Chapter 52

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Returning comfortably?
“So, Olgen. About the idea of splitting mana with Richmond in half, who told you about it?”

There’s only one person that comes in mind, though…

“It was that dragon from earlier! He told me about it!”
“So it’s Rosso, after all… the one who tricked Olgen and stole my mana…”

Indeed, half of Richmond’s mana was taken by Olgen…
But it was Rosso who wanted to steal Richmond’s mana, huh? Why did he go through Olgen, though? Maybe… that magic of his wasn’t perfected or something?

Ah, is it perhaps the matter of the vessel…?

Or perhaps he had applied some kind of magic to Olgen’s body, and it’s now activated and taking mana from Olgen?

“When did you meet Rosso, Olgen?”
“Mm? He is from the settlement. I’ve known him since we were little, but we were never close.”

Settlement… They tried to sacrifice Richmond and their Mother is bound to the land. And the settlement’s locatio nis… where she fell asleep with their Father.

It’s strange, no matter how you think about it.

When I looked at Richmond, our eyes met, and I felt that he was thinking the same thing, as he nodded at me.

“Olgen, we would like to see that settlement, could you take us there?”
“I don’t mind! But no one lives there now, and the buildings there have already collapsed since they weren’t kept maintained.”
“The buildings have collapsed…”

So that means we’ll need all the camping gear we can get.

“But I’m not going anywhere until I’ve had some Udon!”

He insisted that we eat the Udon.

What a child-like fella.

“I got it already… I’m sure Miss Clémence and her parents will be fine now that Leo has given them sports drinks, but I think we really should go back to our village and make suitable preparations.”
“I agree with that opinion. Olgen’s mana has been sucked out of him, and I’m also exhausted from the fight we just had. Besides, Rosso seems to be using strange magic. It would be better to act with caution.”

Richmond agreed with me, and we decided to return to our village after Clémence woke up.

At that time—

[The path between the village and the Holiday home area has been completed]

Suddenly, the words of my skill appeared in front of me, and I tilted my head in confusion.

What is this? Path…? Village, you mean our village…?

[You can now move between the village and the Holiday home area via the teleportation circle]

Teleportation circle!? What the hell…

“Richmond! All of sudden, moving between the village and here can be done via a teleportation circle!”
“A teleportation circle?”

Richmond was looking around for the “teleportation circle” I mentioned.

That reminds me, where is it?

“Kanade, is it perhaps that thing?”

Olgen, who was munching on a bun, looked like a five-year-old boy, but for some reason, I could only see an old man.

“There’s a strange door over there.”
“A door?”

I thought it was something like a magic circle since it was called teleportation circle, but it’s a door??

Olgen pointed to a door that looked like something a futuristic robot would pull out of its pocket, only a little different.

“Kanade, take a good look under the door. There is a circle spreading below… that is definitely the teleportation circle.”

As Richmond said, there was a magic circle drawn under the door, and it is faintly glowing!

“Then, we can return to the village by using this!?”
“It appears so.”
“I get to eat Udon!”

To be honest, I was quite happy because it took us quite a while to come here.
Moreover, we can now come and go from the hot spring inn. If I didn’t have Rosso and the dragons who lost their place to live to consider, I would be quite delighted.

However, if this home area gets expanded by my level, the surviving dragons might be able to live here too…

“Let’s go back, Kanade. To our village.”
“Yes, Richmond!”


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