Chapter 116

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You Can’t Ever Escape from the Great Demon Lord
After observing Alek’s teachings and returning to the Reki-kun room, I had a general outline of today’s plan complete.

Today’s personal maid is Lacria.
She is a beastman and she possesses the special features of the beastmen, the animal ears and tail.
All four of the personal maids are beastmen, but all have different animal traits.

Lacria’s clan is the rabbit clan.
The characteristics of the rabbit clan are long ears. And a short tail.
Their eyes are apparently not particularly red.
They also don’t apparently die of loneliness. Rather, was it that they are cannibalistic if not let alone? I don’t remember well.

When it comes to bunnies, I think there were many kinds in my previous lifetime.
Pure-white ones with long, extended ears were orthodox, but there was also the colored lop-eared kinds.
But, Lacria has ears of the orthodox ones.
She’s extremely easy to understand bunny.

Lacria who is such Bunny-san has a short tail.
On top of having a short tail, it’s covered by the long maid skirt.
It can’t be taken out unless the long skirt is removed.


It appears to be clearly visible on her buttocks line.


Lacria’s bum is not certainly big, it’s a just rightly sized Momojiri-san.
She who usually wouldn’t show her lines is currently showing her Momojiri lines in front of me.




All maids of the Christophe House are provided with matching uniforms.
The so-called Victorian maid clothes, which are clothes made with serious consideration of the maid occupation.
An easy to work in a long skirt which can be subjected to dirty, hard work.
I don’t know the color, but it seems to be a color of a dark shade that makes dirt hard to notice.
It should be of an aforethought color scheme that allows melting into the background when staying still.

Such maid clothes are made equivalent aside from the size.
The only differences are tail holes for the tailed clans and wing holes for the bird clans.

Naturally, as the length of the bunny tail is short, Lacria’s clothes don’t have a tail hole.

It shouldn’t have one.

By the way, Lacria is a Miss Serious.
My first impression was Miss Serious.
The way she usually works is serious too.
It’s not like the other personal maids lack sincerity. Everyone is doing their work seriously, but her seriousness surpasses everyone.
It’s difficult to say just what is serious. Be it her attitude or behavior. Anyhow, she’s leaking a serious aura.

Even if she were in my previous world, she would be a serious person at first glance. She’s true and honest. She feels like that.
But, Lacria is Serious-san.
The way she works is honest and straightforward. Although she doesn’t look adaptable, she properly responds.
She’s a supreme Serious-san.

Because she’s a Serious-san, her uniform is neat too. It’s not loose anywhere.


Well, her standing might fall because this is the Christophe House we are talking about, so I have never seen that.


Such Miss Serious that was Lacria has never shown her tail in front of me before.
She always concealed it under the fluttery long skirt.


Right now.

In front of me.

It was there.


“Ojousama…… I’m prepared! Come!”




I have chosen the Mira, Jenny crushing mission plan with the combo of Reki-kun this time, but because Lacria’s tail is too short, it would be very difficult to comb.

It doesn’t happen often that a maid like Lacria turns her back on me, her Master.
Rather, it’s not an exaggeration to say that it almost never happens.


Well, it happens depending on the circumstances.
It’s impossible to live without showing your backside after all.
But, anyway, her backside was displayed to me today.

Until this time.


They don’t usually display their backs to me, so I didn’t think of it very much.
Since the restless flow of magical power is identical to Jenny’s, I’m convinced that she heard the story before, so there’s nothing to worry about.

That’s why I pretended the combo of combing from Reki-kun to the personal maid and thought of managing to comb ears because the tail was too short, but I failed.


I failed, but…… what to say.
I wonder who this small animal-like, soft-looking, trembling with expectations person is?

To be frank, I have never seen Lacria like that.

And the part of the person before me that I see for the first time.

The round tail covered in soft and fluffy fur.
The existence residing slightly above the butt that is normally concealed by the long skirt, a precious Tail-sama.
In order to see it, touch it, the skirt has to be taken off.
Otherwise, there must be a hole near the buttocks line to take it out.
Precisely like Lacria is doing right now.


There was a preparedness in that sticking out butt.
Preparedness is necessary for those pleasant feelings that completely crushed Mira and Jenny.
They might not remember properly because they were half-asleep and half-awake, but the two were prepared even to lock their incontinence in front of me.
It can’t be helped because they couldn’t understand whether it was a dream or reality and all evidence has been destroyed, but they are maids of the Christophe House.
They may remember those feelings even after burning out in pleasure.
And if Lacria heard about that, she would understand this necessary preparedness.


Specifically, she wants to taste those pleasant feelings that Mira and Jenny tasted even if she turns incontinent.
What is this I wonder, I feel like the serious Lacria image I had has completely crumbled.


But…… but, such Lacria might be nice as well, I who thought such is already loving this personal maid.
In that case, there’s only one thing to do.
I can possibly embarrass her who made up her resolve.

Full power.

Right, I should go all out and let her die grandly!




A short tail is a formidable enemy.
Because it’s short.
The mofuable area is small.

Because it’s small, the brushing time is extremely short.
It’s finished in the blink of an eye.

I comb while slowly savoring it.
I’m using magical power compression, but it’s very short.
But, the reaction is dramatic.
I’m not trying to wait and see. I have to reward her resolve.

The moment my brush made a contact, she bent and grasped her hands in the air as if trying to catch something.
Her voice is not coming out.
Her heavy breathing already surpassed her voice.

I have jumped into the third gear in an instant.
She who couldn’t stand up anymore sat down, separating from the brush which made her weakly collapse.

As a matter of fact, I caught her with air cushion sorcery while she was falling down, maintaining her posture.


The short tail wasn’t bad.
But, today’s main dish is different, Lacria-kun!


Throwing away the brush, I touch the long, long, fragile, slender articles with short fur.
Of course, my magical power has been compressed.
An electric current instantly runs through Lacria who became weak and she reached with her hands towards the sky.
A little, a really little sweet voice escaped from her…… that also disappeared immediately though.

Unlike Mira and Jenny, Lacria’s ears have short, firm fur which feels truly nice on touch.
Unlike the soft and fluffy girls, the feeling is different, making me want to touch it all the time.

As I move my fingers along the ears, my slight magical power disappears.
Lacria who tightly closes her eyes and flaps her mouth open and closed is truly adorable.

Each time I rub her ears, her body bends as if trying to escape my hold, but because I’m restraining her using the air cushion sorcery and properly locking her head in place, she can’t escape.


Not yet.
It’s not over yet, Lacria.
Your ears which are different from the other children are giving me the desire to try various things.
By all means. By all means!


The expressionless expression clinging to my face that of a young innocence created a truly innocent smile.
With that innocent smile, I restrained the limbs of the defeated Lacria who violently tried to resist.


They were in the way.
It can’t be helped because they were in the way.
I have to reward the determination she has prepared.
Right, I must reward her.


That such smile I have was seen by a third party is no concern of mine.
If you were in my position, you would be doing the same.

Right, this is a war.
A fierce, heroic battle of Lacria with the preparedness for death and one solid myself.

It’s a grand battle for the pinnacle of mofumofu!


The restricted limbs, a blank expression…… everything is sewed together.
The deployed sorceries already exceeded two figures……


The two fairies who were watching all this time said this later.


You Can’t Ever Escape from the Great Demon Lord Lily.

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