Chapter 46

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Wicked Dragon…?
(You’ve got no sense at all, calling me a Wicked Dragon. Oh well, lass, use that power of yours for my sake.)

He said I’ve got no sense!!

Huh? The Wicked Dragon’s body was a little hazy in some places?
Come to think of it, it didn’t regain its full strength, right?

(Are you listening to me? You stupid lass.)
“How rude! I heard you were Richmond’s twin brother, but you are not alike whatsoever!”
(I’m much different from him, I’m superior. However, we do look alike, don’t we?)
“You are the exact opposite, though!”

Richmond is a gentleman, but this dragon was so arrogant-looking.

(Lass, your powers are mine.)
“Why should my powers be yours!”
(You are already mine. So use those powers of yours for me. Drive that into that small brain of yours.)
“You have been very rude to me since earlier!!”
(Shut up.)

The Wicked Dragon sat down in front of me, and I stepped back as he brought his giant head closer to my face.

“W, what is it?”
(Why does Richmond like a young girl like you… I don’t get it.)
“You are a rude one, after all!!”
(That’s right. Make one of those for me, too.)
“One of those?”
(The white longish thingy!)
“White, longish?”
(Why don’t you know!? The white longish thing in the amber colored soup!!)

Is he talking about Udon?

“Are you talking about Udon?”
(Perhaps that’s what it is called, I wanna eat that!!)
“Well~ I don’t have the ingredients for it, so I would have to go back to get them…”
(Hmph, I am well aware. You have a skill to create a house. If you have a house, you can obtain field and ingredients. I “saw” it.)
“You were able to see things outside, even though you were sealed?”
(Part of me is connected to Richmond, after all.)

A part of him is connected… then, what if defeating this Wicked Dragon would have some kind of bad effect on Richmond…?


(Now, get that house out quickly and make this “Udon” for me.)
“Haah, I’m fine with that, but… is it possible that the only reason you kidnapped me was because you wanted… to eat Udon?”
(S, shut up!! I don’t get it, but I am called the Wicked Dragon, a dragon that destroyed the Land of Dragons!!)
“You say that I have no sense for calling you a Wicked Dragon, yet call yourself like that. Are you really the one who destroyed the Land of Dragons?”
(Ugh, “he” did it with the power I lent him!! That’s why it’s my doing!)

What do I do…

This dragon is a fool.

“Umm, is it possible that when you fought with Richmond, someone… gave you some kind of advice or something?”
(!? H, how do you know!? However, I have never antagonized Richmond!)

As I thought.

“Then, is the reason you acted arrogant to Richmond’s face, for example… because your parents told you, ‘You and his status is different, you have to act that way!’ or something like that?”
(That’s right! Father said that Richmond would be in trouble if I didn’t make a proper distinction between us. He also said that Richmond’s mana was mine to begin with.)
“Is that why you tried to take over Richmond’s body!?”
(Take over? I never did anything like that. Richmond was having a hard time finding anyone to hang out with because his mana was too high. I had an average amount of mana. I was told that if we shared the mana between us, Richmond would be able to connect with me, so I agreed to have a spell I didn’t understand cast on me, which caused my mana to increase exponentially, and partially connect me with Richmond.)
“Eh? I heard that you sacrificed thousands upon thousands of innocent lives to have your mana increased, though??”
(? I would never do such a terrible thing!)

What is going on here??

“But, you destroyed the Land of Dragons, did you not?”
(The people of this land have exiled my little brother! They did such an atrocious thing!! I have destroyed the buildings, so they reflect on what they have done while rebuilding their country by themselves!)

Eh, no, it looks like quite a few people have died…

“Umm, is it possible that… you can’t move out of here?”
(Exactly! Lass, I wanted to go to your village, but I haven’t regained my strength yet since I was just unsealed.)
“… Err, what about your obsession for this country?”
(It was the country my little brother built! But the people who ran the country were rotten. They expelled Richmond, who had done so much for them! There is no point in staying in a country like this. I, too, will move to your village, lass.)
“Is that so… the reason you have a need for my powers then…”
(You are a mate of my little brother, are you not? Then you are my sister-in-law. My family’s powers are my powers. And my power is my family’s power!!)

This Wicked Dragon is not a Wicked Dragon at all, but a big brother who loves his little brother too much~~~!!

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