Chapter 47

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A can-do child, Olgen.

The sound of the Wicked Dragon’s(?) belly echoed through the basement, and I gradually become more and more exhausted.
The roar I heard earlier… may have actually been the sound of his stomach, too. I feel like I’ve done myself a disservice by being scared.

“I’m fine with making Udon for you, but right now Richmond and the others are in a pinch! So can we do it after we help them?”
(What!? To my eyes, it looked like you guys were taking a walk in the basement, though!?)
“We were looking for you, okay!! That’s not it, I heard that Miss Clémence’s parents were captured by you!! They were actually in a prison made of Earth magic, but we heard screaming…”
(A prison in which you can hear screaming!? What is that horrible prison!? I did not build such a thing! And I didn’t capture anyone!)

I thought so!
And this dragon smells like a fellow horror hater.

(If Richmond is in danger, I want to go, too, but I can’t seem to regain my strength. I can’t move like this.)
“Come to think of it, I remember Richmond saying that Humanoid form is better for recuperating than the Dragon form because Dragon form uses more mana, so why are you still in the Dragon form if it slows down your recovery?”


(I was born as a Dragon, so it’s only natural that I should take on the form of a Dragon! What is that gaze of yours!!)
“Enough of that, please turn into your Humanoid form.”
(What do you mean by enough of that!! You are a very rude girl.)

A black mist enveloped the Wicked Dragon(?) and it changed his shape.

And he turned into a human, but……

“Darn it… it’s so hard to move…”
“Are you kidding with me?”

I wanted to slap the Wicked Dragon(?) who for some reason turned into an old man with shaky legs, with a fan with all my might.

“This old man doesn’t have much experience with this… This old man can’t control my powers well…”

He looked like he was going to pass away any minute now, probably due to his feeble voice and shaky legs.

“Do it again! Richmond didn’t look this feeble even when he looked like a grandpa!!”
“… Eh? What??”

Are you deaf too!?

“Geez! This is not the time for this! Please, do it once again, but this time younger and with less mana consumption!!”

When I raised my voice, “What a noisy lass” he said with irritation.

“… Mhm. This is much better, right!”

Again the black mist shrouded the body of the Wicked Dragon(?) and what came out was……

“Aren’t you a child this time!!”
“It can’t be helped, okay!? A small body is best when there’s not much mana to work with!!”


The Wicked Dragon(?), who has changed into the form of a very cheeky 5-year-old, had large, round eyes that were the same red as when he was a Dragon, silky black hair, and a darkish skin.
I hate to admit it, but he was indeed Richmond’s twin brother. His face looked exactly the same, so he was very adorable.

“I get it. It’s fine then.”
“You are very rude, girl!”
“Rather than that, can you tell me your real name?”

Calling him a Wicked Dragon(?) is bothersome.

“I am Olgen. You are my sister-in-law, so you can call me Big bro Olgen, you know?”
“Let’s go, Olgen!!”
“No honorifics on top of casual talk!? Wait, lass! You haven’t even introduced yourself!”
“I’m Kanade. Come on, Olgen!”
“For some reason, I feel like I’m being looked down at very much, but I get it. I’m not going to say anything now. For now!”

The Wicked Dragon(?) Olgen and I teleported(?) to the place we were earlier, but.

“Why are we in a cell!?”
“You told me to go back, didn’t you!? I just did exactly what you told me to.”

I was exhausted by the five-year-old who puffed out his chest.
Rather than that,

“Richmond! Where are you!?”
“Richmond, where you at!?”
“…… Olgen!! Quickly look at what Richmond is seeing now!”

Can I pinch this self-proclaimed Wicked Dragon’s cheeks for a second?

“Kanade! This is not good, Richmond is fighting the one who asked me to lend him my powers!!”
“I don’t know!!”
“…… Let’s get out of this cell first.”

The prison bars shook and crumbled to the ground.

“You are a can-do boy, Olgen!”
“Yeah, I am! My Father and Mother often said I am a can-do boy.”
“I saw that Miss Clémence’s parents were being held in a cell down the hall, so let’s go down there to take a look first.”
“Are you ignoring me!?”

I proceeded in the direction where Richmond and the others had run earlier.

“Olgen, Richmond and others are really fighting, right?”
“I’m sure of it.”
“Don’t you find it strange…? If Dragons are fighting each other underground, there should be some kind of noise. Isn’t it strange that there is no sound at all?”
“Certainly! Kanade, you are pretty smart with such small head!”
“Are you picking a fight with me!?”

I felt more and more uncomfortable in the basement, where only our two voices were echoing.

“I think the space might be distorted.”
“The space…? Olgen, can you interfere with it?”
“Leave it to me. I’m one amazing person, after all.”

Saying that, Olgen began to use some kind of magic with his hands that were far too dexterous for a five-year-old.

Immediately, the space in front of me distorted, and I saw Richmond and a Black Dragon fighting.

The Black Dragon’s scales were red in some places, so I immediately understood who it was.

That was Rosso—

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