Chapter 117

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Unexpected Weakness
The completely restrained Lacria was politely, carefully, and thoroughly mofumofued, incomparably to Jenny.

No, rather than mofumofu, it might be better to call this an experiment.
Even though her fur is unlike the soft and fluffy fur of Mira or Jenny, I explore and savor her short fur and stiff fiber.
As a result, while savoring and studying, Lacria has been thoroughly mofumofued.

When I noticed, Lacria’s state has become indescribable, but she showed a feminine face of endless satisfaction.
Such expression while being completely restrained was bizarre, but I dealt with it as if nothing happened and breathed life into the trembling Lacria.

Lacria whose memory went flying for a bit was frightfully listless, but she had a wonderful smile and skin similar to Jenny, no her complexion became far shinier than that.
It appears that the theory of the skin’s gloss being improved by mofumofu is apparently settled.
I never thought that it would have an aesthetic effect like that, but I changed my back after remembering that there are still many things I don’t understand yet in this Christophe House.
Besides, even if it’s working on the beastmen, I don’t know whether it would be effective on other races as well.
Selecting a sacrifice for the test would be very difficult.
Because it took this long to touch my personal maids, coming in contact with other people would be even more difficult.
Naturally, it’s not possible to perform it on my family.


If…… if it showed a similar effect……
It might be good not to think about it. The brain needs a rest, yeah.


My personal maid Lacria who is trained and possesses tremendous stamina was walking unsteadily.
I thought it would be bad for her to continue working, so I requested Obaasama to give Lacria a break for today to which she agreed.

Mira was the one who substituted her, but she understood what occurred from Lacria’s disastrous state, letting out the sound of her saliva being gulped down.
Mira should have understood what Lacria’s disastrous state means, but it appears that she somehow recognizes it as pleasant feelings rather than a disaster.
The extremely expecting flow of magical power proved it.


Although nothing appears on the surface, you are way too honest, Mira.
But, I have to knead a plan after this for a bit, so it doesn’t seem that I will be able to answer Mira’s expectations.
Nija still remains after all.
I’m extremely sorrowful that I can’t touch you as well, but this is the so-called best thing for the long-term thing.
The plan is important.




With heart-throbbing in expectations while not showing any emotions on my face, I review the anti-Nija plan who is apparently the most formidable enemy while watching Mira.
Speaking frankly, she’s a warrior who can handle the entire Knights Order as easy as twisting a baby’s hand.
Still, even after hearing about today’s Lacria’s disastrous state, I don’t expect her to become as Mira who is expecting to has her tail disheveled anytime soon.

So far, I have disregarded the difference in races and used strong magical powers during the mofumofu.
I can’t easily imagine a similar thing happening to Nija.
However, I have an uneasiness to what will happen if she could actually resist even that.

No, my goal is not to bring all of my personal maids down, so I can’t say that it’s a problem.
I’m fine just with being able to mofumofu her.
In that case, there shouldn’t be a problem.

I must not expect the same excessive reaction Lacria showed today.
I think it’s my bad habit.
I ought to control it properly.


From now on, there will probably be heaps of unladylike beastmen girls before me, so I swore in my heart to properly control myself. Maybe.


By the way, compensation is needed for sorcery.
Needless to point out, it’s magical power.

Generally, this thing called magical power is moving unconsciously without being seen.
At times, those who possess Magic Eyes can restrictively see it, but it’s by no means like me.

There are Magic Eyes which allow seeing the color of people’s magical power like Eliott’s, but that’s super restricted specification.
Even though it can be always seen, it can’t be seen arbitrarily.
It’s a type that is activated regardless of one’s will.
The group of magical power related Magic Eyes is very abundant.

For example, Magic Eyes which detect malice directed towards oneself.
This malice is visible in the flow of magical power.

In contrast, Magic Eyes which are activated with one’s will are mostly those which can see only the magical power of oneself.
Considering that, it’s not an exaggeration to say that my Magic Eyes cover everything.
There’s worth behind Sani sensei’s remark of “special.”
Of course, the prerequisite is understanding the very difficult knowledge.


Now, let’s return to the main subject.

The compensation for sorcery is a magical power.
Then, using the magical power as compensation, you naturally won’t be able to use sorcery once you’re out of the magical power.
The activation tool won’t function at the activation stage of the chanting.

In other words, the more magical power, the bigger the advantage in sorcery.
This is very simple.
Even the consumption of magical power of the basic, simple life sorcery is not low.
And, the necessary magical power for the sophisticated configuration of the advanced level sorcery is very high.

The total amount of magical power nearly doesn’t fluctuate. That is the commonly accepted theory.
The people of the Forest next to the world who understand sorcery more than the people of the Lizwald Continent believe so.
Many results have shown that.

Thus, the phenomenon of the increasing of my total magical power is unique.
The total amount of magical power which is increasing even now is already enough to cast sorcery continuously without a problem.
Far from that, it’s difficult to reduce the remaining magical power from 20% to 10% which is necessary to increase the total amount further.

Even if I compress an enormous amount of magical power, convert it into the spirit power, use the Kuti-made concealment sorcery to use general sorceries while using more magical power than necessary, the total amount keeps on increasing every day as if ridiculing me.
But, I don’t mean to stop this increasing of the total amount.
Because I want to create my own sorceries one day just like Kuti, I don’t want to be tied up by the consumption of the magical power.

It’s better to have more.
Because it’s very difficult to just look at the magical power.

The story would be different if my circumstances weren’t any different from manga where I could see the total amount of my magical power, but my Magic Eyes can rarely, no they can’t see it at all.

Thus, I continue consuming my magical power today as well.




It unfortunately rained the next day too.
The practice was held indoors and the sound of rainfall, the sound of the air being sharply cut and the heavy atmosphere endlessly repeated.
I was having a lesson in such instrumental BGM, but I couldn’t concentrate no matter what.
No, I’m properly listening to the lesson.
And thanks to Kuti’s easy to understand drawings, I have no problems in understanding.

If there was a problem, it would be the devoted Personal Maid-san standing behind me.
Today’s personal maid is Nija.

Such her who always uses the same, standard Christophe Household maid uniform is wearing different clothes today.
There’s no way that all of her clothes are being washed. Ten-odd of the same clothes have been provided to her, so she’s obviously doing it intentionally.
But, no one says anything to such her.
Just because she’s a personal maid, just because she’s a mighty war potential, the Christophe House isn’t so lenient to permit it.
If it’s war potential than there are those stronger than her and she won’t be exempted just because she’s a personal maid.


But, Nija is wearing different clothes today.
It’s not the usual ankle-length long skirt, but considerably short knee-high mini.
The jacket is same as usual.
More than anything, the eye-catching garter belt.
An immoral atmosphere drifts around the petite Nija.

Such her expressionless with her eyes half-closed as usual.
The usual as if nothing had happened.
The flow of her magical power is the same as usual too.

But, a garter belt.


(Strange…… why is no one saying anything……?)

“What is what?”

(Nija’s garter belt and miniskirt. It’s my first time seeing a personal maid dressed like that in work, you know?)

“Miniskirt? Who?”

(Eh, Nija. To wear such above the knee mini skirt and garter belt…… I will see it?)


I didn’t try to be bashful or anything and said it clearly, but Kuti’s cute face titled after she checked Nija.


Is there something wrong?
No, if I say Nija’s clothes are strange than they are strange, but it’s not that.


Something is strange.
My intuition tells me so.


“Nija is wearing a miniskirt and a garter belt?”

(Yes. I wonder why is no one saying anything.)

“I see only the standard long skirt though.”

“Me too…… it’s impossible for me to doubt Lily’s words, but Nija is wearing the usual long skirt, you know? As for the garter belt…… I will take a look inside for a bit.”


Sani sensei is tilting her head as well, but she got disgusted at Kuti who charged towards Nija.

And Kuti who charged at and touched the skirt got startled.
There was a splendid nothing in the place Kuti touched.
But, a certain change took place in the Kuti touched.


(Ah, I see now……)

“Hmm. I see.”


When the two of us made faces of understanding, Kuti returned.
The understanding face immediately turned smug and the equilibrium Tiny-sama started explaining.


“That is a magic tool.”


Right, it appears that Nija’s long skirt is an illusion created by a magic tool.
That illusion is sorcery, so it didn’t deceive my eyes.
I wouldn’t be able to notice if it was a normal illusion, but there seems to be a quite sophisticated combination of several sorceries.

As a result, I wasn’t able to see the illusion that was supposed to deceive my eyes, and what I saw instead was an invisible formula of several combined sorceries.
Kuti’s magical power interfered when she touched it and she was finally able to see the formula.

There is a technique to interweave several sorceries to create illusion sorcery.
But, the cost is not insignificant so nobody uses it.

And it seems like my Magic Eyes poked at the weak point.
The weak point is not really a weak point, but I was able to recognize the illusion as a result.
Well, it’s a method used to conceal something, but it wasn’t concealed at all as a result, so I would still want to make some countermeasures.


As for the real intention of Nija who wore the miniskirt and the garter belt……


“Does she not like my butt line like she did Lacria’s……?”


What words of a maiden are those?
In spite of wearing a garter belt.

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