrilled that all of them are excited.

The words I’m about to speak are difficult to let out with all this excitement.
But, it’s indispensable for touching them in the future without any discomfort. This is the time I need to harden my heart.


“Everynyan~ Thank you for gathewing~”

“”Yes, Ojousama..””


Everyone replied to my words with a beautiful and splendidly elegant curtsy.
Nija who is always a step ahead matched her surroundings this time.


“Did everynyan feel good~?”

“”Yes! Ojousama!””


Their reply was more powerful than the one before that.
Well, I understood their answer from their magical power though.


“Everynyan was wolking hawd, so it was youw leward~”

“…… Reward?”


Not understanding the meaning behind “reward,” the four were confused, but Nija asked a question in return as their representative.
The job of personal maids is not a job that gets rewards from the master.
That’s because working for the Christophe House is an honor in itself. They must be remarkably excellent even among other servants.
Although Mira is a special case, it doesn’t change the fact that she’s excellent.
That’s why the four never thought of receiving rewards for their job.


“That’s wight~ If you continyu doing youw best, you will get a leward~”


The four had a sudden realization and held their breaths.
Even though all the personal maids have been pleasantly stroked in the past four days, it was a reward equal to an entire year of no rewards. Except for Mira.
And after learning of these pleasant feelings, they will desire more. They were all overflowing with expectations.
But, my personal maids aren’t incompetent to not notice the concealed truth and the meaning behind my words.


If they work hard, I will make them feel good as a reward.
Looking at it from the other side, it also means that they won’t experience it again if they don’t work hard.
They won’t be able to experience those consciousness blowing pleasant feelings again. They will probably have difficulties similar to drug withdrawal symptoms.
The magical powers of the four who are always working calmly are now trembling uneasily.


“Wolk hawd~ as you have been until nyao, okayy~”


Of course, it’s not all whip[“Candy and whip” is the Japanese equivalent to “Carrot and stick”]. There won’t be a problem if they continue their excellent work like they have been doing until now.
I assume the amount of candy will dramatically increase by telling them that.
The anxiously trembling magical powers immediately cleared up upon discovering hope.

The girls are extremely excellent.
Working as they have been is no trouble for them.
Furthermore, if they work hard to my liking, it would be easier for them to notice the approaching candy.

Right, this plan fans the will of my personal maids while allows me to mofu as I please, it’s a killing two birds with one stone plan.
Yes, I’m actually going to do as I please.
I will mofu them for trifling things and will also naturally mofu them grandly if they did their best.
They won’t go towards the minus direction because it’s them we are talking about, so I only have to take the balance between the personal maids into account.
It will be necessary to adjust the plan a little bit if they go towards the minus, but it’s fine to leave it for that time.

Right now, it’s how far the results of this plan will show.


Understandably, this plan also includes countermeasures against the opponent who should be the most obstructive towards it.
The opponent naturally being Ena.

This plan doesn’t only use me, Theo, Ellie, and Obaasama, but also utilizes the captured personal maids.

This is a kind of sowing the seeds.
This is the first step towards harvesting the things that will bear fruit from now.

First of all, as a prerequisite for the development of the soil, all of my personal maids got to know the wonderfulness of the reward.
Next is water and fertilizer.
It will take time to grow it up from now on, so water and fertilizer are indispensable.
Water and fertilizer is naturally the candy, the reward.
I do think that they will have no choice but to do their best after experiencing the addictive and extraordinary reward beforehand, but I still don’t want to snatch their freedom.
Well, it can’t be helped if I snatch it in the middle. Still, I should leave behind a way out.
That’s why I won’t force them.



“I have high expectations~”

“”Yes! Lilianne Ojousama!””


Their remarkably loud voices reverberate the words I fired with a smile of the finest quality.

While hoping for a large harvest for the second and third stage of the plan, a noticeably vicious smile bloomed in my mind.

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