Chapter 118

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Let’s Do it One More Time
A maid wearing a garter belt and a miniskirt――Nija moved at last.
While in the middle of Reki-kun’s brushing, I heard a low voice suddenly getting close to my ear.
It goes without saying that I was surprised by her suddenly talking to my ear as Kuti and Sani sensei didn’t notice her getting closer at all.


“…… Ojousama, the preparations are perfect.”



When Reki-kun who was enjoying the brushing, Kuti and Sani sensei turned towards me when I let out a hysteric voice, Nija has already taken a distance. What a quick work.

When I look towards Garter-san…… rather, Nija while holding my ears and my heart thumping, she was already standing there with an expressionless face and half-closed eyes.
The flow of her magical power is full of expectations.
I don’t see uneasiness in this child’s magical power at all. I can’t grasp the usual easygoingness.

But, I don’t dislike this personal maid. On the contrary, I like her quite a lot.
It’s also because she has the same expressionless character, but I’m fond of the fighting power which can nonchalantly destroy the Knights Order on its own.

Also, her obvious bad growth compared to the other personal maids is also nice.
It’s not like I prefer similar figures to mine because I’m a little girl or anything. Probably.
It’s not like I feel an extreme affinity between us. Most likely.
It’s not because the other personal maids have figures that other women look at with envy. Surely.


In the first place, I don’t mind such things because I was formerly a man. I don’t mind it.


That being the case, I was in the middle of brushing Reki-kun, but her preparations are perfectly done, so it’s not like I can ignore her.
Rather, if she’s provoking me to such extent, I should accept her challenge.
Right, I must accept her challenge.


“Ni~ja, come~”


A brush in one hand.
My other hand is empty, but I’m releasing magical power to combine compression on a compression.
When I raise and spread my arms with a smile, the easygoing Nija started to feel tense enough to swallow her saliva.

As I spread my arms, I develop and activate the sorceries I used with the other personal maids.
No one will disturb us like this.
Do not worry about anything and release everything, Nija.

Nija slowly approaches ascertaining step by step.
In her hand, a lump of magical power I haven’t seen before. A magical power indicating activation of a magic tool.
In her other hand, a lump of inactive magical power.
However, that also got immediately activated, showing a bootup process.

It’s much narrower in range than the sorcery I developed, but it has developed and wrapped around me and Nija.
It appears to be sorcery of the awareness obstructing system.
But, Obaasama should be usually able to notice when something like this gets used.


“…… Ojousama, this is a magic tool with a sealed Second-grade awareness obstruction sorcery, so even Great Madame won’t notice.”


As if guessing my question, Nija immediately explained.
A Second-grade class magic tool she says…… with such size and quality of the magic fragment, won’t it become unusable after one use?
Moreover, no matter what sorcery, Second-grade class sorcery costs an appropriate sum of money.
To prepare it just for one use…… Nija is a frightening child.


Well, it doesn’t have meaning because I have already developed sorcery of my own though.


Due to the awareness obstruction sorcery, the combination of illusion sorceries she had on the other side has been canceled out.
What appeared was a fascinating above-knee miniskirt and a garter belt.
But, I have been able to see it before, so I’m not surprised in particular.


“…… As expected of Ojousama. To see me in such appearances and not be perturbed at all, amazing.”

“It suits you~”

“…… Super embarrassed.”


Nija who started wriggling with her hands on her cheeks, usual half-closed eyes and expressionless face is somewhat fresh.
But, the edges of the skirt dance flutteringly when she wriggles like that so I’m troubled where to look.
It appears that the activated combination of the illusion sorceries has been fixing the skirt’s form until now.
Because the fixed skirt started fluttering, the little body of the two-year-old me could perfectly see under the skirt when looking up.

By the way, I’m talking as if I could see it but――no, I do see the inside of the skirt but――the conversation is unnatural because my personal maids and family have a common understanding that I can see what they are wearing.


“…… Fufu, I don’t mind being seen if it’s Ojousama. Glance.”

“Ni~ja, that’s immodest~”

“…… I’m sorry.”


The shaking hem of the skirt turned over and Nija showed Panties-sama with plentiful laces inside, but she immediately felt despondent with my words.
She’s wearing the garter belt and miniskirt today, so there’s naturally no pumpkin pants today.
In this world, there are a few stretchable materials like rubber so the type that is adjusted with strings like the pumpkin pants are mainstream.
Therefore, the Panties-sama Nija showed me was a g-string tied with strings at both sides.
But, the embroidery of the laces resembling ornaments was delicate, I don’t think it would be inferior to the products of my previous life.

Well, to my regret, sexual arousal in this little girl body is nonexistent, so I’m coping with it calmly.
Whether it’s sad or good, that’s somewhat delicate.

I took initiative and approached Nija who felt despondent.
Nija immediately noticed that, turned around and squatted down.

It’s usually unreasonable to turn your back towards your master and squat down, but it’s necessary for what is going to happen now.
And then, after a little bit of hesitating, the hem of the miniskirt got turned over and a fluffy, short tail and Panties-sama appeared.
Panties-sama has a low-rise flavor, making the tail look more snugly.


Nija who turned her miniskirt over by herself with magical power full of bashfulness and expectations is somewhat lovely.

But, looking at it from the beginning, what a staggering composition this is.
Maid-san squatting down before a little girl while sticking out her butt with a rolled-up miniskirt, completely exposing her buttocks.

Un, incredible, oy.

However, rather than this exposed butt or the low-rise erotic Panties-sama, what attracts my eyes is that fluffy tail.
This object of worship that is usually concealed just like Lacria’s is just as beautiful as a certain treasure in the depths of a forest.
Solemn and calm. But, enshrined with an obvious presence.

I try touching this divine Tail-sama with compressed magical power first.
The transmitted sensation can’t be obtained from Mira’s tail, but it’s also different from Jenny’s and Lacria’s, a mysterious feeling.

With the first feeling of bewilderment, my heart sunk into the storm of great joy.
Once the storm has passed, I have already thrown away the brush and I started enjoying the sensation with both of my hands.
Despite having a small build, Nija’s body has the butt in the just right height for a two-year-old, it’s also just right to bury my cheeks into it.
Unconsciously coveting the feeling and coiling my magical power around it without hesitation, I rush to wrap Tail-sama up and carry it to the heights above.

Strongly and weakly, using a timing, with my face all in, I keep violently stroking the tail with the soft and fluffy feeling running between my fingers.
The magical power wrapping my hands is finely distributed between all ten of my fingers, thoroughly amplifying all nooks and corners.


Yeah, you must not be careless just because it’s short.
To think a supreme existence comparable to Mira’s would be hiding in such a place……


Thanking all the gods existing on this Auriol, I mofumofued that little precious treasure with all my might.




When all was over, the floor was splashing wet.


Yeah, I overdid it.
I went too far. I’m reflecting.


I feel that Sani sensei’s flow of magical power became slightly pale, Kuti was hiding behind that very Sani sensei, looking at me while shivering.


No, well what to say.
I’m truly sorry. I reflect on my actions.
But, I have no regrets.


Apart from feeling satisfied and sorry, I have no regrets, rather I take care of Nija while feeling comfortable refreshing feelings.
I float her who was soaking in the liquid she has discharged herself in the air cushion I have recently become strangely skilled at, and I cleaned and dried all places that were dirty.
I also don’t forget to deodorize Nija with her usual fragrance afterward.
I also don’t forget to reactivate Nija’s illusion magic tool that has been disabled.

Once everything is done, I call back Reki-kun who ran away so he wouldn’t get dirty and lie her on his belly.


(Kuti, wake her up please~)

“Yes, ma’am! If you are fine with a maggot like myself, I will thoroughly clean up Lily-sama’s shoes that got dirty!”

(Your character has changed, but…… un, well take care of me?)

“Yes, ma’am!”


She just probably lost her mind because of the excessive scene, so I think she will be all right.
She’s wearing military clothes made from magical power and I’m sure there’s a cut across her cheek.

Nija has been resuscitated by the long military service soldier Kuti, but she stood up with sluggish movements that she never displayed before and it appears that her knees have completely given up on her.
Her thinking seems to be sluggish as well, she absentmindedly shook her head and then plopped back on Reki-kun’s belly as if understanding.


“Ni~ja~ awe you okay~?”

“…… Ojousama is…… too amazing…… I can’t become a bride anymore.”

“You awe okay then~”

“…… Ojousama is cruel.”

“Should I ask Ba~baa so you can west~?”

“…… I will recover in a little bit.”



I lied down next to Nija who was unexpectedly all right and we buried together in the soft and fluffy belly of Reki-kun, resting our bodies which were slightly languid.

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